Window is closing
Dov Weisglass
Published: 02.02.13, 12:06
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1. that "window of opportunity"....
dan kaplan ,   usa   (02.02.13)
.... is pretty well worn out. been closing for better than 20 years now.
2. the window of 'opportunity?
tiki ,   belgium   (02.02.13)
If we're already talking cliche's...here's another one: "For every window closing, another one is opening". This window of 'opportunity has been shattered a long time ago and the direction where the stones where coming from was not Jerusalem, but Ramallah & all those who continue to make excuses for that fact. The shattered window probably was a sign that the fundamentals were wrong and the house has to be re-designed & rebuild from scratch!
3. What does Dov Weisglass want the sides to talk about?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (02.02.13)
The two State solution died long ago. 500,000 Jews live in the West Bank and Abbas wants them removed which isn't possible. Why isn't it possible? 9,000 Israelis were uprooted from Gaza and it was the biggest Army operation since the Yom Kippur war and it took 10 days.
4. What bolsters Arab extremists more than that is negotiating
Marco ,   Spain   (02.02.13)
with them
5. Two states solution
Harold ,   USA   (02.02.13)
A huge number of foreign leaders will knock Netanyahu's door after forming his government to check his pulse about the two states solution.
6. Dov Weisglass is a FOOL!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (02.02.13)
The same God he alludes to, is the God he doesn't know; nor does he know God's prophetical Word. This whole peace process is a lie, just like the Palestiniian question is! All-out war is coming! Israel, with the support of their true God, will defeat the Muslims and Islam--guaranteed! All the land and Jerusalem belong to God and no one else--period! So these appeasing cowards, like this writer, will have to answer to God for not believing His Word. Godless fools!!!
7. There must be peace
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (02.02.13)
For the sake of Israeli and Palestinian children their must be peace and the creation of a viable contiguous Palestinian state, Israeli children deserve a future free from rockets raining down upon them and Palestinian children deserve a future free from occupation, in their own state, without fear of arbitrary detention or attacks from right-wing settlers.
8. Article is exactly right
esse ,   Israel   (02.02.13)
And because it is exactly right, it will be mercilessly attacked by those who don't understand how bad a position Israel is in. If we don't make peace with the Palestinians via a two-state solution, it will pose an existential threat to Israel far greater than that posed by Iran. All it takes is for the US President to refuse to veto UNSC resolutions and we will find our economy sanctioned, our leaders indicted, and our enemies emboldened. Israel cannot afford to lose a war and if we don't make peace with the Palestinians we will have forever war. It is past time we stopped listening to hyper-nationalists who greedily seek to give settlers land at the cost of our long-term security. It is past time we listened to egotistical children who blame the Palestinians for the lack of peace when we also share blame. It is past time we stopped accepting the opinions of bigots who think the Palestinians are to blame for our past wars simply because the Palestinians are Arab and Muslim like those who attacked us. If we reach out to moderate Palestinians and make a true peace via a two-state solution, we will get enough moderate Arab and Muslims peoples and nations on board to ensure our longterm survival. We will also guarantee the support of the US and various European nations. If we don't, then we only have ourselves to blame for our eventual destruction. In many ways we're like an immature teenager who doesn't know what in its best interest; an adolescent who holds grudges for past offenses at the cost of what's best for the present. It's time for us to grow up and by "us" I mean those who are sure to condemn this articles and my comments.
9. weisglass-antother lawyer
mislon   (02.02.13)
weisglass, your words are worthless and full of s**t. Moderates and extremists differences do not exist in the arab world. I want to repeat this in case you think it is a one off thing. You are full of merde period.
10. Jack Stone Very Well Said
To the point! How Does One Trust arabs After >60 years of lies?
11. Blah, blah, blah...
Mickey ,   Kokhav Yair   (02.02.13)
Blah blah blah. Abbas is waiting for negotiations. He only has one condition, '67 borders. Now that is an existential threat. Forget it. They have autonomy now in their little wretched villages. They created the facts on the ground now they can live with them. No '67 borders. No half of Jerusalem. No Arabs returning to Israel unless the Pals want to absorb them.
12. Dov has drunk the kool-aid.
Harry M.   (02.02.13)
Quick get the stomach pump.
