PM considers cancelling Likud primaries
Yuval Karni
Published: 06.02.13, 09:28
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1. One more factor is important...
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (02.06.13)
I don't know if the current method of primaries will be the reason for Lukud's collaps or not but if Natenyahu decides to support haredi parties and throw (like biscuits thrown in front of dog) few minimum changes in front of citizens of Israel and try to cheat them by taking from haredim a bit and giving them from back door a lot, then I am certain that Likud will not see the next elections in parlament.
2. stupid idea
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (02.06.13)
The primaries were the most democratic process of the whole damn election. This system is flawed
3. Terrible Idea
Daniel Tauber ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.06.13)
The solution is more democracy not less.
4. wait and see
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.06.13)
It is not clear whether or not this is a real proposal, a trial balloon, or a fake to destabililze Netanyahu, but two things must be said. There is no evidence of large number of people who voted in the Likud primaries, and then voted for another party in the national elections. If there was such migration, it was equally to Bayit Yehudi and Lapid, mostly because of Netanyahu's mismanagement of the campaign. So if the proposal is real, it has to do with Netanyahu's ego. He sees people hailing "Livni", "Lapid" and "Lieberman" and wants to hear "Bibi" instead of "Likud". Hopefully Netanyahu will come to his senses, prepare internal Likud elections for a successor, and then retire after the next elections.
5. Natnayahu is facing a "Putch" and he is scared!
David ,   The Galilee   (02.06.13)
The "real" Likud has been sidelined in this "merger" of the Likud and Israel-Beiteinu. Founding members have been pushed out so Bibi would not have an opposition within. Bibi has to watch his back or it will be "et tu Yvette" or maybe "et tu (I am not surprised) Moshe Feiglin!
6. What's the matter Bibi? Afraid that Feiglin will
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (02.06.13)
take the Likud in its old and true direction? Afraid that you will become like Perez, a pariah, because of all the excessive liesand delusions? Be careful, it just may happen.
7. Likud had better replace Bibi and fast.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.06.13)
First Bibi leads Likud to yet another electoral disaster, due to his dumb attacks on Bayit Yehudi. Now Bibi wants to silence his challengers within Likud. Likud had better replace Bibi, as leader, and fast.
8. Likud
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (02.06.13)
Cancelling the Likud primaries? A better suggestion - just cancel the Likud and have done with it.
9. #1. Likud will be stronger than every when Bibi is gone.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.06.13)
#1.Likud is not comparable to Kadima, Shinnui or other parties that collapsed. Likud is a permanent part of Israel and Israel's natural ruling party. It will emerge stronger than ever when Bibi is replaced.
10. he is just scared of people like moshe
jack bauer   (02.06.13)
because at heart he is a coward and a traitor. And speaking english very well will only get you so far with the global elitist wolves who want the jews dead and buried
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