Peres tasks Netanyahu with forming gov't
Moran Azulay
Published: 02.02.13, 21:00
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1. "new government will be committed to peace"
A ,   Belgium   (02.02.13)
Unfortunatly, there is no one on the other side to share the commitment with,.. Fatah? Hamas? Not in the next 100 years. So until there is a true peace partner, the only option is annex, expand, build.
2. Like #1 said
Hakim ,   Palestine   (02.03.13)
Not peace but more piece of the land. That is the only commitment....
3. I keep failing to understand the reason of last elections..
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.03.13)
Anyway... What does Netanyahu mean about the word peace in his urgings? If he means peace among the new elected MKs,that´s good;now, if he means to repeat the fake,ugly,rotten word"peace",he´s better stop, because if he doesn´t,I guess new elections will be called almost before this new terms begins.
4. Yes this government will seek piece
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (02.03.13)
A piece of the west bank here, a piece there. A piece of East Jerusalem as well.
5. Oslo "peace procss" maimed and murdered thousands.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.03.13)
Israelis should never again tolerate more disastrous "peace talks with Palestinians". The Oslo "peace process" alone maimed and murdered thousands of Israeli civilians. There are many other examples of Israeli civilians dying, in huge numbers, due to "peace talks with Palestinians". "Palestinians" are mortal foes, in the same way the Nazis were. They must be totally defeated and removed from our land forever.
6. worship
john ,   toronto   (02.03.13)
The immediate need is not peace but to allow Jews to worship on the temple mount. Another term of a government in which Jews are denied the right to worship God is not worthy of serving the Jewish people.
7. Yachamovitch Selfish
Zechariah   (02.03.13)
A seven Mks from Labor ought split to get Netanyahu to a government that will close the social gap present peace plans that the Arabs will never accept keep the existing settlement but forbid expansion but most turn the area into a MegaFortress of stringent defensive capacity and Horrific Detrrance.
8. Bibi is the same Bibi Shas is the same Shas and the sea...
miki ,   tampa   (02.03.13)
is the same sea. Watch out for a guy named Eshel and his camera!
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