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Former NY Mayor Ed Koch dies at 88
Published: 01.02.13, 15:42
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1. A Jew, a mayor, Israeli supporter
Ron ,   LA   (02.01.13)
2. RIP Mayor Koch
froike ,   ny ny   (02.01.13)
Condolences to Mayor Koch's relatives and friends. He was a living landmark of NYC.... Whether you thought he was a good Mayor or not....he loved NYC! He was also a great supporter and defender of Israel... Rest In Peace Edward Irving Koch... You will be remembered by all for good.
3. 1
not always, unfortunately. but rip in peace anyway.
4. #1. Ron: You left out ...
Tom W ,   USA   (02.01.13)
His rabid support for Obama, our current nemesis...
5. R.I.P Mayor Koch
R.I.P. Mayor Koch. May Your Neshama be in Gan Eden
6. He was a beautiful soul.
Moshe ,   Usa   (02.01.13)
7. I salute the memory of Ed Koch, z.l.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (02.01.13)
Ed Koch, a good Jew, a great American, a great New Yorker, a good friend of Israel. Mayor Koch will be missed.
8. Better to listen to him directly about this issue
Yossef   (02.01.13)
9. To me it's like an end of an era.
leo ,   usa   (02.01.13)
10. Great Guy and proud Jew (link to a picture of his headstone)
New Yorker   (02.01.13)
11. Memories of Mayor Koch
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (02.01.13)
Years ago I met him and Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kolleck at Grand Central terminal. After Mayor Koch was no longer Mayor once I had an opportunity to have lunch with him at Docs restaurant on 3rd avenue and 41 street. He was a great story teller and nice to listen to.
12. 8
honey, he still went on and voted for him anyway along with 70% of the moron jews in the usa.
13. He will be missed
daz ,   uk   (02.01.13)
I met Ed Koch when he was serving his second term, he was the most charismatic politician I have ever met.
14. A Jewish-American Patriot...
NS ,   Long Island, NY, USA   (02.02.13)
Mayor Ed Koch was a proud son of the Jewish People, the United States and New York City. His leadership and courage will be missed by all. Z"L.
15. Good run, Koch
Cameron ,   USA   (02.02.13)
16. Baruch Dayan Emet.
Saul Chapnick ,   Formerly NYC   (02.02.13)
A great man. A good man. He will be sorely missed. It was personally upsetting to hear about this loss.
17. Ed Koch taught me ..
Aussie Michael ,   Sydney Australia   (02.02.13)
Always describe yourself as a "Jew", not as "Jewish". This was one of his messages of pride in his heritage. RIP.
18. they dont make Jews like him anymore
k ,   US   (02.02.13)
he was an unapologetic supporter of Israel nowadays most Jews need a little intimidation before they are on the anti-Israel campaign but they will wake up one day
19. a man who proved he was everything of a man
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (02.02.13)
A strong man who acted on his beliefs which, as a man, were not perfect. It was wonderful to see him stand for Jews, Yehudim living in the land of their own name at least in what would be his final months. Sadly I will never forget him condemning Jews for living in the land of their own name on his radio show with regard to BB's use of his self proclaimed Iron Fist on the destruction of Jewish lives in Beit HaShalom in the land of the first Jew that BB ceded to those that come to kill them. Thick necked doesn't begin to describe him (note his burial ground). He loved his people and perhaps maybe even more fully just before his end. Blessed is the final judge of truth. I am sure the Sh'ema was firmly in his mind on his passing as it is on his headstone. Adonai Echad
20. Trinity Christian Cemetery?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (02.03.13)
Why is he being buried in a Christian cemetery with a Jewish inscription and a Jewish star? Shouldn't he be buried near his Jewish family?
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