Palestinians feel vindicated by UN rights report on Israel
Published: 31.01.13, 17:33
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1. UN Assembly is
Izzy ,   USA / Israel   (01.31.13)
Majority Arab and Muslum influenced. All the EU is Muslum and Arab influenced. Even France population is becoming Muslum. The Arab population in France shuts down public streets and pray to thier allha. The UN has had observers in Lebannon for decacades watching Hizbollah terrorists arm it's self and does nothing.. The UN is an Arab and Muslum Istitutite.. Don't forget what makes this world turn? Especially Europe and US? Oil... Israel must continue to do what's good for her, and not be pressured to appease the world community, that fails to react when treaties and agreements are breached. It's an organization that is curupted and can not be trusted. Izzman Israel / USA
2. Wow, these liars are crawling over each to outdo the BS.....
Oh brother!!!   (01.31.13)
NEVER. You will NEVER get the land that G-d gave to Israel. For His name sake it will never happen. Doesn't matter WHY the oil money bought and paid for UN says.
3. never get it
selman ,   usa   (01.31.13)
Well they have twice and allowed Jewish and Christians to live in peace and practice their religion without any destruction of holy sites like the Jews are doing to al-aqsa mosque our and oppression matter fact they supplied Jews with weapons so they can defend themselves as they moved on with their conquest
4. Parrot's diplomacy
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.31.13)
Isn't it tiring ? Anti Israel propagandists are demanding since half a century : withdraw, withdraw, withdraw. Since then two new generation grew up in the territories. Facts have no significance at all ? Shut up their dirty mouth, at last !
5. we have to stop the lies...
On the Balcony ,   NY, Kyiv, Akko   (01.31.13)
the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. The PA is not engaged in "diplomatic terrorism". The settlements are illegal under international law and no amount of wishful thinking or pilpul will change that. If we do not make peace soon the world willl impose peace upon us "piecemeal." Go see the film "The Gatekeepers."
6. 'Always been illegal...
BBSNews ,   Santa Fe, New Mexico   (01.31.13)
There's nothing new here. It's just becoming more official, and more ominous for Israel. Israel was created by the UN in 1948 and Israelis would do well to be satisfied with what they got and give up that which they covet. It is illegal to steal land and then transfer colonists onto that stolen land. No imaginary skydaddy is going to swoop down and change these facts. The reason it keeps coming up is that Israel never seems to learn that you cannot be a part of the world community and steal land and resources from a captive people no matter who you think you are. There are no lies, the false charges of antisemitism are just that, and soon enough Israel will have to comply or face a future with more Arab Palestinians and their votes or full Apartheid and complete pariah status including losing the support of the United States. It used to be there were hundreds of comments in favor of Israel in US media. Now it is just the opposite.
7. #6 You know that is not true.
Jake   (01.31.13)
You know that your statement "Israel was created by the UN in 1948" is utterly false. That there was a partition plan in 1947, a non-binding resolution, a recommendation (it says so in the document), that was rejected by the Arabs, that was never adopted by the UN Security Council or implemented. That was rendered null and void by the Arab invasion of 1948. That Israel existed and exists only because it won that war, despite the international weapons embargo against Israel put in place by the UN. You know that the UN had to accept the realities on the ground created by Israel's victory in that war, and could not simply cowtow to the defeated Arab aggressors forever. You also know that voluntary settlement is not covered under the 4th Geneva Convention, which explicitly deals with transfer and deportation, not peaceful settlement on barren hilltops. You know that the 'West Bank' is not a sovereign area to which the said convention can be possibly applied. You know that the land was not stolen. You know that the UN panel which made its ill-advised opinion is not empowered to make any legally binding deceisions. You know all that, so why lie about it?
