Syria warns: Air defense on high alert
Roi Kais
Published: 01.02.13, 00:22
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1. Battle with Zionists will never end
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (02.01.13)
It won't end because Israel will never lose to the hate filled Syrians! I hope you keep busy with fighting yourselves and both sides will keep losing and it will never end!
2. A bit late for a high alert, the horse already bolted :-)
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (02.01.13)
3. How quaint
joseph ,   Australia   (02.01.13)
It seems that Syria and Egypt are still stuck in the 'Cold War Warp' mentality of the 1960s, while Israel has moved exponentially forward economically. It could have been so different for their leaders and people, had they not latched on the the fake 'Pal' issue from 1948.
4. I betcha this just really pissed off that arrogant sob that
sits in the WH in ,   DC!!!!!!!   (02.01.13)
5. Caption to photo should read -
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.01.13)
'Syrian army chief bids farewell to troops' .... they'll be heading to their 72 and he'll be defecting. The problem with attempts to get these arms to Hezbollah is the win-win aspect for the perpetrators.. If they get through.. A-H-A! or if they get blown to Kingdom Come - A-H-A!'alesh, was worth the risk We have to remain on our toes
6. Assad can't deal with rebels how can they fight the IDF?
Joe Fraser   (02.01.13)
7. Syria Part of the Axis of Evil
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, israel   (02.01.13)
Israel needs to keep their eye on Syria and Hizbollah terrorist. Israel must work on neutralizing Hizbollah and Syria along with Iran their ally is the greatest threat to world security at this time.
8. A quick look at the soldiers face....
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (02.01.13)
tends to contradict the boast that "We will not abandon our posts, even if the enemy will attempt aggressive actions." The statement itself is laughable since it implies that under other circumstances, they would flee like screaming women, without much provocation. The reality is that these poor remnant soldier suckers are probably chained to their post with some Alawite officer safe in a hole watching them 24-7. Knowing that Israel does what they want in the skies of the middle east, IAF pilots could kill them in an instant, and the fat old slob that's telling them not to run away wants nothing more than to get the hell out of there. If Russia didn't know about the transfers (yeah right) then they are seriously slipping. The IAF pilots must be laughing and singing. Kol Hakavod. Assad must go. Shalom Israel, Rob
9. it is a well known fact
that the syrian army and particularly their air force is in a decrepit situation and has been so during all wars they started on israel. hell, the syrians can't even fly the migs the russians gave them. it was strictly russian pilots that flew those migs in all wars with a few syrian pilots. yet, israeli air force killed all of them 100%, destroyed their air force and decapitated it. this is why the russians, who suffered a huge humiliation in both 1967 and 1973 with their russian pilots flying during the war, started screaming "cease fire" and told the arab nations to put out a rumor that it was american pilots that flew the israeli fighter jets during the war. and so, nasser and assad as well as sadat spread this rumor because they were so humiliated by such severe loss of their air force, flown by russians, that they could not accept the truth that israel and not anyone else fought against them, against three larger and better equipped military and air force. the arabs are stupid. russia knows it, but keeps selling them junk. and even if it wasn't junk, the arabs will still loose because they are nutheads. they don't think. this is the problem. no thinking. the syrian army started running away and many abdicated their duty during all wars....and when they did so, they were shot by their commanders on the spot. israel found many egyptian army boots in the sinai desert after 1967 war on the egyptian side. a bunch of morons, all of them. and they think that syria can act against israel? they will be destroyed via air, no less. in one day. it won't even take 6 days this time. only one day. this is how lousy they are.
10. so, there is nothing new under the sun
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.01.13)
assad the butcher is a filthy liar. russia took the word of a psychopath, having learned nothing from the lessons of the hitler-stalin pact.
11. Israel's ultimate failure
Freeman ,   Beitar Illit   (02.01.13)
Why is Israel working to topple Assad and put a far more radical Islamic group in power? What are the long-term consequences? Israel's leaders are ensuring the eventual demise of the Jewish state.
