Israel transfers Palestinians $100M
Published: 31.01.13, 08:14
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1. order to help them murder us!
Reuven   (01.31.13)
2. As a "parent" Israel does an abysmal job:"one more time, I'm
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.31.13)
telling you" threat to a kid for umpteenth time does nothing for discipline! but then again: this "child" is maybe.....? NOT!
3. Stop paying electricity bills!
Jonathan ,   Petach-Tikva Israel   (01.31.13)
As far as we can see paying paying electricity bills is not obligatory these days. So, let's not pay!
4. One more Pali attack of any kind + no more money - period
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.31.13)
5. Placating children only makes monsters out of them
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.31.13)
6. This is historically unprecedent lunacy!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
Never before, in all of human history, has a state voluntarily supported its enemies. This is historically unprecedented lunacy on the part of the Israeli government. End ALL support for the genocidal terrorist P.A. forever.
7. To #4
Jonathan ,   Israel   (02.01.13)
Barbara, in the next election I'll vote for you you are not the PM at the moment and that's a pity
8. #7. Why did Israel fund terrorist P.A. in the first place?
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.01.13)
#7. We need to examine the psychosis which led Israel to fund the genocidal terrorist P.A. in the first place. Funding and supporting one's enemies is such a lunatic course of action that no other state, in all of human history, has ever done so. Israel should cancel all support for the P.A. We also must start acting like a normal self respecting people. Normal self respecting people NEVER help their genocidal foes.
9. At the very lest,They should get Billed
ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (02.03.13)
for every $50,000 interceptor missile the Iron Dome used to defend ourselves from them!
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