Convicted murderer suspected of fleeing to Syria
Ynet reporters
Published: 05.02.13, 01:05
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1. 20 year sentence & he gets a 12-hour release?
Cameron ,   USA   (02.05.13)
What the.......?
2. Good! Lwt them all leave for Syria
American Hindu ,   USA   (02.05.13)
3. Plenty of murderes in Syria he should fit in well
Haim ,   TA   (02.05.13)
4. Why are we giving them 12 hour leaves?
Reuven   (02.05.13)
5. Is it easy to cross the Syrian border?
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.05.13)
6. send the entire family to syria!
jack bauer   (02.05.13)
7. prisoner on leave???
kapriza ,   tsafon   (02.05.13)
This absolutely blows my mind!!! What kind of prison system allows a 12-hour unsupervised LEAVE from prison to a convicted murderer serving 20 years? Another example of why prison is not seen as a deterrence but rather a paid holiday.
8. Freedom in Syria
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (02.05.13)
Most Syrians try to get out of Syria, except this inmate! It sounds like a Danish prison, where inmates get weekend leaves so as to give them a "normal life" my foot.
9. Here Is A Silly Question WHY
Would a murderer be released unsupervised and for 12 hours? Is this common practice?
10. some more insanity
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (02.05.13)
israel is run by insane people who let out a murderer for twelve hours and expect him to come back to prison. however, it must be admitted that in the uk a man can murder his wife in cold blood and get only six years.
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