Haredi parties coordinate positions
Akiva Novick
Published: 29.01.13, 20:54
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1. Shas MK's have performed their military service
Jake   (01.29.13)
and also studied Torah....thus demonstrating to all that it is possible to do both.
2. FIND A MIDDLE GROUND HERE. 91 mks vs 18 mks
hipocrates ,   earth   (01.29.13)
91 want hareidim, arabs to serve, 18 hareid mks dont, 11 ara mks dont.... 91 mks is much bigger.
3. Torah a profession.
Albert ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.29.13)
Are you people out of your minds !!! where is such nonsense recognised. You must all work for a living , get used to it, times have changed.
4. labor ought split
zechariah   (01.29.13)
seven labor ought form faction and keep watch on the social darwinists and the price tag fascists.
5. #3
Moshe ,   NYC   (01.29.13)
Torah is a profession to many and is everything in life for ultra religious Jews. This is the religion, just because you are not very observant or do not believe in it doesn't give you the right to disrespect it. Israel is a Jewish state, never forget that its in the declaration of independence. That being said I think they should tighten up the system and get people who are abusing the system to serve. Always bad apples in every batch but you can't blame the whole for it.
6. # 3 response
Sagi   (01.29.13)
Of course Torah is a profession, the readers even have a uniform to prove it, all that is lacking is a system of merit awarding and graded salaries, five years of study and you get double welfare, ten years an extra bonus and if you last twenty years a medal of distinction.
7. The Torah has answers to many pending questions.
8. # 5 Moshe response
Sagi   (01.29.13)
"the right to disrespect". I not only have this right, I consider it my duty. So long as the ultra othodox shirk their responsibilities, use coercive violence, intimidate young girls on public transport by spitting on them and in general try to shove their ways down everbody's throat, I shall not only disrespect them, I shall hold them in utter contempt.
ROSHEA ,   USA   (01.29.13)
u better get ready for a fight, a big one, so don't stand there arguing "do I want to be a sitting duck or fight like a man for life and famil?, the answer should be obvious, b/c if obama divides your land, you's going to be fightin' I guarantee it! when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction is coming. expect it, b/c the enemy is coming to take Jerusalem, understand?
10. You racist bigot
shmuel ,   brooklyn   (01.29.13)
You’re condemning over 500,000 righteous people for the acts of a few lunatics – shame on
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