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Abbas waiting for Yair
Smadar Perry
Published: 27.01.13, 20:02
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1. a sucker is born every day
alexi   (01.27.13)
I have read some of lapid's articles in ynet in the past and I find he resembles olmert's thoughts: nice written doubletalk full of theories of how peace can occur totally disconnected from the arab reality of knife in the back macho tribal sharia. The arabs play the politics game better than the israelis so now the sucker lapid will go to ramallah and hear alll kinds of lies packaged in good sounding peace offerings and not a word of it has any truth to it. You want reality- look - that is arab realilty or morsi with his depiction of jews as sons of apes and pigs. People got tired of bibi, had nowhere to really turn so are trying bennett, a real plain spoken, militarily experienced patriot, and lapid, a new face with no military experience whatsoever. That peace can never be had was demonstrated by olmert. For all of his bad deeds, olmert sat with abbas, held his hand, flew the palesitne flag, called him mr. president, educated him about peace over and over again, gave him unconsciounable conceessoins that would killl israel and still abbas refused. By the way, Israel would not have passed olmert's concessions- they went beyond normall israeli red lines. peace is impossible. Only the absence of war is possible. and that is the way it is.
2. War reparations..8,000 sq mi of stolen land, worth trillions
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.27.13)
3. Abbas hopes Yair will prove to be a patsy.
Steve   (01.27.13)
4. Lieberman not conned by Abbas who wants Israeli patsy
Sam ,   Canada   (01.27.13)
5. "Abbas is not a partner"
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (01.27.13)
Not only very easy to say but also very true. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
6. to #1 alexi
salomoni ,   montreal, canada   (01.28.13)
Amen! You are 100% RIGHT!!!!!
7. The preferred status quo.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (01.28.13)
Who ever believes peace with the arabs is possible is out of touch with reality. Some sort of short term coexistence may be possible backed by the Israeli army and security forces. Anyone who thinks to the contrary has no respect for himself or the arabs.
8. If they want Peri would not be the man to represent Israel
9. Lapid believes that Jerusalem is not to be divided
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.28.13)
Lapid might be better than Lieberman for Abbas, but Abbas might be surprised to find that Lapid's position is not much different than Bibi's.
10. #2 MN: 86,000 sq. miles stolen Anishinaabe, Dakota land
Steve Klein   (01.28.13)
11. yair recently said
there is no partner for peace presently. i wonder what abas would say to that because yair is very correct.
12. Show me the money Robin Hood may know better than to reveal
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.28.13)
hie true Leftist colors now. But he eventually will. Elemen'try , Watson.
13. #2 And don't forget,
A ,   Belgium   (01.28.13)
allowing the original Native American inhabitants of Minnesota to return to their rightful homes. You better start looking for a cave to live in.
14. # 2
Herman ,   Boston USA   (01.28.13)
The author of that post is a Arab transplant to MN,joining thousands on Uncle Sam's welfare roll The comments about Indian land are irrelevant in his case
15. Which Abbas should we believe?
rivkah f. ,   Jerusalem   (01.28.13)
The other day Abbas or one of his subordinates said that it does not matter what government there is in Israel, the Palestinian Authority will make the same demands -- emphasizing the so-called "right of return" of the descendants of Arabs who left in 1948 (most of them because of war time conditions and at the urging of their leaders who promised them a triumphal return and the defeat of the Jews). He also demanded Jerusalem. So which Abbas do we believe? The Palestinian Authority only negotiates to gain land & recognition but never will recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Lapid should not fall for their tricks & deception. Any land we give them will be used to launch rockets at us and no concessions on our part will satisfy them.
16. his main goal is to return safely to Ramallah.
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (01.28.13)
and that about sums up Abbas these days. It's kind of dangerous for him to do anything. Hamas is just waiting for an opportunity ... But then with the money he probably has made in the last few years, why should he want to change things?
17. #15 Simple, don't believe anything ANY Abbas says
A ,   Belgium   (01.28.13)
He is a professional liar, schizophrenically exhibiting personalities to suit his audience. He has pulled Obama, the UN, the EU, Olmert and many others into his trap. And also of course the illegal arab squatters in Israel, who he has convinced that he is the president of the non-existant "palestine.".
18. Lapid is a minority
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.28.13)
And regardless of what the racists and Arabs want - Israel will not committ suicide for the fascist occupiers of our lands. Don't like that fact - TFB. You can put it where the sun doesn't shine
19. #2 Stevie boy.
DavidR ,   USA   (01.28.13)
Yes, I agree stevie! Perhaps you and I could work together to put an end to this injustice and return all those pesky Palestinians to Jordan and get them off that 8000 sq mi of stolen Israeli land. How about big talker?
20. We want gutsy leader to end "peace talks with Palestinians"
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.28.13)
The P.A. wants a dumb Israeli patsy eager to trim Israel's waist to 9 miles (15 minute tank ride) in exchange for a few pats on the back. Israel awaits a leader with the guts to end phony, dangerous "peace talks with Palestinians" which rain death and destruction on Israel and are aimed at destroying Israel.
21. peri peri ?
shimon bolot ,   new zealand   (01.29.13)
This article is written by Smadar Peri.It ends with a comment about Yaakov Peri Can some one please tell me - are they related ? and if so ,How? Thanks
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