8. #6: A Yank talking about stealing land!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
Both American continents were stolen from the the native aboriginal peoples by the white man! You've got a damn nerve! Yes, Israel was created in 1948 and 22 Arab countries immediately declared war. The Arabs committed acts of heinous terror against Israelis and others, blowing up planes and airports which resulted in the Six Day War and the "Occupation". They chose the path of war and they have no intention of allowing Israel to exist in any form. Hamas said so a few months ago. Read your history unless you just hate Jews, which is probably the case! WOW! Syria is killing Arabs every day but all that the UN and its corrupt subsidiaries can do is bash Israe. I would like to give the Palestinians their state and get tem out of mine. Then let the State of Palestine give them jobs, and social benefits and provide them with water and electricity! That's a good one. Just remember that the Palestinians do all the building in the territories so go and find them jobs when we are forced out by Moon and the rest of the Jew haters!
9. Kyiv #5 Think again
Jake   (01.31.13)
The world will impose? Remember in 1948, when "the world" tried to squeeze Israel back into the toothpaste tube, with the outlandish "Bernadotte plans" and the infamous UN weapons embargo. It did not work then. It did not work in 1967. And it will not work now. And you think "the world" will succeed if it sends its armies to enforce its "will" against Israel? The Bible was not wrong in predicting the ingathering of the exiles, and I wouldn't wager on it being wrong about the ultimate defeat of Israel's enemies in such a war.
10. #8, All true, except the "created in 1948" part
Jake   (01.31.13)
The UN passed a non-binding partition reccommendation, which the Security Council was unwilling to adopt or implement in the face of Arab opposition and British lack of cooperation. The UN tried up to the very last minute to prevent the creation of Israel, with its outlandish "Bernadotte plans" and other schemes, none of which was able to prevent the Arab invasion and Israel's subsequent victory. The Arabs invaded and the UN stood by. Israel's existence has been an inconvenient fact on the ground for the deadbeat UN ever since.
11. ICC/EU/Obama UNSC '67 borders, UN sanctions coming to Israel
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.31.13)
12. No lie Jake, the world has spoken...
BBSNews ,   Santa Fe, New Mexico   (01.31.13)
It has always been this way. Even the US sees each and every colony on belligerently occupied land as illegal. You my friend are on the wrong side of history, and the facts bear this out.
13. Dee, I'm an American Indian...
BBSNews ,   Santa Fe, New Mexico   (01.31.13)
Don't bother lecturing me. Under your logic we should be able to kick out everyone and get our land back and claim some divine indian right. It is Israel stealing the water from the aquifers and it is Israel who destroys Palestinian electrical plants built with American and international cash. I suggest looking at the facts, the rest of the world has and Israel is in the wrong and has been for decades. The bill for this is now coming due, there's no sense in you lamely crying about it.
14. @#5-On the balcony
Anshel ,   Canada   (01.31.13)
What do you know about the International Law? You just repeat what you wish to hear like a misguided parrot!
15. Outlaw Holocaust Denial
Zechariah   (01.31.13)
Holocaust denial in the.Islamic World is Epidemic as is violence and torture .Outlaw Hamas Iran Syria Hezbollah .
16. #12 All of Israel's enemies are on the wrong side of history
Jake   (01.31.13)
and have been so for over 3000 years. Remember this. We are still here, and even if you try to disperse us, we ALWAYS return to OUR land...while our enemies return to the archeological ruins and to the history books, which we will write.
17. #13 The palestinians' utilities are provided by Israel
Jake   (01.31.13)
And they have not been paying for it. From the electricity to the water to a large part of their cell phone bills. As usual, Israel gets the bill, as well the condemnation.
18. Camera showed what a Pallywood liar Ashrawi is
Steve Meyers   (01.31.13)
Read this brilliant article by Camera which showed how Ashrawi is.
19. Hanan Ashraw says Arab countries didn't kick out Jews.
Mike Epstein   (01.31.13)
Why is Ynet always quioting this liar. Huffington Post 2012-09-03: Hanan Ashrawi, the PLO Executive Committee member much sought after by Western media outlets, has just earned a gold medal for historical revisionism. In a recent article intended for an Arabic-speaking audience, she asserted there were no Jewish refugees from Arab countries. Instead, according to her, there were only "emigrants," who left their ancestral homes voluntarily. Jews were not singled out for persecution, and if they were, it was, in reality, a plot by "Zionists." This line of Palestinian argumentation is of a piece with other efforts to delegitimize Jewish history.
