PM holds discussions on Syrian chemical weapons
Yoav Zitun, Roi Kais
Published: 28.01.13, 00:31
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1. Okay
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.27.13)
Israel is simply telegraphing its intent to the world. Whether Assad or any terrorist or insurgent group, no one is going to get hold of chemical, biological and neurological agents. No one. Of course, it does beg the question: why does it always fall to Israel to clean up everyone else's messes? And any Iranian "revolutionary guardsman" in Syria had better stay the hell out of our way. We're in no mood to play footsie.
2. #1. Sadly enough, not only does Israel have to
A ,   Belgium   (01.27.13)
clean up everyone else's messes, they have to eat sh*t afterwards too.
3. #1 you still alive and kicking
tea man ,   marjayoun   (01.28.13)
4. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.28.13)
Yes, I am. Thanks for asking. Of course, I wouldn't give a plugged nickel for your chances once we really go after Hezbollah ...... hey, how'd you like that unfortunate explosion that took out an entire weapons depot? Bet that made the tea in your cup spill onto the saucer .....
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