Bennett endorses Netanyahu for PM; Yachimovich abstains
Moran Azulay
Published: 31.01.13, 14:00
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1. ideology
john ,   toronto   (01.31.13)
I have to agree with the opposition. Both government and opposition have to form united front. One month is there to form a govern according to the president then we will decide. It cannot be really hard. It is time to look inward and look at the needs of those who elected and what they want.
2. Bennett illustrates consistency…
Colorado ,   USA   (01.31.13)
Natalie Bennett and Habayit Hayehudi, as always, clear thinking, inclusive, uncompromising with their platform, voice of reason, true leadership -- what's not to like? While the world, including the West, is busy rebranding Israel as "occupiers" and "supporters of apartheid" only Naftali Bennett is communicating the truth effectively. It's worth taking a fresh look at Habeyit Hayehudi when the soldiers overwhelmingly support them. Without a clear vision of Israel all will boil down to the same theme in the children's book "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie." Bennett will be good for Netanyahu because it will help Bibi remember who he was once upon a time, and will further acquaint Naftali with the fierce complexities of world politics. Netanyahu should have called Bennett on day one.
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