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Watch: Syrian tries to slap Ahmadinejad with shoe
Roi Kais
Published: 05.02.13, 22:55
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1. Why couldn't Mossad take him out with one bullet?
Jake ,   USA   (02.05.13)
Surely the Egyptian secret service is no match for the Mossad.
2. He's a stones throw away.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.06.13)
And no one assassinates him. Hitler couldn't of been so lucky. He would have made twenty UN visits under Obama...and nothing would have happened to him.
3. maybe he will be replaced by someone
Barney ,   USA   (02.06.13)
just as hateful but not as stupid.
4. Eliminating Achmadinejad
Dan S.   (02.06.13)
I have a sneaking suspicion of why Mossad doesn't take him out. All I can say is that you should look at what has happened since he has become President and the net effect it has had overall (all the talking aside), and then look at his history and background. This may provide you with some insight into what I am thinking, but please don't argue it either way on these talkbacks.
5. @1 Sure but...
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (02.06.13)
He is just a circus monkey (who wants to go to space) with strings pulled by the Ayatollahs..Not a quality target.
6. So dignified....
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.06.13)
The rival muslims at each other's throats again.
7. @1, Jake
Alas ,   TC   (02.06.13)
Because Hezbollah is watching. And as 2006 proved, A whole Idf unit is no match for small HA unit.
8. It's the idiot Assad's fault.
Steve   (02.06.13)
Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad freely chose to align himself and his country with genocidal, apocalyptic Iran. Unlike his late father, this is a foolish young man without sense. Now he might well lose everything his father built in Syria.
9. this episode should be called
spanking the has a double meaning here.
10. This Arch Terrorist Deserves More than a Shoe
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.06.13)
The Iranian leader of terrorist deserves to be tried as a war criminal.
11. Better luck next time
Haim ,   TA   (02.06.13)
12. Give the man a medal!
Talual ,   Israel   (02.06.13)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.06.13)
14. #7
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (02.06.13)
Ya right,that's why they RAN to the un CRYING for Israel to stop.What a sorry bunch shooting their rockets at one time and running to hide amongst the women and children(houdini act of dissappearance) and burying their uniforms.The next time will be the end of them as Syria falls no more weapons getting through.
15. Iran provides the tools of murder to Asad
Canadian citizen   (02.06.13)
And Morsi just welcomed him with red carpet what a shame!!!
16. #1-Not Necessary.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (02.06.13)
I'm sure one of the many chaps he's buggered will give him HIV/AIDS.
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