They're not all al-Qaeda
Emanuel Rosen
Published: 03.02.13, 22:30
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1. Over 20000 islamic terror attacks sine 9/11
BH ,   Iowa   (02.03.13)
Right, it's just a few bad apples.
2. Differences Between People
MR ,   NJ,USA   (02.03.13)
It is easily arguable that the difference between chemical weapons in the hand of some Arabs and others is only one of motivation. Asad or Hussein were more trustable with chemical weapons because they were dictators whose primary interest was maintaining their grip on power, and who knew/know that was/is unlikely if such weapons are used against Israel. They still would if they could. They both have done so, or something equally brutal to their own people, and they certainly like Jews no better. No, foolish man, Shamir was right.
3. Terrible Article
Eli ,   ISRAEL/USA   (02.03.13)
You surmise that Assad did not retaliate and Saddam did not send non-conventional missiles to Israel due to the fact they had some morality? Have you considered that Saddam did not send non-conventional missiles owing to the fact that he was smart enough to know that Israel would have responded harshly to such aggression whereby he presumed rightly that the USA would hold Israel back from the responding to the conventional attack? The premise of this article is faulty and thus has no validity. If it were up to Rosen, we could allow Hizballah to acquire non conventional weapons since they displayed some humanity or morality by not hitting Haifa's oil refineries. Lunacy. So sad to see how Israeli's (Left) and Jews a like have not learned from history. Long live Shamir.
4. Hope you don't get lucky
Dony ,   Canada   (02.03.13)
Israel's enemies know and understand her power. A Hamas rocket hitting a school full of children in Sderot, a Hezbollah missile hitting an oil facility in Haifa would be catastrophic .............................for Israel's enemies.
5. The Pot Calling The Kettle Black
ygalg ,   israel   (02.03.13)
6. A simple and important article.
Eugene ,   Israel   (02.03.13)
7. Bullies rise to the top
Zechariah   (02.04.13)
Nasser used poison gas on his own Islamic people's to win a civil war for his allies Saddam Hussein obliterated thousands of people's Israel and its Deterrant capacity stops horrific attacks for now but there a psychos and lone lunatics as happened in Japan that for which aggressive hyper vigilance is essential.
8. there's no one as blind as those who do not want to see
Jorge   (02.04.13)
Arabs, all of them are hipoctites, exept in their open and sick hatred of Israel and of Jews, all Jews, that includes the Arabs in Israel, only those Jews that live in a make believe world in the clouds do not know that, Muslims share that blind hatred, all Arabs, and I mean all, do not accept Israel as a Jewish state, for as long as they will not accept the reality of Israel as a Jewish State there will not be a chance of peace, those who do not know that, besides Blind are, totaly brainles
9. What?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.04.13)
"There is a reason why Nasrallah avoided hitting Haifa's oil refineries during the Second Lebanon War and why Saddam Hussein fired only conventional missiles at Israel during the Gulf War." Yeah, that's right. They didn't want to get vaporized. That is the only reason. To suggest that there is some concept of humanity among these vermin is ridiculous. The fact that they have a strong sense of self-preservation in no way lessens their hatred of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. They are just biding their time. Destroying them first is a worthwhile endeavor, because they will never, ever stop coming after us. Were there any "nice-guy" Nazis? No. Equally, there are no "nice-guy" Arabs. Make no mistake.
10. And the claim that Arab terrorists are rational is
William ,   Israel   (02.04.13)
delusional. Golda Meir helped Israel learn this the hard way when she believed Arabs to be calculating and not irrational against Israel. Saddam, Hamas, and Hizbullah are all fine examples of Arabs using weapons against Israel, if and when they can, with even Israeli Arabs as targets not excluded.
11. over simplified conclusions that doesnt providereasons
Zionist forever   (02.04.13)
We don't know why Nasrrallah didnt attack the oil refineries you will have to ask him if you want to find out. Saddam Hussian didn't use chemical weapons becuse the war was to liberate Kuwait not topple him and you can bet that the Americans gave him a warning you use chemical weapons you get nuked. If Assad knows its over but wants t go down in a blaze of glory he might use chemical weapons. Assad didn't retaliate to the bombing of the nuclear site because he knew he couldnt win a war and all we were talking about was a part built illegal construction, Israel is staying out the fighting in Syria simply because it's a civil war ( infighting ) and nobody wants to get dragged into that. If Assad kills 60,00 Syrians as long as he isn't killing any Israelis why should we get involved?
12. Islamist Are On the Rise
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.04.13)
Look around you, look at Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Mail, Sudan and everywhere else. Islamic violence is increasing and their are extremist in Iran and Lebanon that have no morals and that live to kill.
13. to Sarah B
E. ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.04.13)
"Were there any "nice-guy" Nazis? No. Equally, there are no "nice-guy" Arabs. Make no mistake. " Nazism is an ideology, to be Arab is an ethnicity, and you are a bigoted racist.
14. To No. 13
Bertram ,   London, UK   (02.04.13)
Sarah B a bigoted racist? She will take that as praise - a badge of honour to be worn with pride.
15. an arab is a tiger that can change its...
mark ,   usa   (02.04.13)
stripes at any moment. ie, the moment some extreme element gets the upper hand is the moment all the rest will jump with blood lust joy.
16. To Sarah B.,U.S.A./Israel, at No. 9.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn NH, Holland   (02.05.13)
I think the author is a bit naive, concerning the history, since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. You are quite realistic. It is not only about the Arabs. The entire Islamic world is (very) hostile to Israel unfortunately. Victory and peace for Israel.
17.  having a good night sleep
Ben ,   USA   (02.05.13)
Just to your own knowledge, A palastinian state is the only left choice to save Israel... Far right bibi governemnet is just what we as Islamists want. An internationally isolated Israel is just what we need. Neither nukes nor air force will let you get a good night sleep we promise !
18. they all fight for mohamed
jack bauer   (02.05.13)
the common denominator is clear to all but the most blind. Al Qaeda flies the black flag of jihad, mohamads flag. To deny it is simply ignoring the truth
19. #17 - we already get a good nights sleep
William ,   Israel   (02.05.13)
Didn't you see....in a 2012 poll, Israel is the 7th happiest place on Earth, despite the targeting by terrorists. Those who aren't getting a good nights sleep are those who attack Israel....sleeping in caves and basements of hospitals to avoid targeting. A second option - more viable than yours - does exist. The splitting of land between Israel and Jordan, and no hope of a "Palestinian" State which was never their end goal anyway. They were happy under the Hashemite King, and they can be so again. No one in the world cares as long as this battle just ends already. Today's investigation shows - it's not so simple as Westerners want to make it.
20. Al-Qaeda is a myth.
JMK ,   NYC   (02.05.13)
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