20. Run by arabs, for arabs...
ANdre ,   Clichy, France   (01.31.13)
who don't object to arabs slaughtering arabs or Americans, or Indians, or Europeans. Hundred of thousands slaughtered in Syria, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria... UN: Run by arabs, for arabs...So who cares, except arabs ?...
21. Ashwari,Abbas,UNHRC,as the saying goes...
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (01.31.13)
..."Birds of a feather flock together." THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
22. YAWN! UNHRC a storm in a teacup
bernard ross   (01.31.13)
23. To all posters.
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.31.13)
BBSNews is an American Indian, yes. The rest of his words are distortions of the truth. He is well known to twist our history,etc, to suit his agenda. The less notice we take of his posts, the better. He is well known to us ''oldies'' here.
24. She's a Christian Arab. It's only a matter
Reuven   (01.31.13)
of time before Muslim Arabs persecute her.
25. You are paying the price
Pedro ,   Brazil   (01.31.13)
For let Israeli-haters in your Knesset, let your enemies run anti-Israeli Nogo's inside your country, for do not execute terrorists with blood in their hands, etc.
26. Uhhhh....
The UN does ,   SQUAT   (01.31.13)
Besides grand symbolic gestures, the UN has the power to do SQUAT, so Hanan Assraggy might as well take it up with King Abdullard.
27. UN sanctions coming to Israel
UN are controlled by Islamic nation.UN are biased and Israel does not give a monkey or shit to this shitty organization. If sanctions is approved, r this will lead the beginning of WORLD WAR 3.
28. @Jake #16 - Now THAT'S where you're wrong
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (01.31.13)
Regardless of what anyone thinks about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the UN Human Rights council or anything else, an undeniable fact is that Israel time and again has been ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY. Examples: 1) The constant support for the apartheid regime in South Africa. 2)The continuous backing of the dictator Hosni Mubarak (even when all other Arab states and Hosni himself realized the game was over, Israel was trying to save him). 3) Calling Vladimir Putin "a democratic and modern leader" and that the brutal slaughter in Ch├ęchnya was "completely justified". There's much much more. It is a fact that Israel on numerous occasions have bet on the wrong horse.
29. To #27 - Judah
Ariel ,   Brazil   (01.31.13)
So be it!!!
30. There has never been "palestine territorium"!!
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.31.13)
When the ottoman era ended, Israel got their land from UN and even with the approval from the former League of Nations, (ie twice confirmed). Then, the islamic states surrounding Israel went to war, and told the immigrated muslims in the area to leave, and come back when Israel had been destroyed, which did not happened as we knows. All muslim forces from those evil neighbors were defeated. AND then, do not forget, the immigrated muslims in the area did NOT go for the creation of an islamic state, and thereby the definition of "palestine ground" is just a falsum, but those words are still being used the biased UN. We must NEVER forget those islamic neighbors have initiated wars and terror against Israel, constantly, repeatedly. The strange story is that UN, by pressure from islamic states actually created UNRWA, solely an organization for the "palestines'"!! What a piss!!. (UNHRW is for the refugees in therest of the world...) After WWI and WWII there were millions (MILLIONS) of refugees beeing patriated into new countries throughout Europa, but the surrounding islamic states actually created the refugee people in the middle east... Additional agreements in between the islamic neigboring countries made implementation of strict rules and regulations for those people (no marriage, no work, no new housing outside camps and so on), TO KEEP THE REFUGEES AS A PROBLEM, AND A REASON FOR AGGRESSION AGAINST ISRAEL. I am told that the supportive UN, actually has permitted the "Refugee" as a "status"in the pals passports... The UN should stop to exists, by now it is just similar the Arab League. And just for information, the arabs in different countries calls each other "my brothers"!! Who the heck in spain would call a person from Greek his brother, you have to be islamic follower to do so..
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