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Morsi says his Jewish comments misunderstood
Published: 30.01.13, 18:01
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1. In what context are Jews pigs and monkey descendants
Alan ,   SA   (01.30.13)
2. By his own definition
Avi   (01.30.13)
"I was talking about the practices and behavior of believers of any religion who shed blood or who attack innocent people or civilians. That's behavior that I condemn." Perfectly describes the Muslim Brotherhood's own Hamas terrorists (and all the other radical Islamists. He said it, not me.
3. How do you take
Zoe ,   LA/Rishon   (01.30.13)
"Jews are descendents of apes and pigs" out of context?
4. Why wasn't the question asked
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.30.13)
Under what context would that racist comment would be acceptable? Or the comment about teaching his children and grandchildren "to hate Zionists - Jews"? His words.
5. ok...I believe you
the mad zionist ,   san francisco   (01.30.13)
maybe you're right, it probably was taken out of context through the media of today. im gonna watch the video on YouTube real quick just as a reminder........just watched it, my as$ morsi. what amazes me is even attempting to lie about saying that. why not just grow a pair and say what you really believe. oh yeah, that's right, it's actually smarter to wait until Obama gives youbillions more US taxpayer money, and dozens more f-16's and hundreds of more Abram tanks and become a middle eastern super power, and then tell the truth. it's actually semi brilliant because as long as you tow the line, Obama will throw you all the US taxpayer money you would like. and then howgreat will it be when Israel and Egypt go to war again both funded and supplied by the worst US president in history....that's right, it's all being done by design. Obamamust of thru a fit when that video surfaced, but then he realized that congress cant stop the shipment of arms unless congress pulls the.purse, but until then, load em up.morsi, your people deserve better then you.
6. Not even close on the science!
Jon S. ,   Virginia, USA   (01.30.13)
All humans, pigs, and apes, back far enough in time, share a common ancestor. I am not at all ashamed to have such a common ancestor but I am ashamed to have contemporary human cousins like Morsi and his group.
7. All the true prophets were Jews- none Arabs!
Jouko ,   Finland   (01.30.13)
And there is only one God - the Holy One of Israel!
8. who shed blood on innocent...
the mad zionist ,   san francisco   (01.30.13)
civilians? Didn't you just sentence 21 death, and then kill 80 civilian family members of those executed? I mean you've gotta come up with a better one than that. You're just lucky youre a radical Islamist dictator, because if you were a secular dictator like mubarak. Obama would be calling for your removal as we speak if you killed even one protestor. You just better be grateful morsi. And Obama wouldn't have minded if you just didn't say any apology. It just gets fox news going more. Just remember, if you want the Jews to believe anything you say, use big words like unshakable, unequivocal, and throw in a word too kind security or bond and you'll be fine.
9. "Berlin was alarmed by video"
StevieT ,   USA   (01.30.13)
What did they expect from the leader of the MB who was jailed by his own gov't for years? I think they were alarmed because this practitioner of the religion of peace was caught on tape, not by what he said. Send them some more planes and ships, after all, he was just 1 man. Ooops, just yesterday one of his ministers said the Holocaust is an invention of the Americans. Oh well, they're just a bunch of lovable rascals under their endemic hatreds and superstitions. On second thought, add some missles to their recent orders.
11. Morsi's Comments
Gabriel ,   Dallas, TX, USA   (01.30.13)
Did anybody bother to ask Morsi in what context were his comment about the Jews being pigs and apes OK?
12. Mohammed and Muslims are the biggest murderers and shedders
Play on words   (01.30.13)
of innocent blood in the history of the world...... But in their minds (by Muslim definition) infidels are not innocent.... Ahh tricky.
13. He forgot he is descendant from same anscestor: Abraham!
jack ,   San Diego   (01.30.13)
14. And Yet Germany Welcomes Him Still
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (01.30.13)
Jews better wake up and leave the EU before the euros send them to their death...again.
15. Welcome still
Martin ,   Basel, Switzerland   (01.31.13)
What do you mean when you say that Jews should leave the EU? Do you believe Israel is in the EU? Or do you mean that Jews living in EU member countries should leave the EU - somehow linked to Morsi visiting Berlin?
16. Morsi,your own Egyptians will get you like they got Mubarak
17. In 2010 Morsi repeated the true word of Prophet Mohammad.
E.M Jordan is Pal.St ,   SF   (01.31.13)
And he is layer if today he denied that he did not say against Jews.
