Report: Israel's middle class shrinking
Avital Lahav
Published: 28.01.13, 14:28
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1. Middle class shrinking.
Daniel ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.28.13)
Does this mean greater equality in our society. If so its a socialists dream come true . Something like Bibi achieving Shellys goals for her.
2. What this means is:
Moshe ,   Usa   (01.28.13)
1) the middle class is shrinking in every country because the supply of goods & services has become more automated & streamlined in part by the computer which allows broader, more accurate & speedy management. In the Usa, multinational firms own large farms.So food is cheaper to produce 2) the way to increase the middle class is to develop goods & services that will also appeal to foreign nations, particularly, rich people. 3) and the way to do that is to make sure young Jews are educated to dream up these new goods & services, even if the government & Jewish charities have to donate.And 4) Jewish firms have to continue to develop new goods & services & hire young Jews to put them into foreign markets. Remember, when we were in Israel after our 430 year ejyptian bondage, there was little differentiation in the farm fields as to which son was the boss that day.
3. there are lots of reasons & there is no medicine
zionist forever   (01.29.13)
Some of the problems the government creations others are beyond anybodies control. More jobs which would have traditionally been done by the middle classes are being replaced by machines. We import more products which is a sign of economic development but its a double edge sword because it hurts local producers. Shopping habits - more people use the supermarket rather than the local makolet for bits. More money is concentrated in the hands of the people who run the supermarket who pay low wages & the small business owner. General iving expenses go up but wages don't. Taxes have gone up over the years for sure governments have bills to pay. The problem is Israelis earn less than their foreign counterparts so taxes hurt more. Problem is you can't change the system, a government can have a minimum wage but after that its down to employers. There are also monopolies which are remnants of the days when the country was run on Marxist lines. Bibi has been trying to break them up the all powerful Histadrut blocks privatisation. They are just a few of the many reasons but the left prefer us to believe its all the fault of Bibi and evil tycoons because people love scapegoats.
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