12. Israel attacked you and you deserved it
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.01.13)
"The battle with the Zionists will never end"? For your information, our ethnicity is Jewish/Israeli and Zionist simply means being a Jewish/Israeli patriot who believes in Jewish/Israeli nationalism, so you Syrians may use the word "Zionist" as an invective as much as you like - in fact until you turn blue in your ugly mustached faces - but the fact of the matter is that the word Zionist is NOT an invective - it is a source of pride. Zionism simply declares that we are an ancient race of people and an ancient nation seeking national liberation in our ancient homeland to take control of our lives instead of being foreigners in strange lands living at the mercy of the locals and the rulers. Since you oppose Zionism and you "will always fight Zionism" it means you will always fight Israel's and the Jews' mere existence on this planet. The equivalent to being an anti-Zionist (anti-Semite) would be something like a racist genocidal ideology that aims at destroying for example French, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Irish, Greek, Arab or Japanese nationalism. Anti-Zionists are simply put anti-Semites who want to destroy an entire nation/culture/civilization called the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel. If "anti-Zionists" i.e. anti-Semites have a problem with Jewish nationalism - that you have a problem with Jews being alive and living in their ancient homeland, while you take all other nations on this earth for granted simply because they are not Jewish, then you have simply revealed your racist and hateful attitudes to the Jewish people. Israel attacked you - and you deserved it. If things were up to me personally, I would make sure that Syria would be wiped out from the face of the earth so that we and the rest of the world can finally get rid of you. The world belongs to civilized people - not to Jew hating stoneage men with an IQ level of 5.
13. So what is that lab
Timber ,   eilat   (02.01.13)
"Israel knows that a strike on a scientific research center that belongs to the military cannot cause damage, and that the production of Syrian weapons will continue at the site," one of the sources said.
14. High alert
Atheist ,   New Zealand   (02.01.13)
I think you will find that the rest of the world does not believe that this was an attack on a transport vehicle. Only the brainwashed people of Israel will believe this. But regardless of what was hit, what gives another so called nation the right to strike on foreign soil without provocation. This is an act of war. Shame on the leaders of Israel.
15. Remember 1701? Another UN Joke?
Ed Stack   (02.01.13)
Doesn't UN Resolution states that the UN is supposed to prevent transfer of arms to Hezbollah? Well it seems that if the UN "peace force" doesn't do its job, someone has to
16. 9
Zionist forever   (02.01.13)
Although it was not Russian pilots in the wars they were Syrian ( shows quality of Syrian pilots )in 1973 the mighty Syrian armoured corps retreated ending the ground war in the Golan. in the 80s the IAF shot down 100 Syrian MIGS without any losses on Israel's side. I have a feeling there will be F16s flying over Syria many more times before this civil war is over. Israel wants Syrias AA capacity destroyed not just because of Hezbollah but in future it will allow Israel to rule the Syrian skies just as it does in Lebanon
17. A totaly new function
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.01.13)
for syrian air defence. The spring is coming. Millions of migrant birds will fly across Syria, hurting the souverinity of the Arabic Republic of Syria. Use anti aircraft missiles against them, because these birds cause significant damages in crops. This is a very logic use of AA forces, because syrians are starving from the food shortage.
18. Oh! a bla bla report from Syria; land of lies and murder.
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.01.13)
When it gets out of hand, Israel will respond. Zion's a good thing.
19. I love muslim
Rie Olsen Nykobing F ,   denmark   (02.01.13)
but so long muslim kill child in the stat of Israel I will never support them in syria
20. @11 - Israel is not trying to topple Assad
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (02.01.13)
Israel is well aware that the rebels will be worse for us than Assad was. However, we cant win by interfering on either side. However, we can stop weapons going to Hezbollah. That's all they are doing. And I think they've put off for a long time, trying not to get inbetween the Syrian problems.
21. Nr 6
Irma ,   Germany   (02.01.13)
That is exactly what I wanted to add a tkb.gretingst
22. Today was Clinton's last day as
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (02.01.13)
Sec of State and she gave a news conference where she gave subtle hints that Iran, Lebanon and possibly Russia will respond to yesterdays attack by the IAF. She warned that the region is about to go into all out war. She didn't say who vs who, but we can put 2 & 2 together. I guess it will be the US and Israel to fight against the tyrants and then I see everyone else picking a side as it gets out of control. They say the best generations to live on this earth were the ones who fought the first world wars. I guess we will soon see how our generation stacks up. It sure will be something if China, Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Pals team up against us, like the good book says will happen in the latter days. China alone can field a million man army by itself, so perhaps it WILL be a nuclear armageddon after all. I hope and pray it doesn't come to that, but the signs are sure there for it to begin. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem people. Never a truer saying is needed now more then ever on earth.