13. Political euphemisms and 'diplo-speak' to blackmail Israel.
Steve ,   UK   (02.02.13)
Claims that the 'window is closing' and that the rule of the weak PA may end soon, are just political euphemisms being used by Israel's enemies to blackmail and pressurize Israel into yet more territorial concessions. If these dangers are real, then the last thing that the Jewish state should even consider is ceding more land to its enemies.
14. dov weisglass is a fanatic
jay abouaf ,   jaffa israel   (02.02.13)
his views are based on an ignorance of the middle east, arab culture and values; and his stance is that of a coward and horrible negotiator. he understands nothing.
15. Whole ME is in fire.Let us remain dug in!
trump   (02.02.13)
16. did gaza disengagement lead to peace?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.03.13)
no, it led to 15,000 qassams and 2 wars (so far). and did a "strong plo leadership", such as hamas in gaza, lead to peace? no, it didn't! so why will this territorial concession be different? dov weissglas is just deluding himself.
17. Dov Weisglass has it completly backwards
John ,   NZ   (02.03.13)
It is the PA, not Israel, who have failed to negotiate. Israel has stated many times that it is ready to start negotiations at any time, but the PA refuse to come to the table. Weisglass is repeating the standard PA lie.
19. Add up the Figures the Attitude
Zechariah   (02.03.13)
Lets say we keep the settlements and do a land swap keep the Jordan valley and offer a remedy forJerusalem like Barak if the Arabs return to their West Bank our Judae and Samariah it's millions more from Syria Lebanon and Jordan all Brutalized by foul Conditions because the Islam used them as their RoTTweilers with their Holocaust Denial and Islamic Dhimmi.Its a Powder Keg.Abbas can't deliver a safe remedy for Jewish Israel .
20. with whom are those peace talks going to be held
Jorge   (02.03.13)
Abbas and his gang of "mmoderates" wants Israel to vanish as a Jewish State, does not hold "peace" talks if not in his own terms, with the help of people like Weinglass, delegitimizes Israel, and does not want to end the conflict even after "peace" negociation, wants the so called "right of return", that is the demises of Israel, and Hamas plainly States that the state they will accept in from the sea to the Jordan, not much of a choice, if Weinglas and other brain dead like him want to have collective suicede of Israel and the Jews, he is welcome, but most Israelis are not going to do it,
21. Correctly pointing out the vicious circle of ...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.03.13)
....last 100 years. Ok,now access the vicious circle of last 3000 years and see what Israel has ever gained by being internally divided and by accepting the sick wishes of her enemies("international communities and their concerns"). Nothing. So,it´s better now Israel starts showing to "the international communities",once and for all,the truth about our new reality in this land after the last 2 world wars:Israel for Jews;Transjordan for " palestinians". Israel has brilliant lawers! True,Arabs are pushing their ways around the world,but Israel should not function anymore as the first victim of other´s insanities. Let them(the international communities) taste first hand what would be a world dominated by muslims,and not us.
22. The PA has refused to yalk with Netanyahu for 4 years.....
bob k ,   orlando usa   (02.03.13)
they have broken the 'window of peace'. For almost 20 years we have heard how the 'window of peace' is closing and Israel must hurry up and transfer land to the PA. Yet when former PMs Ehud Brak and later PM Ehud Olmert (who used Weisgalss as his emissary) offered the PA in 2000 and in 2006-8 almost all of Yehuda and Shomron plus east Jerusaelm to the PA, the latter under Arafat refused and blew up the peace process with suicide bombers and later under Abbas made no response. When PM Sharon withdrew fro Gaza in 2005 hamas drove out the PA security forces. The rocket fire into Israel increased. When offered land the PA refuse! What do they want? Simple, to get more land without making peace with Israel yet to be seen as calling for peace. Why do they succeed? Because the world knows they cannot pressure the PA but they can pressure Israel. Everyone BUT the Palestinians, the Iranians and most of the Arab / Moslem world wants peace. The window was never open to begin with. Weisglass and others cannot accept this simple but disturbing truth. Until the PA negotiate, without preconditions and accept 'land for peace' and Israel as the Jewish state and a Palestinian state for all former refugees then there will be peace. Scary but true Mr. Weisglass.
