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Turkey slams Syria's inaction over 'Israeli strike'
Published: 02.02.13, 13:57
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1. See what I mean. He's of the AK Party gov't of Erdogan.
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.02.13)
2. He won't stand by when a Muslim country is attacked
Vered, Israel   (02.02.13)'s attacked by fellow Muslims! Then, they can kill 60,000 and it's ok.
3. Why Turkey? Why?
Jim ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.13)
Why does Turkey stand idly by while tens of thousands of muslims are slaughtered in syria by other muslims? Is Turkey now the testicularly challenged sick man of asia or the eunuch of europe? Is Turkey trying to ignite full scale war in the region to get Israel to do the dirty work of ending the syria crisis which Turkey is too scared to do? All these questions and more, answered in next weeks episode of "Turks say the darndest things".
4. The same way you didnt do nothing when syria downed your jet
avner ,   buenos aires   (02.02.13)
5. What A Duplicitous Creep!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (02.02.13)
So Turkey will not stand idly by and let Israel attack fellow Muslims. Turkey is all bark and no bite. The Turks can stand idly by while Assad slaughters his fellow citizens but come out swinging at Israel for this mission. He can join the Ruskies for unmitigated hypocrisy.
6. Turks are big talkers. All for show.
naro ,   nyc   (02.02.13)
So what is Turkey doing when a "muslim" country was bombed? just talking .
7. This coming from....
Dan ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.13)
A country that has continually fueled the civil war in Syria for almost two years now by providing weapons, logistics, bases, sanctuary, and intelligence for mainly Sunni rebel fighters. Slightly hypocritical from the increasingly Islamist Turkey.
8. bark back please
name ,   nocountry   (02.02.13)
This can be considered as an offer of support for Syria to attack Israel. Should not have been ignored, since not barking back as Israeli government has chosen to do, may have an opposite effect to what they desire. Instead they should either bark back or give them a cookie.
9. Another Turk with Alzheimer:
tiki ,   belgium   (02.02.13)
Oct. 3, Turkey attacks Syrian targets! Oct. 4. Turkey attacks Syria for second day! Oct. 8. Turkey pounds Syrian targets for 6th. day Nov. 16. Turkish Defence Minister ordered to prepare & retaliate again if nescecary! Difference: Turkey shoots targets, Israel the targets before they shoot!
10. What a hypocrite
Shai ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (02.02.13)
I'm sure if any game-changing weapons were smuggled to Northern Iraq into the hands of the PKK, or even to prominent Kurdish regions in Syria, Turkey would do something about it. He should keep his mouth shut like the Saudi's and Qatari's who realize this is actually benefiting them since they support the rebels.
11. How people view the current Turkish government
Mark ,   london   (02.02.13)
I am sure anyone with an IQ over 50 notices how when 9 people were killed on the Mavi Marmara or when Syrian weaponry is attacked by Israel in Syria, the Syrians scream like animals from the rooftops about what murderers and warmongers Israelis are, yet has anyone heard a peep out of their lips when Assad is busy slaughtering their own people? Or for that matter the Egyptians? Or for that matter the Libians,? or for that matter...... the list goes on. Total hypocrisy
12. #5 sit idly by? really? they are behind the terrorist rebels
name witheld   (02.02.13)
turkey is the main ally of the rebel terrorists and they have been helping the americans ship weapons and funds to al qaeda linked groups. If it werent for them there would be no civil war and no death toll
13. Davutaglu's Attitude
Leonard Bustin ,   Temecula, CA USA   (02.02.13)
It is apparent Davutoglu does not recognize Israel's right to exist and will say anything in an attempt to further his purpose of her destruction.
14. Imagine Lieberman urging Greece to attack Turkey
Expat ,   Adelaide   (02.02.13)
He would have been crucified by the entire world, and Israel's leftists would have undoubtedly blamed him for creating "irreparable damage" to Israel's relations with Turkey. But of course, when the Turkish Foreign Minister says the same thing against Israel, nobody raises an eyebrow.
15. Turkey
Edouard ,   Montreal   (02.02.13)
This is what the world needs,Lecons from a country that committed a genocide agains Armenians, the most peacful and gentel people Yes please tell us what the world should do
16. Cowards!!!
Daniel ,   Netherlands   (02.02.13)
Syria downs a turkish plane... and nothing... they kill turkish civilians.. and nothing.. they need NATO to help them!!! But pointing a finger to Syria for not retaliate?????? Keep murdering Kurds.. better than that you will never get hypocriet cowards
17. turkish current leadership has schizophrenic
Arad ,   Arad   (02.02.13)
Do they complain that Israel defended from the same regime that shot down a F 4 and killed 2 turkish airmen? The same assad regimen that killed in a week more muslim than the whole casualties of 60 years of Israel-arab conflict? davutoglu it´s beyond retarded with this phony muslim "fraternal love" the top killers of muslim are the same muslim.
