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Clinton plan to arm Syrian rebels rebuffed
Published: 03.02.13, 09:52
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1. Clinton this Daffy Duck,,,,,, LMAO
Ricky ,   The Bronx, U.S.   (02.03.13)
All Hillary has provided us with, is a conformation about, "Is it true what they say about Blondes", and its not having fun in her case, for she is slight(sight) short of a Full Deck,,,,,, thinks she did a good job as Secretary of State,,, have you heard? Wow look at those Coke bottles she's sporting nowdays LMAO,,,, "Blondes do have more Fun", and can make you laugh,,,, oh Hillary,,, put Bill in there too.
2. I don't believe it
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.03.13)
The CIA annex in Benghazi was up to something, likely recruiting Jihadis and smuggling Libyan arms for the anti-Alawi war in Syria. That would explain why the annex was attacked, and why Congress has stopped investigating why Ambassador Stevens was killed.
3. Might be one of obama's best moves....
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (02.03.13)
4. # 2 One thing for sure
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (02.03.13)
Americans, and the rest of the world will never know how inept and deadly Ms. Clinton was on behalf of obama the bungler. Cover ups are a sin when so many brave American's lives were lost due to negligence and callous indifference. Perhaps one day, one honest person will step forth with the real story. I have to blame both obama and ms. clinton for this. Covering their asses with 4 dead American heroes.
5. People!! I've said it before, & I'll say it again: "WHAT
DOES IT MATTTER ,   NOW"?? hc   (02.03.13)
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