Suspicion: Girl who spat on Tibi sprayed anti-Christian slogans
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 28.01.13, 17:02
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1. What sweetie pies, 2000 years anti-semitism now their turn?
miki ,   tampa   (01.28.13)
Disgusting and an insult to the so called educatin they received .
2. When will be people begin to accept the
Eric......... ,   Israel   (01.28.13)
fact that Jesus was a JEW and that all his followers were Jews.Jesus is not GOD Jesus is the son of GOD.If you are one of those who believe there is a GOD??.To all those Christians who hate Jews,remember Jesus was a JEW...SOO GET REAL
3. I love her enthusiasm
Ezra ,   San Diego   (01.28.13)
I love her enthusiasm, but the spitting and graffiti are a big no-no. Jesus is a son of a bitch? Where did that come from? I don't condone the hatred, and I would prefer she gently tell them we prefer not to worship idols. Israel's origins are from Torah, so let's embrace this gift by respecting others; but not following them.
4. These idiots...
had to be stopped before making it to the world news. We simply don't need that kind of scum in addition to our current issues.
5. I Agree With Ezra #3
History History   (01.28.13)
The girls are spirited, and will need history lessons, to balance their bias. The Bar Ilan education of history could include the works of Geza Vermes on Christianity. Similar works could clarify the Muslim and Jewish past, too.
6. Teen is deranged ; Jesus legitimate
Tambour ,   Eilat   (01.28.13)
He was a learned man, who went the way of Menahem Mendel Shneerson hallucinated he was Ishaiah's messiah Reinvented by the Roman 300 years later with embellished provenance led to the immaculate conception story The girl needs medical attention
7. # 5 They are "spirited"?
Ferdinand ,   Israel & France   (01.28.13)
To those of you who say these girls are "spirited", would you clarify what you mean, please? This is exactly the same as if a girl in France would spit on Jewish politician, and then write anti-semitic graffitti on a synagogue. I would call that a hate crime and hope she was sent to prison for it. Would you call her "spirited" and send her to university?
8. # 3. You love her enthusiasm for unbridled hatred?
Edithann ,   USA   (01.28.13)
All that Israeli culture and education and you call it enthusiasm??... Are you some kind of a nut yourself? ..These girls are 17 year olds. Old enough to know better, They're the age Russian Jews use for their trafficking to Israel and around the world..Put them to work..they're not good for anything else...Your Judaism has ruined them! Do you really think Christians care what Jews think of them?... Christians know Jews hate them and can't get over it..Jews never get over anything..they just carry it on to the next generation with the same intensity if not more 'hate'! That called progress in Hebrew... TATA
9. She has support of the Jewish community. Another example of
World Watcher   (01.28.13)
the so-called "jewish superiority" and tolerance. suprised that the goverments doesn't include rabbis O. Yosef, Shapira, Greene.
10. Sarah B's ?
Love children.
11. What do you expect ? ,...
split ,   US   (01.28.13)
Somebody teaches them this crap I would find out who and make them lick those letters of those stones until they are gone ,...
12. Jews and Christians have to join forces
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.28.13)
against the new enemy of humanity,this enemy originated in the arabian peninsula,and will not rest till the world is either converted to it's pagan none sense, or destroyed, Jews and christians have to let bygones to be bygones,and fight together this deadly enemy,the 2 hoodlems should be spanked in public,to cool of their patriotic zeal.
13. What a crap
Anthony ,   Usa   (01.28.13)
The jews are the choosen ones and some also ignorants. Yes! Jesus was a jew and also a son of God! We christian believe that. Whats the point of insulting our savior. Absolute rubish! I wish i can say a lot more. In short God loves us the same way he loves the jews. For him we all are his children. Stop cursing his work and his love to whole of us. Its beyond our sinful minds.
14. Who pays for shipping US taxpayers ? ,...
split ,   US   (01.28.13)
To ship this van from Sacramento to Israel will exceed it's value - Another tax deductible donation that must replaced by additional taxes to fill the gap in US coffers,...
15. Girls, Jesus simply never existed.
JMK ,   NYC   (01.28.13)
16. More hatred
Daoud ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (01.28.13)
The Zionist hatred for non Jews is very strong and disturbing. No Muslim has ever oppressed me. This is just more Zionist lies to cover up their policies that have destroyed Christianity in the holy land. No one wants you here- go back to Russia and Brooklyn! Let us live in peace and go back to your lives elsewhere. I don't care if you are here for 500 years- you are still foreigners and will always be such!
