New space center opens in Sakhnin
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 29.01.13, 11:34
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1. Nothing says: "UNIVERSE" like ...Saknin....?!?????????
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.29.13)
2. The Alternative
Mike ,   Netanya   (02.04.13)
opening science centers wont change the mentality of the Arab culture. Instead they should open centers for women's right, gays and lesbian rights and incorporate basic concepts of respecting and loving the "other" into their educational programs. Once this cultural norm is changed desire for learning and science will follow. Also the israeli government should instead try to integrate the Haredi communities into the scientific field such as space. There IS demand wihin the Haredi world for this among the Neo Haredim. Israel should bring in more Haredim from the US and UK and elsewhere. People like Rabbi Dov Lipman and others like him who have integrated both science and tradition in their lives is what we truly need not empowering extremist town such as Sakhnin.
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