Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Quiet intifada: Abbas' statehood plan
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 30.01.13, 22:44
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1. An independent state?
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.30.13)
A state that can't exist on it's own without welfare is hardly independent. Without handouts from others the ersatz Palestinians can't stand on their own two feet. I don't think their leaders could properly run a garage sale much less a country.
2. If so, then expel Abbas, dismantle the PA and annex our land
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.30.13)
Israel cannot be afraid of sanctions or allow Israel to be bullied by the PLO and it's supporters. Israel must be strong. Israel need to declare OSLO null and void, dismantle the PLO, expel and/or arrest it's leaders and annex the disputed territories. Israel needs to do so to preserve it's sovereignty and protect itself from the belligerent PLO/Hamas terrorist.
3. Pally demands at top of international media agenda?
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.31.13)
More important than the collapsed states in Syra and Egypt and Al-Quaeda in government. I don't think so!!!
4. So what are we doing about it
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (01.31.13)
What is needed is to replace the incompetent foreign minister with someone who is at least acceptable abroadand start a counter campaign stating that we do not want to rule over the Palestinians, we are and have been for years prepared to give them a country but before we go back to a country 9 miles wide we want cast iron peace in return. We have to explain to the world that it is impossible to be a minority in the Arab world because it is so intolerant and that is why we will never agree to an influx of "refugees" We have to explain to the world that unlike the racist Palestinians where it is a capital offense to sell land to a Jew we refuse point blank to enforce the Nuremburg laws. We have to expose Abbas as a holocaust denier and an inciter of violence. And most importantly of all we have to have a plan in place to make a unilateral withdrawal in the event that we cannot get peace from them - which will involve giving away about 75% of the West Bank and letting them get on with it - without anything from us
5. 1 - Under this standard Israel is not a state either.
It is a welfare client of the US.
6. Does this mean you useless leeches will pay
Dovid ,   Haifa   (01.31.13)
for your own electricity and water?
7. They've said they would return if Israel
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (01.31.13)
freezes settlement expansion. It's Israel who needs to be "forced" to do so.
8. The flaw in the plan
Zionist forever   (01.31.13)
This strategy will gain Palestinians international support but the flaw in the plan for full statehood without having to make a single concession if they go via the Security Council is unlike in the General Assembly in the SC the US has a veto. Even during a second term Israel hating Obama has to use the veto and instead insist on negotiations.
9. Mr. Abbas, you smiling dork.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.31.13)
Without world largess, you and your PA couldn't exist. So tell the world how you will make your state work once all those dollars dry up? It's not possible. The west bank isn't Monaco - you have nothing to offer anyone.
10. North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Israel, are now Pariah States
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.31.13)
Current Pariah States (Wikipedia) Abkhazia Armenia Belarus Eritrea Equatorial Guinea Georgia Iran Israel Madagascar North Korea Syria Transnistria Zimbabwe
11. End all Israeli support for terrorist P.A.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
Israeli support for the P.A. is utterly obscene. Abbas is a world famous Holocaust Denier and architect of the Munich Massacre. He should be serving a life sentence. Instead Israel showers this terrorist chieftain with money and support. Let all of Patriotic Israel demand: 1) Absolute rejection of the abominable Two State Final Solution. 2) A complete end to all support of the terrorist P.A. Not a gram of food. Not a drop of water. Not a shekel. Let Israel stop being the only state, in human history, to voluntarily support it's enemies.
12. Only Israel can provide 'statehood' to PA, under Mandate
My Planet Israel ,   LA-Jerusalem   (01.31.13)
Israel is the sole mandatee of the entire land of Historic Israel and only IT has the right to extend territory or statehood on the PA, no one else. Such would be in direct violation of UN and international law. Once England stepped out of the picture, the Mandate trustee-ship fell directly and legally into Israel's hand. Based on this legal footing, there is no occupation & the UN has ZERO legal authority to 'grant' statehood status on sovereign territory to a third party. If Israel 'decides' to 'give' its land away to the arabs to form a state, that will be its own, reckless choice. Better to allow some autonomy to a few areas then give away our rightful, legal ownership to our own land and undo the ENTIRE purpose behind the worlds vote under the League of Nations to provide Jews with a safe and secure homeland on what is rightfully theirs.
13. #1
Harold ,   USA   (01.31.13)
What do you expect when the West Bank and Gaza are ruled by an occupying power. All new states including Israel lived on welfare when they were created. By the way Israel is still getting more than three billion dollars annual welfare from the US tax payers. Moreover a Palestinian State will be created within less than two years.
14. #2
Harold ,   USA   (01.31.13)
You must be related to Rabbi Meir Kahane.
