AG orders investigation into Harpaz affair
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 30.01.13, 00:00
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1. do we really need this
alexi   (01.29.13)
the outline is known- ashkenazi and barak had bad blood between them as barak tends to have with gen yaalon, with liberman, with bennett. So, it appears tit for tat, galant's nomination was targeted which it should not have been done. Okay, the comptroller went through this. Barak is gone soon and ashkenazi is gone. Do we really need a crimiinal investigation on this? We do not. There has been plenty of exposure. ashkenazi did a respectable job in the gaza war. The matter has been aired. That is enough. Weinstein, maybe you should take care of your wife's alleged misdeed's rather than suspiciously indicting lieberman just before the election(how convenient) and now criminal investigation. m,aybe your wife should go to jail if she is convicted!
2. alexi, yes we do need this
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.29.13)
the harpaz affair is very serious. above all, it must be determined whether there was any foreign interference in this matter.
3. Quite frankly
Sagi   (01.29.13)
it is becoming very trite and indeed sickening that every other day a public official is being investigated or accused or indicted for a wrongdoing, misdemeanor, or worse, a criminal offence. This is a reflection on society, a sick society.
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