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Ahmadinejad unveils Iran's newest fighter jet
Published: 02.02.13, 10:33
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1. Qaher-313
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.02.13)
The problem of the Persians is that they believe their own propaganda.
2. New Iranian jet *GIGGLE*
A ,   Belgium   (02.02.13)
Made of cardboard and recycled plastic water bottles, thus its amazing ability to evade radar. Also saves on fuel, since its next mission is only an arms throw away.
3. Another monkey story
NT Green ,   NYC   (02.02.13)
4. Jet Fighter?
Brod ,   USA   (02.02.13)
It is more likely they bought it from China or Russia. The repainting may be done by the Ayatollahists or the manufacturer.
5. Will a monkey pilot it?
Daniel ,   Netherlands   (02.02.13)
(this time try to find a similar one for the pic)
6. To above comments
Bjørn ,   Norway/US   (02.02.13)
Keep laughing while the Iranians make huge progress every week and month.Maybe some day they will laugh at you
7. LOL
Volvi   (02.02.13)
I bet you even the Iranian people in Iran knows its just another monkey show. Maybe next we will hear they have built the Starship Enterprise with warp engines. What a joke they make of themselves from a culture stuck in the 7th century. We need to EMP them.
8. If this airplane really exists
Daniel ,   na   (02.02.13)
I hope they have a good quality ejection seat built into it.
9. the space monkey made the test flight
Barney ,   USA   (02.02.13)
10. I've got one ! My Grandson says it's very
DT ,   TAIsrael   (02.02.13)
stiff when he is peddling
11. Cheap because Israel's cooperation
Adrian   (02.02.13)
It's also cheap because they had to invest only in gear and software for taking-off. The Israelis will be responsable for the (crash) landing.
12. reply #6
daze ,   US   (02.02.13)
Thanks bjorn for an enlightening and sobering comment. Now, does the pilot of this jet get a choice of 72 virgins or a room full of bananas?
13. LOL...
Zyx ,   USA   (02.02.13)
14. Always find amusing
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv?London   (02.02.13)
the racist reaction from talkbackers on here. I'll gently remind you, Isael buys all their aircraft from the United States using Amercan taxpayers money. Iran appears to be producing their own airraft despite being financially crippled by sanctions because they have perfected the technology to enrich uranium, and are probably churning out plutonium as well, if they are following the North Korean model. The US has admitted that Iran has successfully forced down a stealth drone, and the only reason Israel has an option of airstrikes is because it successfully lobbied Russia not to sell Iran the S300 which they brought off Ukraine anyway. Not withstanding Iran fought to a standstill Iraq wich was then being armed by the United States with the best weaponary they had to offer and chemical weapons. Wondering twhy Netanyahu hasn't bombed Iran and keeps bombing Syria instead? Maybe you should think about it Sick to death of Belgians, Americans and Germans being totally blase about Israeli lives
15. Ideal for bombing those wicked gulf states
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.02.13)
They can't get to Israel without going through the air space of other countries. We know they won't do this as it is against international law.
16. Number F-313
Get Rael ,   UK   (02.02.13)
Have just got to out do the USAF! Wait for it stealth ships,submarines, missles and monkies next. But it's the nuclear weaponned Iran that really worries the world. Judging by the confused reports perhaps Israel used stealth jets over Syria the other day.
17. Really? - Iran World leader in Avionic? - News to me
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (02.02.13)
Tell me more - Tell me more - Iran is now the best in World Avionic - not only conquering the space with an Ape - Launching its own Rockets - And Now producing its own Fighter Jet - What is Next coming from Iran? - Pistachios!
18. Incredible
Scott   (02.02.13)
Put people in a corner and their response can be interesting just ask the people who formed the state of Israel.
19. Who will giggle last ?
Mohamed ,   Bouira, Algeria   (02.02.13)
Never mind Iranian advances in centrifuges, missiles accuracy, advanced turbopumps, and now jet fighters (made of mud according to the fair minded belgian jew here) I sympathise with your nervous giggle, clearly if Iran is not bombed back to the monolithic period very very soon, the omens are not good for the Israeli govt.
20. fighter
brian ,   usa   (02.02.13)
If you look to the very right of the photo, the skin of the aircraft appears to have some bubbles in it. Is this a paper mache' aircraft?
21. I feel bad for the iranian inteligencia
ed ,   canada   (02.02.13)
imagine you are an iranian scientist in an international conference -how can you be taken seriously when your government constantly bombards the airways with this crap?
22. Simply hilarious
Stephen in New York   (02.02.13)
23. Agreed, #21
Cameron ,   USA   (02.02.13)
A new weapon a week........the educated Persians must sigh & shake the head at this silly ass game and regime. From the Shah to finally wind up at this point.
24. #17. You got it, sam. Let's see how nuts like you will...
Persian CAT   (02.02.13)
compete with Iranian pistachios.
25. #6 Now THAT is wishful thinking.
NudNik69   (02.03.13)
Iran is also WELL on the way to WAR with the West. All their toys..real and fake will be smashed in the coming conflict. Already they have no answer when a REAL military takes a snap at them. WEASELS.
26. It is FAKE. See the bubbles in the nose cone
NudNik69   (02.03.13)
What a crock. No aircraft has ripples in its skin like that.
27. These planes instead of USA F-16s
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (02.03.13)
Maybe Iran can give these to Egypt so the USA doesn't have to use my tax dollars on giving Egypt our F16s and tanks.
28. Iran's new fighter jet.....
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (02.03.13)
Even we know that the Iranians, technologically and scientifically, are better, much better and on a more higher level than the researchers in Saddam's Iraq, I think that they're from time to time bluffing. I still believe their level is very high - especially their nuclear and rocket technology (developped by North Korea and afterwards shared with Iran...!!??) -, but the drone-, the submarine-, the monkey is going-to-space-, the new fighter jet-stories,... or the trallalalala-bluf??!!. Maybe these propaganda photos do not ressemble as simply dinky toys temoenot - like it was in the time I was very young - , but, nowadays, in the toyshops in Israel and everywhere in the world, we can find..... ok, fill it yourself. If you're a good photographer you can make it... real.
29. #14 Sarah nice story but false
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.03.13)
Your ignorance is showing again. The Iranians have yet to build a new plane - except for their little toy WIGs that can't even carry a machinegun and are slower than a helicopter. All of their fighters and bombers including this one are recycled F-5s which are a 60 year old design for a cheap trainer sold to the Shah back in the 70s. Military value zero. All of our aircraft get rebuilt here with the most advanced avionics in the entire world - the US also uses nothing but our avionics, but they are not the top of the line.
30. Persian Cat
DovidHuntington ,   Huntington new York   (02.03.13)
Your stealth fighter is a figment of Persian stone age mentality. Your Abhorrent culture is better adept at torturing and murdering innocent human beings than benefitting mankind through scientific advancement.
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