17. Disgusting behavior, but
Northern   (01.28.13)
I do not want to defend this girl, especially for the spitting incident which is definitely illegal, but the spray painting - it's a little more complex. I think it's definitely vandalism but nothing more than that. I think they're doing a bigger deal of it because it's insulting to Christianity, and in the 21st century we can't have blasphemy laws. Insulting a religion should be legal and an expression of freedom of speech, whether you agree with the statement or not. Now again, you don't get to spray-paint it on anybody's walls but don't go too far with this whole "offending religious feelings" nonsense. It has no place in a modern secular society.
18. Monastry in nothing, try a MOSQUE show your "bravery"..
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (01.28.13)
19. # 16
Yossef ,   Paris   (01.28.13)
Settlements: at least, + 10. Thank u Daoud!
20. Christians aren't used to being insulted
LM ,   Europe   (01.28.13)
My experience of many religious Christians is that they feel very superior and are extremely narrow-minded and condemning, also towards each other. If you don't behave and believe like them, you are a worse human being. Is it surprising that some Jews feel animosity towards Christians after centuries of massacres and forced conversions? Those silly slogans could also have been written by a radical atheist with a Christian background, by the way. Nothing to do with racism, there is no incitement to hatrid. Get over it!
21. #16 YOU are the foreigners
Vlad   (01.28.13)
You were imported by the British in the 1920s and 1930s. Yasser Arafat was born in CAIRO!!!! Arab history only goes back to the 7th century, and there were very few Arabs until the British began encouraging illegal immigration to counter Jewish immigration in the 20th century. It's YOU who are the intruders. And no, the Jews are never leaving. Either get used to it or go to Jordan.
22. 16 live in peace????
have you noticed what it is like to live in peace, you arabs who murder each other when you don't have time to murder jews... look at syria, arabs killing 60,000 arabs look at darfur look at somalia look at the congo look at egypt now look at hizbullah and lebanon look at the riots in bahrain, saudi arabia, algier, sudan, mali, egypt look at the deaths of all muslims in the world caused by other muslims and arabs. look at iran killing its own people. you are the one to talk???? and no, jews are not persecuting christians in israel. YOU, MUSLIMS ARE PERSECUTING THEM. LOOK AT THE COPT CHRISTIANS IN EGYPT, MURDERED BY MUSLIMS EVERYDAY. LOOK AT THE CHRISTIAN ARABS IN GAZA, REPRESSED EACH DAY. THE ONLY GROWTH IN THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY IN THE MIDDLE EAST IS HAPPENING TO THE CHRISTIAN ARABS WHO ARE ISRAELI CITIZENS. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES FLORISHING IN THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST.
23. Given the way christianity treated Jews,
Moshe ,   Usa   (01.28.13)
beginning with the council of churches Nisea in the 350's C E, when they outruled the popularity of Saturday as the day of rest & so diminishing the viability of the economic welfare of Jews who rejected work on Shabas (and other assaults on Judaism), the sentiments of those girls who may have done this are absolutely sound. I would like to adopt these gals.
24. to #23
Anthony ,   usa   (01.28.13)
Are you saying what the girl said about jesus is right? Do u really believe he is a son a b? u must be insane. What proof do u have to back her claims? this is complete haltered.
25. Jesus said to turn the other cheek
Isabella1709 ,   Tampa USA   (01.28.13)
so that you will not learn this kind of hatred. But anger is difficult to control when that is what you are taught. These girls probably didn't come to these sad prejudices on their own, and they have plenty of lessons of history. Had we Christians remembered the teachings of Jesus there would be no bases for this. Today we suffer too from those tragic events.
26. Please, examine the spittle of the girl
paramedic ,   Jerusalem   (01.29.13)
She can provoke an epidemy
27. #23
Mike ,   USA   (01.30.13)
Not much to say to someone with so little wisdom. The girls were educated or uneducated by someone like you. If you dont believe in all the other religeons out there and you spend your time bad mouthing them, it shows how little time you spend practicing your own religeon.
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