Number of Israelis updating gas masks nearly triples
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 30.01.13, 11:46
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1. Number of Israeli update gas masks nearly triples.
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav.   (01.30.13)
Please ,can anyone tell me where we can find these gas masks? we want to change, but don't know where, we live in the upper Galilee, Gush Halav, thanks ,if you can help.
2. Elsie's question
blackhat2005 ,   Israel   (01.30.13)
After doing some Googling, it seems you can order the ABC kits through your local post office. I know I'll look into getting one for myself. I found this information on the Homefront Command website Hope this helps :-)
3. gas masks
Sheila ,   Jerusalem   (01.30.13)
4. 1
Unbelievable ,   IL   (01.30.13)
What? You have to ask this question on a news site?? Surely, asking a neighbour or colleague would be faster and more logical?
5. Number of Israeli updating gas masks nearly triples. # 2 #4
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav.   (01.30.13)
#, #4, Thank you for the information Mr blackhat 2005,already going to e-mail. so thanks. Unbelievable ,#4, i quite agree with you ,but, tried as we might(talking with neighbors etc) nobody knew, they also wanted to know., so now we know how, thanks to the good people who read ynet, thanks guys.
6. Sadly
JR   (01.30.13)
None are avaliable for Arab-israelis. Could be a solution for the problem of "natural expansion"
7. #4 :-)
mark ,   ca   (01.30.13)
#1 made my day. Ein milim...:-))
8. #6, JR- I am not surprised at all
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.31.13)
that you are hiding behind these 2 letters- JR. The article sent interested people to the Israeli Postal Service. The website and phone number were given by Israels to Israels disregarding their tribal affiliation. You created a new demagoguery libel against the Jews. Shame on you.
9. Israelis are dumb
Instead of putting gas masks, take the streets back and oblige your government to make peace with his neighbors!!! Israelis are such a pain in the a$$
10. What are ABC KITS?
Minnie ,   USA   (08.26.13)
Is it something the people in the USA should be getting.
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