Jordan's king meets Mashaal, urges 2-state solution
Elior Levy
Published: 28.01.13, 22:40
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1. They still don't get it, do they?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.28.13)
What "Jordanian-Palestinian" confederation? Where do they plan to put the "Palestinian" part? It won't be in Judea or Samaria, that's for sure.
...DACON9   (01.28.13)
he doesnt want them in jordan. as it is jordan has 30,000 in camps not allowed to roam through that fake land called jordan
3. defending what's not his!
tiki ,   belgium   (01.28.13)
How much easier it would be for all if only Abdullah would put aside his personal ego & ambitions and give freedom & country back to the original inhabitants, the Arab Palestinians.
4. To The Pseudo-king abdallah
1946 your heshemite kingdom was Brought to trans-jordan from the Southern Desert, you my friend are a Transplant to hat Land! The balfour declaration Slated 1/3 of that land to the Jewish Nation " Israel "! Fisal was given mesopotamia, now iraq? All of the Defeated ottoman empire was carved up by the brits and divided among france and the brits Including syria States with No History Before 1914! Your Western Education Was A Waste Your still a Dumb Ass? Yella
5. King Abdullah Rejects Palestinian-Jordanian Confe
emanon ,   USA   (01.28.13)
See? Not a single arab country wants to absorb these people. They are much more valuable as pawns.
6. Of course Abdallah would never agree
A ,   Belgium   (01.28.13)
to a confederation with "palestinians", he would be a king without a kingdom in no time, and possibly fighting a civil war as in Syria. And perhaps the "palestinians" might not have forgotten what Abdallahs dad, King Hussein, did to them. No, the king of "palestine" would rather push the issue onto the Israelis, just as his father did by disengaging from Judah and Samaria. Cowardice is hereditary in the Hashemite genes apparantly.
7. Is King Abdullah asking Meshal to accept a Jewish Israel?
Sam ,   Canada   (01.29.13)
What is the 2 state solution for Palestinians? Are they getting realistic or still playing games?
8. is it not too stupid to talk with mashal about the 2 state s
daniela   (01.29.13)
9. In no time
Mira ,   Vienna   (01.29.13)
you will be swallowed by MB and their offspring Hamas, little King, cat is already playing with the mouse. You better ally with Israel if you want to be safe.
10. The (palestinian) arabs of jordan
Sam Tayar ,   CANADA   (01.29.13)
"The improved relations between Hamas and Jordan are the result of common interest.", I S R A E L - their only link!
11. How Did Mashaal Justify The Call For Israel's Destruction?
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.29.13)
You have to wonder at the abject stupidity of the Palestinians. They can talk all they want about reconciliation and a two-state solution however, when the Palestinians also adhere to the request of the entire international community to: Accept in principle Israel's right to exist, adhere to signed agreements, and cease all forms of terror and violence - maybe there will be peace. Until then, it's just another pipe dream.
12. The King
Get Real ,   UK   (01.29.13)
Of course he wants a Palestinian reconciliation and a two state solution.The last thing he wants is an even larger Palestinian majority for his Kingdom and a return to the havoc previously caused by them. Better to keep out of it all and let Israel deal with the Palestinians.
13. The King is scared sh-tless.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.29.13)
He has to kiss up to Mashaal, a dirtbag with an ego even bigger than the King's. The King simply has no clue what to do, but he doesn't want to give up the riches of playing King. And Mashaal is already trying to figure out how to get it! If the King wanted to act like a King, he would make a deal with Israel, accept the west bank and make all residents of the place full citizens of Jordan, all with full equal rights. The King could go down in history as the one man who resolved the Arab-Israeli struggle. He'd win the Nobel Prize, commerce between the two countries would flourish, a golden age of peace could come to be. The hate-mongering Egyptians would be left out in the cold, stewing in their hatred- the only tangible by-product of the Muslim Brotherhood. Will the King act Kingly and rise to the occasion? His father made the first step. Just maybe the junior King has it in him to take his place in history.
14. Why was Arch terrorist Meshaal not arrested?
Chai Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.29.13)
How is it that this arch terrorist is allowed to travel freely? Why is the dictator Hussein meeting with an Arch terrorist? The writing is on the wall, the East Bank aka Jordan or Eastern Israel must be made into a Palestinian/Jordanian state for any chance of peace to occur.
15. the little man is scared
he is scared that the very same thing that happened to egypt and all the violence there, will happen to him. after all, his subjects 76% 0f them and his queen are PALESTINIANS and some beduin tribes who hate the palestinians and do not want them to come not jordan.
16. Jordan is Palestine!!!!
Jayjay ,   Israel   (01.29.13)
Stop the Saudi occupation!!!!
17. #1 That's for sure, like Obama won't be re.elected or
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (01.29.13)
Iran will be bombed late year, etc. I like it when you dig your own hole!
18. Hamas Delegation Looks Like the Bad Guys
Rena ,   Netanya   (01.29.13)
These Hamas thugs look like they came from Hollywood "casting central." They look as mean and ugly as they are.
19. Hamas is not about peace, Your Majesty
Shai ,   Canada   (01.29.13)
Talking to Hamas is a waste of time. If Abdullah wishes to speak with those who truly represent the people (when they're divided and/or subjugated by those who claim to protect their interests), then the King must take his case directly to the people themselves. APoJi might be a fitting place to start; after all, the two sides could hardly be further apart.
20. Can King Abdullah Make Hamas Recognize The State Of Israel?
Tim Upham ,   Tum Tum, WA   (01.29.13)
King Abdullah is meeting with Khaled Meshaal. But in that meeting will he be able to convince Hamas to recognize the State of Israel?
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