Will Livni join government?
Yuval Karni
Published: 05.02.13, 11:26
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1. Will Livni join government?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.05.13)
Excuse me, but who really cares? Certainly not this Israeli taxpayer.
2. this loser would do anything
Mira ,   Vienna   (02.05.13)
just to have a tiny bit of "power" and feel "important".
3. Livni in coalision is hypocrit!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.05.13)
Unless Netanyahu intimately agrees in caving in Arab demands,because otherwise there is no place for Livni in coalision. Lapid is enough for the next Netanyahu term.He doesn´t need Livni. Livni should stay in opposition and ,preferably,quiet!
4. NO to Livni and "peace talks with Palestinians".
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.05.13)
Every time Israel engages in "peace talks with Palestinians" countless Israeli Jews are maimed and murdered. Oslo alone cost Israel thousands of maimed and murdered civilians. Even worse, the aim of these "peace talks" is to render Israel defenseless with a nine mile (15 minute tank ride) waist. Israel doesn't want the terrible loser Livni or dangerous "peace talks with Palestinians". The only thing Israel has to talk about with "Palestinians" is their permanent departure from our land.
6. I'm shocked!
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (02.05.13)
Livni in "I'll have some power please" shocker! Excuse me whilst I scrape my jaw off the floor. Who actually voted for her? Anyone here? Why?
7. Israel must work for peace, Livni is correct.
Miochael ,   California, USA   (02.05.13)
Livni's political views are very relevant. How she decided to push for peace as the top of her agenda isn't really important. Livni now knows that Israel will not survive without achieving a lasting secure peace with its neighbors.
8. #7 Michael. "Peace talks with Palestinians" biggest danger.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.05.13)
#7 Michael. Nothing endangers Israel more than "peace talks with Palestinians". They've already cost Israel tens of thousand of maimed and murdered civilians. The WW II Allies showed Israel the true path to peace. Absolute resounding victory with no concesisons whatsoever. Than we can talk to "Palestinians" about their prompt permanent departure from our land.
9. Netanyahu´s old ,sick, fashion of making politics !
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.05.13)
"one hand washes the other". In turn of Obama´s promise to help Israel in Iran,Netanyahu is willing to give more lands to Israel´s more cruel foes! Livni,the late Sharon´s supporter, is going to be at "Bibi´s" side! SICK!!! Israel is underestimating itself under such sick " leaders" and it is under great risk! ENOUGH! Hasn´t "Bibi" seen the monkey´s visit to Morsi,Obama´s friend just now? Is "Bibi" BLIND???
10. Livni Could have saved Kadima
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.05.13)
If Livni had sat in the government and not abandoned Kadima, Kadima might still be a viable political party. However it was Livni's ego that got in the way. Livni was a Likudnik and she knows better than anyone that the PLO does not want peace, so perhaps she is angling for funding from Peres peace cash cow?
11. I had a question
Robert ,   Queens USA   (02.05.13)
WIthout attacking me please, why is everyone so against Livni? Is it because she made peace offerings to the PLO or because of Operation Cast Lead or something else? There seems to be a lot of negativity and I was wondering the reason. Thanks
12. #10. Destroying Kadima is the one good thing Livni did.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.05.13)
#10. Destroying the vile corrupt appeasing Kadima Party was the one good thing Livni ever did for Israel. However inadvertently.
13. #8 Chaim, Nobody in the world will talk to you.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.05.13)
WW II Allies talked to Germany and helped Germany to recover. They talked to Italy also. The "victory" was delegated to annual parades in which the defeated nations participate. Likewise, France under Napoleon had many rescuers after the Emperor was exported to his final destination. Want more examples, of lesser wars? Your reading of history would not pass the scrutiny of a student in an elementary school.
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