23. Let the window close already!!!
Joe ,   Israel   (02.03.13)
24. The window of opportunity ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.03.13)
... was slammed shut last November by the ersatz "Palestinians." Why on earth would Israel be interested in opening it and letting all the terrorist crap into the house? There is nothing to discuss; there is nothing to "negotiate." Did the Allies negotiate with the Germans? With the Japanese? With the Italians? With the Ukrainians? With the Romanians? NO, THEY DID NOT. THEY IMPOSED THEIR WILL. The victor has the right to do that, you see. Sometimes, there just is no going back. The ersatz "Palestinians" cannot undo seven decades of unspeakable terror visited upon innocent Jews, both in the State of Israel and in the Diaspora. They cannot undo the outcome of six wars. The window is closed. It is time, now, to shut the door, too. Time for them to return to Jordan and ply their trade over there. The Jewish people have had enough.
FO ,   Belgium   (02.03.13)
When one puts political party scheming above the supreme interest of the State! Mr. Weisglass, writing about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, you hint of course, without mentioning it in the beginning, to the so-called "Israeli occupation of the West Bank". You know, as well as I do, that there is not one article in International Law, NOT ONE, that prohibits the Jewish People, and by extension, the State of Israel, to settle in the area between the Sea and Jordan River. On the contrary, the Jews got the irrevocable right to settle in this area by an unanimous vote of the League of Nations in 1922, called the "Mandate for Palestine". The Mandate became International Law, unaltered and valid to this day, and reaffirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. Even Prof. Rostow, author of UNSC Resolution 242 explained that it was based on the League's Mandate. A few days ago, a UN panel concluded that Israeli settlements are illegal, in accordance with Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Again, Mr. Weisglass, you know, as well as I do, that Article 49 is not applicable to Israelis settling in the "West Bank" or East Jerusalem. Both were never recognized as territories of Jordan or any other country, but as residual part of the Palestine Mandate, and therefore subject to the rights of the JEWISH PEOPLE, to make "close settlement" on the land. I do not think, that you are so green as to imagine that the moment is ripe for any talks, taking into consideration the massacres between the Arabs themselves. You write: "The international community no longer believes that Israel wants a peace agreement and suspects that all it wants is to continue holding on to the conquered territories". By writing these words, Mr. Weisglass, you as an Israeli personality, you give weight to the enemies invectives, pretending, Israel, this illegitimate country, is living in sin, being colonialist and imperialist.
26. Weissglases of this world are there to remind us, how sane&
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.03.13)
clear-thinking the rest of us is! Thank you Dov.
27. Honesty and Truth required if possible
Moshe ,   T/A Israel   (02.03.13)
Peace is not possible between Israel and the Palestinians that is the Truth. Peace is possible between the Israelis and the Palestinians is NOT the Truth We (Israel) cannot make the concessions required to make peace with the Palestinians and for their part the Palestinians cannot make the concessions we require to make peace either. Assuming we all went mad and did everything that each side wanted then where in all of this is Hamas? We did not beat Hamas this time, they effectively beat us, they wrung concessions from us and the concessions we got from them are worthless. No good shmoozing ourselves that Abbas is a moderate Palestinian he is not,he is merely shadow boxing with us and trying to make us concede what HE wants in an effort to secure his place in History. Our allies the US and the EU want us to do things that no other state can do or will do or could do and if their offers of protection are the same as the Ambassadors in Libya then G-d help us. Smell the coffee wake up Israel stand your ground it is in every sense of the word them or us and they intend to win we are merely hoping for a draw Moshe
28. window closing?
Mark ,   israel   (02.03.13)
It is so tiring hearing about windows closing, which window are we talking about, the 20th, 30th, 40th? Surely its closed and sealed by now!!
HURRY FOLKS : Roll up roll up . SPECIAL OFFER : You can give away half of our beautiful hard-fought-for country /Land in return for a worthless scrap of paper. Hurry ,offer ends January 31 st.
30. Who cares about these 2 frauds
Melvin ,   Baltimore, MD   (02.03.13)
Peace is not the outcome of these 2 frauds in the Middle East,,,,, most people just want Armagedon, so these 2 frauds just annillate each other, so we the world can have some PEACE,,,,,,,, and take Iran along with you,,,,,,,,,, PEACE for G-ds sake, enough alrady.
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