I won’t attend Beitar games
Ehud Olmert
Published: 30.01.13, 00:14
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1. Prepare to get flamed by the TBs
Vlad   (01.30.13)
It's actually pretty easy to tell when the writer of an op-ed here is gonna get torn apart in the talkbacks.
2. Mr. Olmert
R ,   Israel   (01.30.13)
I totally agree with you on this. It was sickening to watch this on the news, and right after seeing how the Beitar team was received with so much honor in the country (Chechnia if I remember correctly) of the two new players.
3. talkbacks
Justin ,   UK   (01.30.13)
If you have something negative to say about the writer, you should read the story again. Here in the UK we have Israeli, Arab, Japanese etc.. players and that is one of the beautiful aspects of football. All over the world ignorance creeps, maybe its lack of education or the wrong education. No one is born racist and with hatred.
4. Reform soccer in Israel
Ariel ,   Sydney, Australiaq   (01.30.13)
It's time to dismantle the football league in israel and restructure it. In Australia we had similar scenes in soccer, when teams had ethnic and political affiliations. The league was disbanded by the government and restructured. Now Australia qualifies for the World Cup! No more politics and ethnicities, no more Maccabi, Hapoel, Beitar! Just Jerusalem FC, Tel Aviv United and AC Haifa....
Noach ,   USA   (01.30.13)
We should not treat Arabs in Israel like the neo-Nazi's and other anti-Semites treat us in Europe (and elsewhere). If we do, we have no reason to fight against Anti-Semitism.
6. They Must Go!!
Mark David ,   (Occupied) Chicago   (01.30.13)
Remove the enemy from the land of Israel or the enemy will remove us Jews from our land. There is no peace with Arabs who only wish to kill Jews. Remember the Fogel family, remember the kids of the Maron school, and remember Sabarros pizza. Remember all those bus bombings and remember Hevron 1929 massacre. How many Jews need to die before we wake up and expel the terrorists from our land of Israel?
7. Thank You
Todd ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.30.13)
Thank you for your important piece. As Jews and Israelis, we must speak out against hatred in all it's forms. My children desperately want to attend Beitar Jerusalem games, but I cannot bring them, as I will not expose them to the racism expressed at the games. Beitar - please fix this problem. Enough is enough. Please create an environment that shows our children that Beitar can be a team to be proud of.
8. Not an issue
Israeli taxpayer   (01.30.13)
Hopefully, as a convicted felon you will soon be behind bars for betraying the public's trust, so this shouldn't be an issue.
9. Get a life already
David ,   On this planet   (01.30.13)
A criminal who is preaching to the rest. I am sure he did not help Beitar unless he pocketed a little bit of more on the side. we know your kind mightier and better than you are, save it for your Tnuah partners and go away
10. I won't attend Beitar games.
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav.   (01.30.13)
Excellent arcticle, should be read by all, I 100% agree.
11. Olmert : Then Beitar should celebrate
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (01.30.13)
I am surprised they do not mob such a person as you @ Beitar. You Sir have disgraced your office, shamed the Jews , and represent a cancerous smear on our Holy Land You might think it best if you kept out of sight , as you embody shame felt by people when you come to mind
12. # 6 And your motives are?
Ferdinand ,   Israel & France   (01.30.13)
Mark David, are you intentionally trying to make Jews look bad or is it just that you cannot help doing it? Regardless, it's a great pride to see that none of the other talkbackers share your ugly racist outlook, and instead make both Israel and all Jews proud by their rejection of racism in any form.
13. attendence
colin   (01.30.13)
Nobody gives a damn yo ehom is attending betar games It is a sport and not a war
14. No12 Ferdinand, I have a non exhaustive list
Of other talkbackers sharing the same kind of ideology than mark: Sarah B Chaim Alexander Alex Birdi Ben Jabo Rivkah I probably forget some of them because there are more unfortunately
15. Don't complain about antisemitism
Avi   (01.30.13)
If you celebrate hating minorities here then you have no right to complain when bigots do the same thing to Jews.
