Dereliction of duty
Nicole Brackman
Published: 05.02.13, 20:02
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les ,   canada   (02.05.13)
when generation after generation grow up not having to work, build, educate themselves, it is becoming their "RIGHT" to freeload on productive societies. as long as there be a UN, there be generational dependence on freebies...
2. Maintaining Palestine Fiction is U.N.R.W.A. duty.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.05.13)
The U.N.R.W.A.'s duty is to maintain the lie that Fictional Palestine exists. Thousands of cushy U.N. jobs rely on this lie. Western States which support the evil U.N.R.W.A. are derelict in their duties towards their nations and their taxpayers.
3. The UN has upheld apartheid
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (02.05.13)
After nearly 65 years the number of Palestinian Arab refugees and displaced persons must be tiny.The vast majority of these unfortunate people are descendants to even the 3rd,4th,5th...generation.Yet,on the orders of the Arab League,all of them are denied their human and civil rights in the countries where they are and were probably born. They cannot participate in the economic,civil,educational and political institutions of their countries of residents.They are denied nationalisation and must live apart from the rest of the population.Not only them,now,but also their future descendants.They are left with no hope living under a strict regime of apartheid. This is scandalous and what's even more scandalous is that the UN is complicit in maintaining the situation. The UN is led by the nose by the Arab League when it should be confronting and opposing its tyranny. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
4. UNRWA has always been the palestinian never the solution
zionist forever   (02.05.13)
Every other refugee group in the world is dealt with by the UNCHR and they make every effort to resettle the refugees elsewhere as soon as possible. Instead of assigning the UNHCR to deal with the refugees in 1948 they created a new body specifically with that one group of people Despite the fact their job is to take care of the interests of a single group they have a bigger budget than the UNHCR. They support the right of return so resettlement of the arabs is not an option. They have such a big budget they are crooked and so solving the palestinian problem is not even in their interests because it means they are dissolved. If the arab refugees had been dealt with by the UNHCR in 1948 they would have mostly been living new lives elsewhere ( not in refugee camps ) and nobody would be waving rusty keys demanding a right or return or even a state..
5. Rusty keys dont work in Israel-only Iris recognition
Alan ,   SA   (02.05.13)
6. Were Jews fleeing Nazis forced to sign away right of return?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN   (02.06.13)
7. Still Better Than Nothing
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (02.06.13)
You should have been wise and fair enough to put all the blame on Israel instead of criticizing and marginalizing the efforts and services of the UNRWA . And keep in mind that the US government is still financially contributing annually to the UNRWA budget ( and this is an indirect recognition by the US of the legitimacy of the Palestinian refugees problem ) . Also, you fail to admit that UNRWA still serves as a piece of broken glass in Israel's throat by keeping generations of Palestinian refugees hopeful that sooner or later they will be able to snatch back some of their rights, at least , from Israel which has ,for the most part , taken them by brutal force ( just remember the many massacres the Jews of Israel committed against Palestinians to terrorize them and force them out of their homeland ) . I remember Ariel Sharon admitting on TV in the mid eighties that " ... in that spot there were arabs whom the Jews drove out , just like the wounded wolf that savagely preys on peaceful sheep " . And I'm sure Israel knows beyond any doubt that without US support Israel does not count much ( the late Arnold Toynbee predicted Israel's ultimate demise simply because it is an "alien" body in the midst of the arab world . And even Richard Nixon himself wondered in his "Memoirs ... " whether Israel could survive in the long run while being surrounded all the time by hostile arab countries ... And although it is assumed that Israel possesses atomic weapons this will not deter the Arabs from continiuing their struggle against Israel as long as Israel continues to act with arrogance; definitely no one in his right senses would consider dropping an atomic bomb on a bunch of fighters(terrorists) like Hizbullah, for instance . And yet Hizbullah has the capability to strike Tel Aviv itself with rockets ... And I still remember what Anwar Sadat said during the 1973 Yom Kippur War : " ... even if we ( Arabs ) lose ten soldiers for one Israeli soldier Israel itself would reach the very bottom first " .
