Not a national interest
Giora Eiland
Published: 30.01.13, 11:20
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1. Give them a choice
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.30.13)
Compulsory Draft or no Government Benefits different from every other citizen. I really am curious to know what they would choose.
2. Exelent
Zeev ,   Rehovot, Israel   (01.30.13)
Precisely and to the point
3. Yesh Atid is a just a start
Vered, Israel   (01.30.13)
I'm sure Yesh Atid will be amenable to any arrangement that will get the job done. But why should we fund Torah study for three years? It's not an alternative to army service. After they get out of the army, they can devote the rest of their lives to Torah study if they so choose, just don't ask the taxpayers to fund any of it.
4. All heredim must serve 1 year & all chilonim must study 1 yr
Just DO IT ,   for Israel's sake   (01.30.13)
MINIMUM. EVERYBODY. THEN Israel can call itself a JEWISH Democracy. Stop the hypocrisy on both sides.
5. Defining national interest
Alex ,   Tel Aviv   (01.30.13)
Why can't "equal share of the burden." be a national interest? No one argues that there is now way to equally share it (you just wouldn't be able to define what is a bigger burden - taking care of eldery people or serving in combat) but as a national agenda it's a great thing to start with in my opinion.
6. And after the study...
geepee ,   tel aviv   (01.30.13)
comes marriage...and no army again! However, the question is, how do you put people with no education to talk of into a steadily declining job market? Oh I get it - they'll Really, are these misfits worth the bother?
7. Surrporting those who do serve
Fine with me if Haredim do not serve in the army but why should we pay for them to study? We don't pay for the studies of non-Haredim who do not serve, nor do we pay for the studies of those who do serve. But supporting those who don't serve at the expense of those who do is ridiculous.
8.  No army no national service no monthly stipend-they'll join
miki ,   tampa   (01.30.13)
9. I don't get it
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (01.30.13)
I don't get it, why these haredim are so "high respected"... they are not better than any citizens of Israel, just because they claim to be religious, they should work for all the benefits and take part in everything just like all the other Israelis.
10. Giora Eiland is very wrong
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (01.30.13)
I would say that Giora Eiland's perspectives are terribly off the mark. He neglects one of the most disturbing realities prevailing in this country which is the erosive estrangement that exists between the secular and ultra-orthodox communities. The ultra-orthodox communities brought this upon themselves by forcing the government's hand to an extreme in virtually every area of life here. Now Lapid has the leverage to rein in the latter's gross and unrestrained appetites. Does Mr. Eiland mean for Lapid to fail?
11. Draft
Moshe Gornisht ,   Israel T/A   (01.30.13)
Why should there be exemptions for the Haredi lads? Why must one group be allowed to opt out and another not? Why allow the Haredi community to decide what they can do or wont do? We are a society that unfortunately needs an army and this army requires manning, are the Haredi any different from me or you? Moshe
12. Brilliant
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (01.30.13)
Many are criticizing this idea with why should we fund them at all lets just make them go to the army. Well past his idea of cutting off stipends after three years thereby forcing the ones who are not cut out for service into the job market or into service in order to enhance their futures. His suggestion of cutting reserve duty also benefits everyone.
13. # 9
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (01.30.13)
I agree with you 100%,its just common sense !
14. Draft who you need- others go to work!
Rachel ,   US   (01.30.13)
15. Hatzollah Elderly
Zechariah   (01.30.13)
The Haredim could perform mitvot in the improving of Hatzollah and helping the elderly and disabled particularly the poor with little family supports for three years with a monthly commitment per year Communilal Service for the People's financial support.Later the elite combat units if capable and if volunteer freely.
16. Why choose one path and not both? And why 3 years?
Avi   (01.30.13)
Why should the state even fund them for 3 years? What if I want to tour India for 3 years instead of serving in the army? Why won't the state fund that if I want to? No. The state should not fund them at all so by the age of 18 and not 21 they'll see the need of the army. Secondly, why not pick both paths? Mandatory draft like all Israelis but also cut yeshiva funding so they'll see the personal benefit more. The government isn't that simple and neither are we, the readers. Both paths will be chosen.
17. Judaism survived and thrived in eastern Europe...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.30.13)
...without governmental funds;why shouldn´t it happen in Israel? It is not beautiful to exploit others. Haredim should be ashamed about their behavior in Israel and Israel must cut this non sense once and for all. Army for all;exemptions distributed through all equally;kosher food for all;stipends- or not stipends- for all and so on. I also believe that women should not be in the army mandatorily and all men should be in their place.Then, it will not lack place for haredim to be dovetailed.
18. Strange vocabulary Mr Eiland
Philippe ,   Raanana   (01.30.13)
Your opening sentence last paragraphe: "the state does not recruit by force into military service " :Wrong _ The state compels by the force of the law wich is the way of a democracy: No force is involved, only persuasion, opinion, legislation.If the law of the state changes , then the public has to follow under penalty for refusing to obey the law. Your idea of a rule of law " a la carte " ( choose among the menu ) is not democratic, but only a mockery of democracy. There is no respect for any law without penalty.In the case of " unmotivated " haredim or arabs the penalty must be very simple ; the loss of all civil rights and state financial support.
19. he is right
dave ,   safet   (01.31.13)
I did IDF combat at age 32, have studied in collel for 31 years, and supported my family.
20. you want 3 years of tora study?
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (01.31.13)
take out a student loan.
21. General Eiland
Robert Haymond ,   Tekoa, Israel   (01.31.13)
A commendable, solid and sensible article that allows a blueprint for what "sharing the burden might mean and actually entail. I hope the various political parties will pay attention to General Eiland's ideas and commentary.
22. Ignoring the larger issue
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.31.13)
The Haredim serve in the military and participate in the economic life of Israel in far larger percentage than the even larger Arab population. Yet this is totally ignored, why? When are the Arabs finally going to become Israelis? Instead of less than 1% of the military they should be at least 16% and yes they should be forced just as the Haredim must do their fair service.
23. I Disagree with the Esteemed General
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.01.13)
I think some sort of service must be mandatory for all Israelis. I think that if properly used the youth of Israel can be useful in helping people and continue to be the glue in Israeli society. Every Jewish Israeli should know how to use an M16 for times of war and every Jew and non-Jewish Israeli should be taught to feel loyalty to the nation they live in. This means both the Arabs and Haredim. However, What do I know compared to an Israeli general?
24. 3 points of Lapid programm
1. keep prices of housing high so people can continue ren and make a lot of money. Most people who live in Lapid nbhd have extra appartments (2 or 3). So his goal not to built. 2. People who live in Lapids nbhds generally do not serve in combat. I do not think the haredim will do it for them. 3. Several people on his list have dual citezenship.
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