Obama congratulates Netanyahu on elections win
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.01.13, 20:24
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1. by ME security he meant building the caliphate and by peace
he meant the quiet ,   after the shoah   (01.28.13)
2. What Would You Expect From b.H.o.?
I guess a week later is better than no phone call at all? Or Is It? Bibi's know just who he is dealing with. Bibi Has Been A Political Force For The Better Part Of 25 Years! If b.H.o. Knew what the term "Mench" mean's he could have forged a True Friendship with Bibi and Maybe Bibi could have so how Mentored b.H.o. and could have giving him some International Experience? Oh Quell he's got scabies?
3. The Caricature Tells Much About Europe
ltrail ,   United States   (01.28.13)
Europeans are in denial about the blood shed caused by the so-called palestinian terror groups, Hamas and PLO (now called the PA). But what is puzzling is why the Europeans support the muslims living in the State of Israel (which includes Judea and Samaria, by the way). We see this guy, Gerald Scarfe, Baroness Catherine Ashton, and others expressing their opinions against the State of Israel. Yet, the so-called palestinians do not produce much if anything that would contribute to, or enhance the quality of life in the EU. The caricature is a blatant lie that Joseph Goebbels would have enjoyed and approved for propaganda.
4. #3 That's what happens
when Israel keeps denying the vote on an ethnic basis to several million people who live in the state of Israel (which includes Judea and Samaria, by the way). Expect more caricatures in newspapers on Israel's apartheid type of democracy.
5. What Would You Expect From b.H.o.?
Harry Light ,   USA   (01.28.13)
I would expect Obama would terminate this useless relationship.
6. Mistake in headline
Sagi   (01.28.13)
Should read,"Obama calls Natanyahu WEAK after elections.
7. Obama was hoping that Netanyahu would be defeated
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.28.13)
well netanyahu was not defeated. egypt has turned into an islamic dictatorship. the lybian huge weapons stockpiles have been looted by jihadists, the sinai is awash with those very same weapons, foreigners are forced to flee benghazi, algeria experienced its gravest jihadi terror attack in years, europe is therfore under greater threat from jihadists, syrian chemical weapons remain unsecured, hezbollah is still armed to the teeth, iran is still refusing to give up its nuclear weapons program. yet obama still thinks that israel and her leader are the major world problem.
8. Tony Blair!?!? Is he still in the business?
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (01.29.13)
It's laughable!! Blair has been described as an intelligent person. That's why I wonder he evens speaks at all when clearly NO ONE cares. Has there ever been any political endeavor that has failed more massively than his "Middle East Peace Envoy" attempt?
9. No.4 the vote in Israel is for Israelies including Arab --
Israelis. In France the vote is for French People so is in in The USA. , for amrecans with american citizenship Vote is not for residents if they are not Israelies. You are vey stupid you demand of Israelies what you dont demand from French,Spanish,Americans
10. Why did it take Obama one Week to ...?
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