8. United Nations Declarations
Zechariah   (02.06.13)
The United Nations Declarations that persons in Danger of Genocide and Destruction be given Refuge.The World of Islamlimited severely as a policy refuge to Jews to Palestine or any other Islamic lands from Turkey to Afghanistan millions ought to have been saved.The Partition Plans of 1937 and 1947 were rejected creating war and the Viscious cycle of hatred and counter hatred.This is a human nature problem Tribalism Religious Hatreds Economic exploitation.The Zionists cannot be blamed they anticipated the Liklihood of mass pogroms as predicted by Jabotinsky in 1937 the Islam said bad luck or worse you deserve it.Those Arabs who have the capacity to live in peace with the Jews without the apartheid Dhimmi policy or other hates can stay in Eretz Yisroel.
9. Nothing more pathetic ...
Human Being ,   Berkeley, CA   (02.06.13)
Than seeing an American, like Nicole Brackman, blaming the victims of colonialism and ethnic cleansing for their sorrows. It's but another attempt to distract attention from the unanimous international legal consensus: Palestinians have EVERY right to return to their homes. Respecting the rights of refugees is immaterial to the vague notion that Brackman calls "Jewish sovereignty".
10. I agree
Leon ,   Algonquin Land   (02.06.13)
Palestinians should not be allowed to rot in refugee camps. They should have the right of return to their former homes which is a part of international law. Oh wait, international law doesn't apply to the Zionists because they are the 'chosen' people and they are above all goyim laws.
11. @6; Right of Return to where, Steve?
leo ,   usa   (02.06.13)
Are you following the subject of discussion? Do you understand the subject being discussed?
12. BeNazi sure can invent nonsense
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.06.13)
The difference moron is that they don't have a right to go to different country - especially one they have never been to before, nor their parents nor even their grandparents. You might want to learn what a international law is - there is no such right - in fact it violates international law
13. 6
actually, they didn't have the time to, moron. they didn't even know that they will be transported to the gas chambers and the crematoria. on the other hand, jews, wherever they lived in europe, we exemplary citizens and loyal to the countries they all lived in. they did not declare war on anyone and they did not pick up missiles and lobbed it at any nazi or anyone else. arabs and palestinians on the other hand, well, what can i say? just look at their violence, barbarism and backwardness, hate and fanaticism.
14. 7
another wet dream? you're so full of erroneous propaganda, it is embarrassing. we are great. we are strong, we are influential, we are awesome and we are here to stay. change your underwear. you need it.
15. #7, Abdel Karim SalimJerusalem
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.06.13)
Keep in mind US is still being the largest contributor to UN. Does it mean US government is indirectly supports all the wrong doings of this organization? The refuge camps after 65 years being phenomena that can be find only in Arab states . The most unspeakable is the fact that there is no cultural, linguistic or religious difference between refugees and their hostesses. I just want to remind you about Jewish refuges from the sames countries. They were forcibly thrown out of their ancestral lands, lost most of their possessions. They all live and prosper. In 65 years Israelis created unprecedented state with the sophisticated technology. They enriched the lives of millions all over the world with the modernization in science, medicine, agriculture. What did your tribes bring to the humanity? There is no need to "dropping an atomic bomb on a bunch of fighters(terrorists) like Hizbullah". There were many fools who wanted to see us extinct. Meanwhile they are no were around. In recent days I'll remind you of Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein just to mention few. Jews lived through many catastrophes. They learn to protect themselves. Live in peace with your neighbor and you'll be protected.
eddiE ,   capetown   (02.06.13)
Is the biggest financiers of MERCENARIES that the world has seen...if the pals did not get any money from unrwa they would think of constructive things instead of killing Jews.