23. How Syria know what Israel think
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (02.01.13)
Just to fill words - We have to listen - I have better things to do - Does Syria really know what Israel think or just guessing - Let them guess and speculate - Behind the scene - Israel know best
24. #22 SD Changed
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.01.13)
The Chinese and the Russians will not lift a finger to help the Syrians.
25. #14 - then there must be millions more Israeli citizens
William ,   Israel   (02.01.13)
Because the majority of analysts and commentators have cited other evidence that the convoy was the target of the airstrike, as well as a hit on the research facility. Iraq has gone one step further and indicated that the Iranian Guards suffered heavy losses in the research center attacks, which also housed Russian scientists aiding Assad on chemical weapons research. What gives Israel the right? Well, Syria is still at war with Israel since 1948, they still support terrorist groups which attack Israel, and they were transporting weapons that would challenge Israel' security - a sovereign right mandated by law. That was the provocation - which Israel stated earlier was a redline - and Israel responded.
26. Syrian big empty talk
Brod ,   USA   (02.01.13)
The rebels are closing on them. And they are still dreaming and living in thin air. They may end up like Gaddafi sooner or later. The Russians know this. This is why they have evacuated their people from the cesspool of Syria. Syria's WMDs must be destroyed and not let them fall in the hands of fanatical Islamist-Jihadist terrorists and their Hezbollah terrorist counterparts. They must not even end up with the Ayatollahists who will arm their rockets with WMDs. Israel has a lot of work to do in destroying the WMDs. Failure to do so would endanger Israel greatly.
27. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.01.13)
Actually, Israel's actions had a multiple intent: (i) to serve notice that Israel will not tolerate the transfer of weapons systems and missile defense systems to Hezbollah; (ii) to serve notice that Israel will act when and how it deems necessary to ensure that the biological, chemical and neurological stockpiles in Syria do not fall into the wrong hands (and that includes Iran); and (iii) to serve notice upon Iran that their vaunted "Revolutionary Guard" and the weapons systems they brought with them to Syria are toy soldiers in comparison to the IDF and the IAF, so they really want to watch their step. With respect to point (iii), keep in mind that the Revolutionary Guard is deployed throughout Syria, and were powerless to stop an Israeli strike deep within Syria. In fact, all the reports came from visual sightings, which means that Israel blinded them. It is one thing to fly below radar, but at some point, you have to ascend to bombing altitude -- that was done over Syrian territory, and radar didn't pick it up, and the missile batteries were powerless to stop it. As a sidebar, did you happen to notice how quickly following Israel's operations in Syria Iran announced the development of a fourth-generation centrifuge that spins faster and better than anything in the West? No coincidence there. Fordo was a huge shock to the Iranians, and Israel's ability to freewheel in the skies above Syria and Lebanon was humiliating.
28. #14 toady from N.Zealand...
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (02.01.13)
First, who cares what the rest of your world 'believes'. The right of Israel to attack in preemptive strikes has been warned, in advance, and only a fool such as yourself would think they were bluffing. The Israeli's have a plan, and they are famous for the execution of these plans. Great anti-aircraft defenses Syria, Im sure the regime is flipping all over their beds at night knowing that Israel can do anything it wants in their skies. Im sure you can convince maybe half of the 19 billion sheep down there to have tea with you, maybe you can convince them of your stupid opinion. The day has past for dumb sheepherders from New Zealotland to be taken seriously. Get back to work. Shalom Israel, Rob
29. #14
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.01.13)
Speak for yourself with your cluelessness..not for me nor the rest of the world, you Kluless Kiwi....
30. #28 rob, Don't insult the NZ sheep ; )
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.01.13)
They are smarter than this a$$ Don't tar the whole country because of one Kluless Kiwi.... Great people, great country and would you believe it ?......even have a Jewish Prime Minister, John Key! Big Shalom to you from Lodz
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