Settler launches 'operation proposal'
Akiva Novick
Published: 04.02.13, 22:27
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1. Sick
2. Mozel Tov To The New Soon To Be Couple
Personally I Think This Was Very Original! Such A Yidish Kup! Shalom!
3. Very sweet - I wish them the very best!
Mark   (02.04.13)
4. That is so great ~ very creative
Grace ,   USA   (02.05.13)
Their lives certainly won't be boring. כן, מזל טוב
5. Very strange
Vlad   (02.05.13)
While it's great to think outside the box, putting your girlfriend through an interrogation and scaring her silly is a bit over the top, no?
6. Honey, make this idiot's life a living hell.
leo ,   usa   (02.05.13)
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