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EJC: Sunday Times cartoon 'sickening'
Published: 28.01.13, 07:48
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1. The scorpion can't help itself: Europe is reversing to it's
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.28.13)
"natural state" namely, antisemitism as a way of life.
2. stupid Jews!
tiki ,   belgium   (01.28.13)
As long as Jews don't behave as their 'cousins and burn down complete city centers or sue the editors of these newspapers, it will continue. The Media knows it can 'get away with it and will continue to do so because nobody is hindering them!
3. Netanyahu cartoon
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.28.13)
A bit gross, no doubt; nevertheless it presents the absolute truth about that man and his nation. Often, the truth can be unpleasant.
4. Sickening
It is sickening that Netanyahoo was re-elected a week before the Holocaust Day.
5. #1 A victimizer can't help himself
equating criticism of Israel's policies with antisemitism. You actually make the original word antisemitism meaningless, which plays into the hands of antisemites.
6. Very sick picture!
Christian   (01.28.13)
Very sick cartoon! Shame on you, British antisemites!
7. Crossing all red lines
Raoul ,   Herzlia Israel   (01.28.13)
This *cartoon* is far too much a travesty in terms of journalistic licence to be in any way acceptable, let alone on International Holocaust Memorial day. Only shame to the editors!
8. It is Europe's nature to bow to tyrants and hate Jews.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.28.13)
It is the nature of Europe to bow to tyrants and hate Jews. This has been the case for over 2,000 years. It won't change and we shouldn't expect it to.
9. International antisemitism reflects
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.28.13)
antiharedism in Israel and will not cease before All Jews in Israel are one for another.That is AM EHAD.
10. No 1 there's a price to everything
What about antisemitism in Israel against Arabs? After all Arabs are Semites too...
11. European truth
GR   (01.28.13)
After 68 years to the day of the liberation of Aushwitz Europeans feel that enough time has elapsed and it's time to launch an anti Jewish propaganda campaign (Goebbels style) disguised as an anti Israeli campaign.
12. Imagine the reaction...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.28.13)
If this clown had chosen to insult Muslims instead of Jews.
13. Its public now....
Avouskila ,   South America   (01.28.13)
europe is digging itself back to the STONE AGES. Though europe, with its proven history of CORRUPTIONS, HYPOCRISIE, MURDERS and MAYHEM all throughout its history, is still relevant to todays real politics, for Israel, as well as for the emerging world. If you may, Israel ought to help little europe into digging faster its own demise, as it lost its soul....
14. Dead on Accurate..
Benny ,   USA   (01.28.13)
Netenyahoo is hell bent on the genocide of the Palistinian people..
15. Think of the source
R Narz ,   Toronto   (01.28.13)
Now if one of the more rabble rousing rags had dreamed this up, you would just naturally say, "oh yes and what is new?" The mere fact it's the Times, usually a bastion of responsible journalism, makes it truly a shocker, shame on you Times!
16. Benny # 14
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.28.13)
If that were true so many more would have died during cast lead. If it were true so many would die during their many riots. Israel shows restraint time and again but some people are idiots and either refuse to see it or are just to stupid to see it.
17. #10 Try learning to read
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.28.13)
Anti-semitism : hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group. How exactly are Arabs Jews? If you can get your head out it's ass you might want to learn the meaning of words that are beyond your understanding - try a dictionary moron
18. sadly, #1 is correct.
mira ,   nyc   (01.28.13)
19. #1 Tom and #18 Mira
Imperator ,   USA/Israel   (01.28.13)
Absolutely right, both of you. Not since the end of the Shoah have we seen such a tsunami of anti-Semitism and therefore, more than ever, we have to be united in fighting this "rennaissance". AM ISRAEL CHAI
20. If you don''t like it, don't do it!
Noman ,   Conway   (01.28.13)
Unfortunately, it's waht the israelis do best.
21. you know this
Paul ,   Brisbane   (01.28.13)
"You actually make the original word antisemitism meaningless, which plays into the hands of antisemites. " It IS meaningless. Most of you aren't Semites. And you know it.
22. tit for tat
joe smith ,   U S of I   (01.28.13)
I like the Times cartoon much better then Nitwityahoos Bullwinkle Bomb that was displayed at the U.N. a few months back, it is much more accurate. It appears that tolerence for the Zion nation is wearing very thin on all fronts.
23. Gerald Scharfe should be fired at once
Dina ,   USA   (01.29.13)
The cartoon is pure filth and disgusting. And by the way, why is the criminal Ruppert Murdock still around?
24. Who? Me?
hp ,   usa   (01.29.13)
Thank you for your honesty. For this public display of that very peculiar psychosis the world talks so much about. Obviously you and many here are incapable of enjoying the obvious.
25. Too close for comfort...
Goldstien ,   Miami   (01.29.13)
The clarity and easyness to understand this image horrifies me. Those stupid goyem we have tricked about our genocide might see through our media veil. We must think of a new term even worse than anti-semite! How about informed? LoL
26. There's nothing for free
Gregg ,   Umbria Italy   (01.29.13)
27. Cartoon
Stev ,   Melbourne, Australia   (01.29.13)
Tacky cartoon, terrible timing but antisemitic? The irony is all the outcry is fostering antisemitism. What's being portrayed is almost anytime someone has a beef with Israel (justified or not) they're somehow antisemitic. Which isn't the case. I'm not Jewish but had ancestors who were persecuted in the millions for hundreds of years. Many races to this day have been persecuted. It's not a uniquely Jewish phenomena. But response to antisemitism always gets attention. What happened to Jews in WW2 was atrocious but flying off the hook at anything that's insulting to Jews not only doesn't stop it but often breathes oxygen into antisemitism. Especially if it's deemed an over reaction. Like the reaction to this cartoon. Most people wouldn't have known it was even published had there not been this response. And the response unfortunately is just being seen as thin skinned. And that undermines responses to truly antisemitic behavior. The world needs good news stories from Israel and the wider Jewish community. All that hits the headlines these days is reaction to apparent antisemitic behavior. Lets change the record. Freedom and prosperity by all for all. How about we go with that?
28. Amo Israel e não sou Judeu
Osvaldo Aires Bade ,   Belém do Pará Brasil   (05.12.13)
Defendo Israel e amo os judeus. Paz e sucesso para todos
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