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Man beaten by Egypt police blames protestors
Published: 03.02.13, 18:08
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1. fraud
Fad Egypt   (02.03.13)
he was paid by the police !!!!
2. Oh c'mon, it's on video!
Jordan ,   Richmond Hill   (02.03.13)
3. egypt
Francis S-K ,   UnitedStates   (02.03.13)
yeah a country trying to implement sharia law wouldnt think of scaring its people just to sway the world's opinion of its gov
4. Intimidated...
dan ,   vancouver   (02.03.13)
...or paid off.
5. obvious coercion
chris ,   CA USA   (02.03.13)
Did whoever forced him to say this see the video? I can't blame the guy since he has to live in Egypt. The world knows who beat him.
6. And Morsi Was Going To Make Egypt Better?
emanon ,   USA   (02.04.13)
7. in arab world, police or terrorist or protestors.. all thugs
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (02.04.13)
many will automatically think that all protestors are innocent citizens, any one that riot against the police or government are "good guys".... but history showed that these so called "good guys" can be radical muslims and potential future terrorists, train them to arm against their government is equivalent to tranining them to fight against future US or UN armies. so should you find that even Protestors lies, rob or kill, why surprise? even the so call "Leader raised up by people" Morsi is also another thug who deny Holocaust. Nothing raised up by arab spring is worthwhile.
8. His son said that police threatened his father
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (02.04.13)
to say moderate things and not to blame the Egyptian police.
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