IDF mechanic captures terrorist
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 29.01.13, 22:26
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1. He sais it was nationalistic motivated
Jerome@creativeconsu ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.29.13)
This just one of the reasons there is no peace with the anti culture that teaches hate jihad murder and lies! If the Arabs really wanted peace they teach truth tolerance and coexistence. They have a mental disorder that can sadly only be fixed by strength which Israel eventually will have to use.
2. good job moshe
milson   (01.29.13)
you did a good job. Petition bibi toappoint yaalon who will look after checkpoints. \ Otherwise with barak or mofaz, you will get more of these acts. Incidently, the arab said he did out of national motives. So maybe next time you can return the favour.
3. truth
G Washington ,   U.S.   (01.29.13)
the mechanics are trained better than terrorists
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