Officials to AP: Israel hit SA-17 missiles shipment
Roi Kais
Published: 30.01.13, 18:37
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1. Didn't Iran last week
Stephen in New York   (01.30.13)
threaten that "an attack upon Syria is an attack upon Iran?" Nu?
2. Missiles
Ray Stuart ,   Zürich / Israel   (01.30.13)
Destroy as many as possible together with the terrorists who send them,and the ones who wish to recieve them to destroy Israel. I hope for a united government , made up of politicans from all sides who will protect the people of Israel ,but will also be willing to accept a true peace solution with the Palestinians who really want a peace with their neighbbours, and hopefully a two state solution will one day be achieved ,for the sake of a greater peace in the land of Israel
3. to #2
Paul ,   Germany   (01.30.13)
Ray, don't be naive about so called palestinians. Open your eyes. Do you really believe that they want peace? They want to destroy Israel, nothing else.
4. excellent
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.30.13)
anyone who thinks that they can theaten the jewish state of israel is delusional. israel always has and always will defend herself.
5. Stephen NY 1,
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.30.13)
there is no doubt that israel is prepared for all eventualities. all those haters of barak should know that at the very least he is a great strategist and has prepared for war.
6. I am wondering if this is the first shipment
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.30.13)
of the anti aircraft equipment, or whether the IDF is playing catch up on intel it has already achieved. I would presume as with any weapons platform, you need a certin amount for it to be effective, and of course once you turn it on the element of surprise is lost. I would assume the way the IAF operates over Lebanon has already been changed to take into account this new threat, along with the threat of Manpads from Libya. Where apparently enough of them are missing to account for every single passenger aircraft currently in operation.
7.  Israel hit SA-17 missiles shipment
Nick ,   Den Haag Holland   (01.30.13)
Makes my feel good that we ar on top of this shit.
8. Attack on Syria
Karma is very funny
9. Syria attack
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.30.13)
A blatant act of aggression by the Zionist regime, which will be brought to account and justice for this crime. It's not 1967 any more!
10. fake sarah b 6, you need to try harder
you are clueless.
11. Excessive Force !
zelig ,   memphis u.s.a.   (01.30.13) to get Catherine Ashton.The zionists are at it again.Syria is delivering bubble bath and melons to its brothers and sisters in Lebanon and Israeli planes attack them.Where are the self haters when we really need them? Where is the International solidarity front ? Where are the journalists ? And where is Goldstone? Is he asleep?
12. Cipora 5
Stephen in New York   (01.30.13)
It looks like Israel will have to do all the heavy lifting. I'm beginning to come around toward your belief that Obama will do nothing. Events may yet drive Obama to lend a hand to end this menace, but it's good to do that Israel is equipped and prepared to defend itself.
13. Two States
Shay ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (01.30.13)
First time I see someone from outside Israel that really understands that there will never be a 2-state solution because arabs do not accept this idea.
14. #10 Thankyou for your kind words
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.30.13)
I take your critical analysis of the situation that Israel and Syria find themselves, and delight in it's incisice take on it. Meanwhil AP, are reporting Syrian television as stating it wasn't a convoy at all but a research establishment just outside of Damascus. Apparently several buildings and a carpark were hit. Oh and I may not live in New york but I can assure you my name is Sarah and my surname begins with B, I own property in Tel Aviv and live in London to avoid paying any tax in Israel from my earnings as an importer of electronic equipment into Israel.
15. Stephen NY, 12, Obama will do nothing
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (01.30.13)
obama does not care. obama is also a coward. he has surrounded himself with mediocre isolationist types from the far left and the so-called "realist" group like brzesinski. however, i believe that in fact obama acts like an emperor, not taking advice from anyone.
16. Paul No 2
ray stuart ,   zürich/Israel   (01.31.13)
Hi Paul, I was trying to say that we should not give up all hope ,that there may be some reasonable Palestinians who would welcome peace with Israel i do not think I am naive but rather an optimist. I lived in Israel for almost 20 years and during this time I did meet Palestinian/ Arabs who would welcome peace with Israel. But I do take your point that most Palestinians want to destroy Israel.
17. What happened Iran?
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (01.31.13)
Israel took out some of your weapons? I thought there was going to be a backlash if ANYONE stepped a foot into Syria? No one will be able to threaten israel with WMD's and get away with it, so stop the double speak and get to the bargaining table like every other sensible country. It's time to change course and stop the nuclear threat as well, it will serve YOU much better if you did. Israel is NOT going anywhere. Might as well recognize and start a real dialogue that leads to world peace, not war. YOU will be on the losing side of history if you don't.
18. #9 graczek - you’re right!
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.31.13)
It’s not 1967 anymore. Neither is it 1948. The arabs try to make believe it is, but Israel is much stronger now. You can’t go back to the time when arabs tried to claim they were indigenous. It didn’t wash then, and it doesn’t wash now.
19. Why didnt the SA-17's hit low flying Isr jets???????????????
Brett ,   JHB RSA   (01.31.13)
Because the Israelis again have created technology to evade their radars!! Israeli forces have taken them out as a courtesy to NATO so they dont get shot out of the sky. We have the best brains in the world. Pity the rest are such IDIOTS!!
20. yup
Tomer ,   Vancouver   (01.31.13)
good memory, i remember that too.
21. #19 brett
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.31.13)
It seems the SA-17's were either not deployed on the ground, or on the trucks (not deployed). The IDF is worried about them because there is no way to evade the radars...yet. But the Russians can make good stuff. Don't underestimate the enemy.
22. #14 Tax dodger?
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