18. Morsi says....
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
Maybe, not Merkel.... Maybe not the current German government... but Europe (the Eu) will kneel for the anti semitic behaviour of Morsi, the current Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt, etc.... Maybe, I'm too pessimistic: Merkel, Germans,...please , please,... remember the past don't forget us!!!
19. But, but, but ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.31.13)
Oh, pitiful. Hard to take "out of context" comments that were made in a complete taped clip that was not edited. Morsi's been outed. It may be the Pentagon that asks to send Egypt military hardware, but it is the Congress of the United States that makes the budgetary decisions.
20. Obama will give $5 Billion for that Taqiyah.
BUTSeriousy ,   Sydney   (01.31.13)
21. I am Satisfied!
J. Streicher ,   Formerly Berlin   (01.31.13)
I am satisfied with this explanation. It seems quite arbitrary to criticize Morsi for comparing Jews to monkees and vermin...after all, he is a peace loving man who only seeks dar al Islam with Israel included in this warm blanket of comfort.
22. Damage control?
Miami, Florida   (01.31.13)
WHAT A HYPOCRIT! Liar! The issues we have we all these people is trust!!! We have to constantly watch our backs! Get educated before opening up that filthy mouth! I'm discussed!
23. Just like germany in the 1930's
Mahlon Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ USA   (01.31.13)
What in the world is going on with the Obama administration? Morsi's antisemitic rants and his advisor's Holocaust denial that accuses the US of bringing the 6000,000 Jews to the US and then making up the Holocaust has to be enough to put the brakes on arming Egypt with F-16's and Abrams tanks. Yet, this incompetent or idiotic administration sends weapons to a country that needs economic aid. During the 1930's, FDR and the state department knew of Hitler's brutality and crimes agai9nst humanity. Yet they didn't even begin to halt trade or stop Americans from visiting this devil country. Maybe the german army woould have ovefrthrown the monster if other countries had taken a firm stand.
24. State-controlled AL AHRAM presents PM Netanyahu as a monster
Jouko ,   Finland   (01.31.13)
I read Al Ahram almost every week and the editorials about Israel leaders are just sickening!!! This week's Al Ahram represented PM Netanyahu as a monster. See for yourself!
25. If i were Morsi I wouldn't try too hard! The Europeans,
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.31.13)
especially Germans won't hold it against him: they just KNOW where he's "coming from". They simply use different words& images to describe their own,inbred antisemitism.
26. It gets better:
Yair   (01.31.13)
He then said that the American Media made a big deal out of those comments because it's controlled by "certain forces" that don't view him favorably...
connie mack ,   camden   (01.31.13)
We read: "The statement comes on the heels of the much-publicized comments made by President Morsi in 2010, that Jews are “the descendants of apes and pigs,” remarks that Morsi insists were taken out of context." Please, readers and journalists, tell me and others what the actual context was. Please. Also, on the same topic: I acutely recall that a Jewish political know-it-all reprimanded and criticized the Netanyahu Government for not supporting the Arab Spring uprising against President Mubarak. Who articulated this unsolicited comment? Please help me recall. Had Israel indeed supported the uprising, would the Egyptians have elected Herzl, Ben Gurion or Peres President? Huh?
28. Morsi- Just words, but clear at the time !
Get Real ,   UK   (01.31.13)
Another example of Arab leader's 'diplomacy' of one set of statements for the internal Arab street and another for the world stage. When called to account the explanation is 'taken out of context' and with a more concise defined comment of what was said or the real meaning of what was said actually meant. So nothing is to taken at face value first time round, but it seemed pretty clear at the time. Anyway he now makes some further comments that appear to explain and more importantly that allows the visit to go ahead without concern for what was said or meant. .
29. A Hitler Wannabe is Morsi
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.31.13)
Keep an eye on this Islamic extremist. He is a threat to Israel, the West and to secular Egyptian people. The Muslim world is going backwards, it is becoming more and more radical and violent. Look at Mali, note the Taliban, note Iran, look at Syria, and think about it.
30. As usual Israel will put its own....
Robert ,   Australia   (02.01.13)
.....convenient interpretation on anything anyone says as it did in the fallacious "Wipe Israel off the map" interpretation of Ahmadinejad. This is of course in an effort to justify any aggressive "Self defensive" action Israel will carry out.
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