Ministry 'chronicles' Dome of the Rock's history
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.01.13, 23:33
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1. It´s beautiful but too short!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.31.13)
And the sound is too low. But it´s beautiful for a start.It must continue. The sensation is that it was cut.
2. Yes, harmonious and tolerant, but not Jews.
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (01.30.13)
We get arrested if we even bow our heads, close our eyes. What absolute lies and hypocracy.
3.  I love this video - Thanks for posting it
Rachel   (01.31.13)
4. It is most offensive to the Jews
Rachel   (01.31.13)
that a mosque is build at the expense on the most holy Jewish place. I am not saying to demolish the mosque but it can be dismentled and rebuild in Mecca in S. Arabia. Arabs will be happy so will the Jewish people.
5. Aah, this expression again:"avoid OFFENDING Islam"!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.31.13)
6. Jerusalem
nadya ,   California, USA   (01.31.13)
This seems like a lot of hasbara. When I look at a map of Israel I see Tel Aviv marked as it's capital, I bet those world over see the same thing I do.
7. Except when Jews spit at Christians
James ,   Canada   (01.31.13)
Yes, tolerant unless you are a Christian priest or holy person in which case Jews will spit on you as you walk the streets of lovely Jewish-conquered Jerusalem.
8. imaginative history; thats all.
Son of Yaffa ,   Palestine   (01.31.13)
9. Born in jerusalem
Debbie   (01.31.13)
So all those who were born in jerusalem can retain their Jerusalem residency in different of their religion ????
10. #4 most offensive
Ali ,   Ramallah   (01.31.13)
With the same logic, why not to build your temple at Tal-Aviv or Manhaten. if u will talk about the famous 3000 years history, also this mosque is ancient enough to be respected.
11. in the nile( denile)
paka paka ,   israel   (01.31.13)
Exodus 20:22 And if thou make Me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stones; for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast profaned it. why is this altar worship given breath?
12. we will move to New York or the White House!
Andrew ,   NY   (01.31.13)
Racist comments and ignorant media!
13. Iran threatens Jerusalem daily #10
Isabella1709 ,   Tampa USA   (01.31.13)
yet never a peep out of the Muslim world that such destruction of Israel would surely destroy your mosques on the Jewish Temple Mount. You now claim it is the 3rd most holy site, and of course we know it's only importance is because it is in Israel.
14. #10 - very well said Ali
tutu ,   east jerusalem   (01.31.13)
All religious places should be respected, dome of the rock as well as holy spelcture church as well as the wailing wall and stop all the nonesense about dismanteling the mosque, moving it or bombing it!!
15. Very sensible.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.31.13)
A very sensible decision on the part of the Foreign Ministry. Unusually so, to say the least.
16. #10 what are you saying?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.31.13)
Where did the prophet Daoud have his capital? Where did the prophet Suleiman build the temple? Where did the prophet Issa preach? What is written in 5:21 and 17:104? Are you denying the prophets? Are you denying what is written? Do you know what Kaffir is?
17. Ali, Ramallah @ 10 Mecca holy to Islam NOT Jerusalem
john   (01.31.13)
Where in the koran mentioned Jerusalem even once?how can the mosque in the Temple mount be holy to moslems when every moslem world wide, in their prayers they bow to Mecca and point their behind at Jerusalem and the mosque, this is a fact you cannot deny.Please publish where the word Palestine mentioned in the Koran!!
FO ,   Belgium   (01.31.13)
My congratulations for your video-spots concerning the truth about the West Bank, the refugees, the Israel Palestinian conflict, and your recent one about Jerusalem. But could somebody explain to me why is it necessary to perform "archeological diggings" before finding them on... youtube? Is the Israeli leadership to shy to present these video's in a more official way? Is the leadership, as well as the PM, afraid telling the world, Israel's and Jewish historical and by International Law obtained rights? Is there some secret consensus to keep quite about this unassailable truth?
19. Many Muslims cling to this frame of reference
Ezra ,   San Diego   (01.31.13)
The presence of HaShem on/near the temple mount is felt by all who open their hearts; no individual can control that. The presence of Masjid Qubbat As-Sakhrah helps instruct Muslim judgments. They have a record they are proud of. Something to hold on to. That said, Solomon built the temple to HaShem on the same spot many years before the dome. Most Muslims know this, but can we move it off our land? Not at this time.
20. lets not forget that this mosque was originally a church
historian   (01.31.13)
as proven but hushed by archaelogists
21. #10 yeah we can respect a death cult based on lies
DANNY ,   America   (01.31.13)
how much less can we respect an ugly evil dome that tries to cover up God's Word, that comes through the Jews. Truth Ali, you know no truth.
22. It's Good for people to learn that the Dome is a Settlement
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.01.13)
The Dome of the Rock is an affront to the Jewish people and does not belong on the Temple Mount. I think the video is a good look into the future when our Temple will be rebuilt and the dome will be dissembled and placed somewhere appropriate. The dome of the Rock was built by foreign invaders and must be removed for peace to have a chance.
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