17. People like #7 are stuck in their hate for Jews / Israel
bob k ,   orlando usa   (02.06.13)
Arabs / Moslems like #7 will never be free of their hate for Israel and Jews. They are prisoners of their culture which we see now ruling in Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey etc. The Arabs and Jews of British Palestine were offered statehood and the Arabs refused, attacked Israel together with all surrounding Arab states and lost. That us it. Admit defeat, make peace, accept that Jews, who have lived in Israel for over 3000 years (twice as long as Arabs), have an absolute right to independence. Also why would Arabs want to call themselves by a European name - Palestine? Israel is the Hebrew name of the state and the majority of its people. Palestinians were never independent there, never called themselves 'Palestinians and have accepted a defintion used by Europeans. That is ironic and sad.
18. Palestinian Jailhouse rock!
tiki ,   belgium   (02.06.13)
The UNWRA, the (by the West) paid jailer of the Arab Palestinians. The UNWRA, the Multi national with the best paid jobs in the area for the (30.000) happy few. The UNWRA, the best guarantee to keep the ''Palestinian fugitive problem' alive and in the mud. The UNWRA, the biggest jamming station for peace in the ME. It's about time the Arab Palestinians get rid of their UNWRA shackles, come to the table and talk to their best friends in the area...Israel.
19. To #6
Odelhya ,   Israel Tel Aviv   (02.06.13)
Do you pretend that Jews were able to flee Nazism???? Did you hear about Holocaust, final solution, concentration camps???? How dare you?
20. #7
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.06.13)
Why exactly Israel is acting with arrogance? What arrogance is that? You arabs own virtuall the whole ME and yet you think that tiny Israel ,living its own live is arrogant? Look at the mirror Abdul!
21. 7
zionist forever   (02.06.13)
The life of 1 Israeli soldier is worth more than 1 million arab soldiers.
22. 15
ZIONIST FOREVER   (02.06.13)
In the late 70s early 80s in an attempt to weaken the PLO power base the Israeli government decided that it would build infrastructure for modern arab settlements and contribute to the cost of building a home for any arab who chose to accept the offer. In return Israel would demolish their home in the UNRWA controlled camp, the idea being more people chose to live in settlements the more of the camps could be demolished make way for even more settlements until eventually there will be no camp anymore. The PLO naturally said they would execute anybody that chose to move and for the ones who did decide to move the UN demand that Israel rebuild their home in the UNRWA camp and send the arabs back there rather than stay in their modern new settlement. The greatest enemy of the palestinians are the UN & UNRWA who encourage them not to move elsewhere because they support the right of return idea. UNRWA has such a huge budget the thing is crooked and even if we created a palestinian state with no ROR then UNRWA would say their job isn't done and make sure its not dissolved because the ROR hasn't been achieved yet.
23. To nr 10, Algoquin
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.06.13)
And what about the right of return of algoquin indians, whose land was grabbed by you ?
24. They must not be in too bad of shape then?
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (02.06.13)
If the refugee's won't even sign a declaration to stay out of Israeli land in order to find safe heaven, then they must be doing alright in Syria.
25. TO IAN, AT NR. 3.
26. #7 - you know much of your post is untrue
William ,   Israel   (02.07.13)
many who fled did so out of greed or fear which never materialized. The Arab Higher Committee leaders admitted to their lies to perpetuate a war of annihilation and it back-fired. That sentiment of annihilation still remains strong in the Anwar Sadat quote you cited, and today in the quotes of Arabs leaders, even Abbas. UNWRA lives off of perpetuating a conflict and keeping people in refugee camps, while allowing themselves to be infiltrated with UN political agendas and Arab terrorist elements, especially in Gaza. UNWRA support has created a population bubble which accentuates the problems and creates a high younger demographic facing issues of high unemployment, low hope, and easy brainwashing by their leadership which stains yet another generation. Had the Arab leadership and UNWRA properly did their job, they would have worked to build proper infrastructure, real towns, and re-settle people from camps so they can move forward with their lives. As it stands now, several generations remain in limbo because of UNWRA's selfish policies....and John Gunness, who has a healthy salary and remain legitimate sees no reason to end those policies which justifies his being.
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