16. Olmert is a convicted criminal: Most Beitar fans aren't
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (01.30.13)
They shouldn't allow him in.
17. #14. Are you capable of rational discussion?
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.30.13)
#14. Are you capable of rational discussion? You act as if the proposition of paying "Palestinians" to leave Israel is a horrid racist idea. Yet every single "Palestinian" covenant calls for the destruction of Israel. If "Palestinians" had their way, they would mass murder Jews with glee. They say so all the time. Paying "Palestinians" fairly to leave our land is humane, and ultimately, it is the only way to save Israel. On top of all this: surveys consistently show most want to leave!
18. 14 You forgot Keren from brasil
19. #14...you forgot me too...
Malone ,   Hfx   (01.30.13)
20. Ignoring the facts
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.30.13)
Yes some the Beitar fans are racist and there is no excuse for them. Their Arab counterparts are at least as racist and have proven it. So I too condemn them as well. If there be criticism of racism - then do so for all the racists not just selected few.
21. Not Surprising
YSol ,   NY,NY   (01.30.13)
Israel is a profoundly divided and racist society. It likes to call itself a democracy when it is really an ethnocracy. Soccer often draws the lowest common denominator in any society. In Israel, Beitar is largely composed of Arab Jews and they need a kicking boy lower on the social ladder than they are. This kind of behaviour has been going on for decades and has only gotten worse.
22. Olmert is right
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.30.13)
Israel should not be home to bigots and racist. Jews should know better than this. How are these hooligans any different than the racist in France who throw bananas at black players? These hooligans are a disgrace to Israel and the Jewish people.
23. Maybe Israeli players should learn how to play better
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.30.13)
I am sure management would have preferred to use Israeli players, but obviously these players are better. Why not examine that instead of being racist?
24. If Olmert and Gal-On used same standards for Muslims
Ron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (01.31.13)
The masters of double standards. If yoiu look at the practices by Arabs in Israel - Mufti and Co, etc. - and Muslims all around the level of racism is orders of magnitude higher. But when did you ever hear Olmert or Gal-On EVER complain about the racism by Muslims - no we do not hear that. Abbas is a Partner for Peace - does not matter how many times he is caught in Arabic and is Palestinian authorities in unambigious racist remarks, speeches, etc - At best they call then Incitements - But not the R word - that is only reserved to Beitar (or Yair Lapid, etc) - Can you really take serious calls by people who use double standards for their political agendas ?
25. racism?
avi ,   nyc   (01.31.13)
arabs and Jews have similar racial origin , please learn your terms
26. Same happened to USA's Joey Altidore in Holland
BH ,   Iowa   (01.31.13)
But don't expect a word out of 0lmert. Don't expect a word about how Jewish players are treated in Europe. No, 0lmert's faux outrage is for Jews only.
27. #22 Chaim Can you
desi ,   montreuil   (01.31.13)
precisely tell me when and where in France were bananas thrown at black players? With an internet link please? NO. You can't. The event only existed in your imagination.
28. Welcome to the two new players
R ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
It takes a lot of strength to play under such conditions. Good luck to you.
29.  # 12 I share his outlook!
E. ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.13)
He is totally right! They must go!
30. Really Olmert, you give yourself away
Eliza ,   Australia   (01.31.13)
All very nice sentiments Olmert but then you just couldn't stop yourself from slipping in yet another insult to Arab Israelis could you. After all, if you as a Jewish Israeli express racism at a soccer game, you would be just 'just like them'. The 'them' you refer to being Arab Israelis and of course, as a Jewish Israeli, you are so superior to this lowly species. Israel privileges Jews over non-Jews; as you well know there are a myrid of Israeli laws which interact in so a way that it is difficult if not impossible for a non-Jew to build or buy land etc. No, even in Israel proper, the Arab is not equal.
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