Stanley Fischer to step down as BOI chief
Published: 29.01.13, 15:59
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1. NO!
zznhl   (01.29.13)
This man has practically single- handedly saved Israel from the fate of Greece, Italy and Iceland. His policies of ficscal restraint and pragmatism show touches of genius. Without his insight Israel would now be in the drain, depending on the US, not only for financial help but also to protect us from our military enemies to the extent that we would almost be another State. I shudder to think of the social state in this country...riots, maybe even civil war if we had fallen victim to the massive austerity we would have been subject to if Stanley Fischer had elected to find another country to assist (as was nearly the case). Israel owes it existence not only to its superb army, the IDF, with its dedicated soldiers but also to men of Fischers caliber and integrity...History will hold Stanley Fischer up there with Ben Gurion; and, to be Biblical without exageration, Joseph, who saved ancient Egypt in similar circumstances.
2. Way to go, Bibi!
John ,   Europe   (01.29.13)
So, the person who EFFECTIVELY prevented Great Crisis to strike Israel, who was attacked, bereaved - but still stood firm and was later thanked for his long-vision - is now LEAVING because the government refuses to keep their expenses under control?! He was vehemently against Israel expanding the debt trashhold (purposely miss-spelled!) and government wants to borrow more, hence sink future generations in debts - and he has to go?! Stanley, don't be an idiot, you can get great position in USA and Europe, leave this ignorant and ungrateful pricks!
3. Hirschson is available
Michael   (01.29.13)
He knows what to do with money.
4. Stanley Fischer as next President of Israel
Barry Berger ,   Tivon, Israel   (01.29.13)
The timing and qualifications make Stanley Fischer a great candidate for our next President of Israel!
5. Philipp Hildebrand
i would like to suggest Philipp Hildebrand
6. #4: Why waste his financial wizardry on a nothing position?
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (01.29.13)
The President of the State of Israel is merely a figurehead and has no executive or legislative power. President Peres is pretty outspoken and is slammed, insulted and even called a traitor for his views by some on the right, particularly our YnetNews' Yank know it alls! Why would Professor Fischer want the job? Netanyahu knows what is best for Netanyahu and not for Israel. We are losing a financial genius for Bibi's ego, political survival and love of the Haredim and extreme right! Maybe Bennett and Lapid can bring some sense to this country!
7. This Is Not Good
SJ ,   UK   (01.29.13)
Confidence in the Israeli economy is likely to take a hit. He was one of the few truly experienced and qualified government executives in the country. His departure is very concerning.
8. This is what the people voted for . .
mom ,   israel   (01.29.13)
Why are you complaining and blaming Bibi? Shelly, Lapid want social justice but w/o increasing national the debt? Fischer and Bibi did the math and you can't have it all i.e. social justice and fiscal responsibility. Fisher doesn't want to ruin his reputation pleasing the masses. Bibi is giving the people what they want.
9. Thank you Stanley and enjoy your retirement!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (01.29.13)
Stanley Fischer is going to be 70 next birthday. He volunteered to serve Israel when he could have got jobs that paid 100s of times more elsewhere. He probably sees the changing of the guard in Israel as a good time to step down and to enjoy a well deserved retirement. It's sad that the Labor party decided to politicize his departure and demonstrates their meanness of spirit.
10. New candidate
Chadranit ,   King David Hotel,   (01.29.13)
Strauss Kahn would sex up our economy !
11. #2, So, this is also Bib's fault?
Jake   (01.29.13)
This "blame Bibi" kneejerk reaction is getting lame and pathetic.
12. #7, Don't exaggerate
Jake   (01.29.13)
When Greenspan left his position, Bernanke stepped up to the plate without the need to reinvent the wheel. Lots of people have learned many things under Stanley Fischer's guidance, and the sun will continue to rise in the east after he leaves.
13. Sad news - he deserves much credit!
Ted   (01.29.13)
Israel   (01.29.13)
I love this man, he has integrity and he's so smart.
15. Mr.Fischer did a great job, but now I want someone to
Moshe ,   Usa   (01.29.13)
continue doing that job Fischer's way, but with saving annual surpluses like Joseph did for pharoah. Israel must have a policy in which 1/7 of its annual revenue is collected each year so that it never has a deficit & never has to borrow. And the reason is because of the need to sustain military expenses which expenditure may fluctuate in crisis years.
16. 4 Barry Berger: True, indeed! Stanley Fischer for Presi
Rivkah   (01.29.13)
dent of Israel! But if he is not interested in that position, I hope he has dual US-Israeli citizenship so he can come bail America's banks and deficit out. Help us, Stanley! Come to America and help us! We need you as Treasury Secretary or Fed Reserve Chairman. Don't worry about being a foreigner if you don't have dual citizenship. The POTUS is, too!
17. Stanley, Shelly and Israel's finances
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.29.13)
Stanley Fischer was superb and did so much to help the Israeli economy stabilize and grow. It is sad that he is leaving. Shelly, who can do no good, blames Bibi, but, Shelly, remember that Stanely Fischer has been on the job for a good many years with Bibi. If he could not stand Bibi, as you so boldly declare, he would have left earlier. Remember Shelly, engage brain BEFORE speaking. It enhances the person's image more than your wig covers your brain.
18. So who will replace Fischer? Another Chiwawa?
David ,   Israel   (01.29.13)
Bibi pushed out the "real" Likud with his personal cheering squad of Steinitz, Erdan, Elkins and Saar. Now he will add anothe "Yes Man" to his little choir who will let the Ultra Orthodox bleed the country dry! Israelis mustn't complain. They voted for him and what you vote for is what you get!
19. Today, world economy is a wh#rehouse
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (01.30.13)
DSK, even if not such a genius as Stanley Fisher, learned the hard way both sweet and bitter ends. It would be great to get him in as soon as possible...
20. Who can blame Bibi for Fischer quitting
Big Al ,   Zichron Isarel   (01.30.13)
While there are people and say that BB discovered Stanley Fischer and convinced him to come here it was while he was Minister of Finance. A dedicated BB studier, I am convinced that there are two or maybe several other Bibis and the Prime Minister version is a nasty egocentric who I am convinced will do anything to keep his wife happy, and is afraid to come to tell that he has lost the job, Fischer is a gifted economist from a different and higher league, who am sure has a genuine love for Israel are prepared to devote his genuine talents for the good of the country in general. The reason why he left is they could no longer stomach the cheap gimmicks and popularism that Netanyahu is prepared to stoop to just so he doesn't have to go home to Sara with the bad news. But come to think of it, who can blame him.
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