18. Courageous Turkey.
Uzziel   (02.02.13)
The Turkeys didn´t throw a pebble when Syria downed a turkey jet that violated its airspace and killed two pilots. The Turkeys didn´t throw a pebble in Israel´s direction when Shayetet 13 had to kill 9 turkey terrorists onboard of the Mavi Marmara. And when the turkeys invaded Israeli economic territorial waters with their ships they had the IAF overflying their occupation forces in the north of occupied Cyprus and they simply ducked out. By the way when the Turkeys will make good of their threat to lift by force the legal blockade of Gaza? Turkey talk: do what I say not what I do.
19. "will not stand by" - so, Turkey will attack Israel...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (02.02.13)
in revenge for Israel's attack on Syria? Put your money where your mouth is.
20. Another Islamist Antisemitic Lunatic
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.02.13)
Another Islamist Antisemitic Lunatic.
21. US blindness
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.02.13)
I can't believe that the US is helping this war instigators against Syrians attack. A double face country.
22. The FM minister cannot accept...
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.02.13)
... that the neigboring country actually was on route to mix deadly gas, and deliver it to other terrorists groups in the area. And THAT is a reason for the tyrkey FM to to offer his help!! It actually tells that islamic nations must be recognized as a single bunch of criminals, so please keep up the arab spring, the world need something to be removed...
23. Turkey is a coward,why not turkey help save Syrians murdered
Reginald ,   United Kingdom   (02.02.13)
Muslims brutality and barbarism against fellow Muslims,and slaughter of thousands of Syrians,by a fellow Muslim president,is permissible in Koran, but for a non-Muslim to prevent a Muslim from carrying out catastrophic massacre of civilians, dishonours Islam,and the reason for Turkey outrage! Turkey sends F16 Jets to bomb suspected PKK,and massacred women and children,mistaken them to be terrorists,but are just poor farmers picking up fruits for their family,and no one was outraged,because the barbarity was committed by Turkey,in the name of Allah the most merciful and compassion. Turkey is a compound hypocrite, it should have prevented Bashar Assad from slaughtering thousands of Syrian,instead Turkey was begging NATO, for help to protect Turkey from Assad chemical and Biological weapons. Turkey knows,Israel can take care of itself,so urging Assad,to attack Israel,and die,as a result of Damascus becoming a ruinous heap! Isaiah 17:1 Assad is wise will not do anything foolish,as Turkey is non testicular to defend Muslims. Turkey failed to protect Syrian.
24. turkey
jameel ,   gaza   (02.02.13)
i do not know where was the turkey air force when isreal attacker marmaras ship 3years ago they made me laugh loudly
25. For the sake of
sam ,   colorado-US   (02.02.13)
A big question mark,what the Turkey wants to playing it? Of course,Turkey wants to extend its control over the Middle East via a Sunni alliance with some Arab countries against Iranian alliance Shiite Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah,but what do wants now of this statement?Did they wants to ignite the region?For the sake of
26. Turks
zznhl   (02.02.13)
And still Obama and Netanyahu are striving to try to repair relations with the Ottomans. They are about as trustworthy a they ever were. A primitive nation with low moral fiber, low esteem of life, existing on their inflated visions of grandeur stemming from the barbarric Ottaman empire, who did, over 300 years, so much damage to the middle east and Islam.
27. Israel's intrusion in Syria
Michel ,   Montreal Canada   (02.02.13)
This country should keep a low international profile. Avoid creating more enemies in its region and resolve their differences with the Palestinians
28. Turkey is a TURKEY
Richard ,   Boca Raton, USA   (02.02.13)
Every spokesman from Turkey is full of “chara”. Each are full of double-speak and nonsense. To goad Syria into striking Israel is so obviously stupid. Why doesn’t Turkey do the deed itself? They know the IAF will decimate the Turkish Air force and embarrass the Turkish people.
29. A Very Confused Individual
Bashir ,   Qatar   (02.02.13)
But is he confused enough to work for Obama at the State Department?
30. Speak for yourself Turk
BUILD BABY BUILD   (02.02.13)
no Muslim nation wants to tangle with Israel and wake up dead. Hell, they do that at home to their muslims for free! Islam isn't worth saving, look at how they murder one another for fun.
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