15. And what does Israel do?
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (01.31.13)
Why, they just sent $400 million to the PA to shore it up. Brilliant!
16. I agree with the Israeli UN diplomats who said...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (01.31.13)
...that Netanyahu and Lieberman in fact WILL go down in history........as the one that finally gave the Palestinians a state of their own.
17. Why only WB? UNSC can vote that Israel close down completely
Alan ,   SA   (01.31.13)
If UNSC can vote to force a Pal State ,it means it can also vote that Israel be terminated. The question is will Israel agree to be closed down?I doubt it
18. 14#Harold
james ,   london   (01.31.13)
You are wrong,Israel receives no welfare from USA and the 3 billion is loan guarantees.
19. #5
Naftali ,   Modiin Israel   (01.31.13)
The majority of money Israel is receiving needs to be used to purchase US made military equipment, in addition a large portion is loan guarantees not direct funding. furthermore, if we did not have so many countries trying to kill us we would have no need for this money as it is all being used for defense. Do not think the US is getting nothing for this money, Israel gives the US technology as well as Shared intelligence. These are the things that do not make the papers but happen.
20. (5) Mr. Anonymous
tiki ,   belgium   (01.31.13)
Still the same mantra? The military "aid' must be spend in the US, which means work for US workers, which means a win/win situation. Beside that, if you would read economic news sometimes, you would know that Israel's economy is doing good. Europe would love to have the GDP & numbers coming out of Israel. So don't compare apples with pears. Israel is a Democratic, free & economic viable country all of which '''the State of Palestine''' is not. Their biggest export products are lies & stories. Their terror export has gone down because of ''the Wall'' and because their brothers in Gaza have taken their place.
21. plans are nice
tiki ,   belgium   (01.31.13)
Problem is, they hardly ever come to fruition as you planned.
22. If Abbas's aim
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.31.13)
to transform Israel into a pariah state, why expect he the money from tax refunds ? A pariah state must support its enemies, who made it pariah ?
23. #13 harold - what do you expect...
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.31.13)
when the Pals have made it clear that their goal is to wipe out Israel and kill all the Jews? When they have shown that they will not keep agreements? When international law (the real stuff) calls the area disputed; the area is not "occupied"? When they themselves admitted that "Palestinian" is a political fiction to fight Israel with? When they at first insisted NOT to be called "Palestinians"? When you said "Palestinian" in 1948 you meant the Jews.
24. Harold #13
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.31.13)
Israel is willing and able to provide something in return for the money we send it. It provides jobs here in the USA that are needed. Israel also shares information and technology with us. The ersatz Palestinians give nothing in return and wouldn't if they could. They would rather see it go into their leaders pockets and to Sufa Arafat.
25. #23 solomon
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.31.13)
It's not even disputed territory - the Arabs have no legal claim whatsoever and the UN Security Council has no legal say either. Article 2 of the UN Charter says that this is our matter and not subject to any UN rulings at all.
26. Abbas does not give a hoot about statehood
mira ,   nyc   (01.31.13)
Abbas does not have a secret plan for statehood, nor does he care one bit about the fate of his people. This is obvious. All he is trying to do is remain in power. The international community cannot impose South Africa-style sanctions on Israel -- Israel's contributions in the fields of health care and technology are too great. The time has come for Israel to set its borders and disengage unilaterally, just as it did in Gaza.
27. #5 - pretty sure israel can survive without US aid
William ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
which comes at a heavy price for Israeli domestic military industry and intelligence sharing. The total amount of US aid - spent entirely in the US - is 1.3% of Israel's GDP vs. aid to the PA which amounts to 90% of GDP. Which do you think is a welfare org, now?
28. #7 - what happened in 2010???
William ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
Settlement building was halted for 10 months and Abbas never returned to the negotiating table except the last week of the moratorium demanding a further freezing of settlement building. This, despite the Pallys signed an agreement allowing for the natural expansion of large settlement blocs, which is exactly what was happening. Further, when Israel considered another freeze, Abbas threw in the demand of releasing "Palestinian" prisoners and removal of all checkpoints and roadblocks before the PA will return to the table. As you can see - he wasn't being serious nor honest.
29. #10 and yet none except Israel is on the UNHRC docket
William ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
30. #13 - Israel in 1948 wasn't a welfare State
William ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
the aid they received was low compared to GDP, and much of it was through Jewish benefactors, not State players. The "Palestinians" receive 90% of GDP via aid - now THAT is a welfare State. Perhaps they will have a State in 2 years - really depends on their rejection of racism and terrorism to return to the actual agreements they signed not 20 years ago.
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