Yachimovich says Labor determined to sit in opposition
Moran Azuly, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 05.02.13, 23:17
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1. translated into english means
zionist forever   (02.05.13)
Yachimovich says she is determined to give up her post as party leader. Some of the hard core socialist supporters who put see morality as the most important thing like the idea. The people who are more realistic think that better to be in the coalition having a say in policy rather than making speeches in opposition. Its her miss morality attitude that turned swing voters from Labor to Lapid because shelly was seen as a complete ammeter. The party hierarchy know she has to go and the longer she keeps up her morality attitude the more urgent the need to get rid of her will seem. GOODBYE SHELLY WE WONT MISS YOU
2. Narrow Majority
Zechariah   (02.06.13)
With Likud Betanyahu Livnis Hatnuya Kadima and the Haredim this is only fifty seven mandates a seven Mk labour faction ought be formed to ensure stability .Yesh atid is arrogant and conceited the nation cannot be divided Lapid is splitting the Jewish Unity.Eventually the Haredim will have to any case.
3. Send this godless heathen home for good!
Z.Z. Coltrane ,   USA   (02.06.13)
Along with Livni!
4. For the Better
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.06.13)
She is born for the opposition.
5. I envy Shelly
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (02.06.13)
She gets to sit around doing nothing and collecting a very large salary for doing nothing but ruining the Labor Party. She really should get together with Livni and exchange notes on how to ruin everything yet get votes without doing anything constructive.
6. If a party sets it's course on Auto-pilot (regardless of the
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.06.13)
"weather") this is what happens. Blindly declaring "Peace Process" as a goal is akin to any religious creed and disregards reality in the same way. Never mind the asnine "Social-Justice"-mantra... Glad to see her go, OR NOT???
7. It's obvious.
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.06.13)
8. Join forces
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (02.06.13)
Join forces with Yesh Atid and Ha Bait Ha Yehudi and enter the government to pressurise Natenyahu to take necessary steps to improve the equality and justice. By not joining him, you are allowing him to sell this country to Haredim.
9. Well, alrighty then
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.13)
You sit in the opposition, Shelly. Sit right next to Tibi, Zoabi and every other Arab MK that chose not to honor the playing of the Hatikvah. They are, after all, your ideological counterparts. By the way, Shelly -- you might want to hit the gym once or twice a week. You are REALLY getting broad in the beam. Either that, or buy trousers two sizes larger -- you're an embarrassment. I'm sure your Arab friends will disapprove. Or not. Your problem.
10. 9
zionist forever   (02.06.13)
The image she has been trying to potray has been the woman of the people. When the others gave speeches sitting on the sofa in their nice apartments Shelly gave interviews from the kitchen trying to put across I am one of you so I understand your problem image. Bibi wears a well fitting expensive suit Shelly wears badly fitting off the shelf stuff Bibi is well groomed because he has people advising him and decades of political experience. Shelly doesn't have anybody to suggest what she looks like and of course she wants to be the ordinary woman on the street. On the plus side of course she does care about the country even if she goes about it wrong whilst all Lapid cares about is being the next PM.
11. What Shelly says, and what Shelly wants.
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (02.06.13)
If Shelly is interested in the haredim going to work and serving in the army. why is she is sitting in the opposition. Do not worry when Shelly comes to power, she will bribe the haredim and forget about requiring them to work or serve. Just like her predecessors, Mr. Rabin and Mr. Peres. Haredim working or serving in the army is just a phoney issue that Shelly and Labor will use to gain power. Its power, stupid, and not sharing the burden. Hypocrite !
12. Is the translation off or is Shelly Determined to sit in
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (02.06.13)
opposition? If so why did she bother to meet Netanyahu? She did say, during the elections, that she would either lead the government or the opposition.
13. Shelly does Israel a favor by ruining Labor.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.06.13)
Labor is a party of self destructive fools. Shelly is doing Israel a big favor by ruining it. Just as Livni did Israel a big favor by destroying Kadima. These are the only good things either of these "'leaders" have ever done for Israel.
14. 11 & 12
zionist forever   (02.06.13)
Jrebecca Bibi never seriously expected Shelly to join although he might of preferred & the right wing over Lapid who is only interested in toppling him. I think though the main issue was trying to get her to support him on certain issues. michael Shelly will never come to power, the party have seen she is useless and now want somebody who the majority see as PM material not just the socialists who Shelly targeted with her woman of the people image. As for the haredi draft issue people might see it as unfair but had it not been for a handful of hared haters and secular politicians like Lapid grasping onto it for personal gain how many people would seriously be interested in what the haredi do? Now its in the public eye its become a major political issue to some even considered more important than things like defense & the budget. This country need vulcans to run the the show then we would have more logic less emotion and fewer politicians with oversized egos.
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