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Abbas thanks Iran for backing PA's UN bid
Roi Kais
Published: 06.02.13, 17:11
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1. this is our partner for peace
nir   (02.06.13)
shame on you
2. monkey motor-mouth
Paper Tiger Hunter   (02.06.13)
Israel did attack an islamic country...days ago. Oh wait, it's irrelevant because israel didn't comment on the allegation..... LOL
3. Who Died And Left the little bearded monkey
In Charge? Does The Term Non-Algined Mean Anything? We All Know What The ILLEGAL regime in tehran Would Like To Do To Israel and the Jewish People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ain't Gonna Happen little bearded monkey!
4. ahmah the not job vs. the Monkey !!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (02.06.13)
Unforturnately, the monkey was insulted being compared to this racist iranian moron.
5. the white house should publicly
the mad zionist ,   san francisco   (02.06.13)
express their disappointments in this? I mean, if Obama truly means what he says about caring about Israel's security, then when Turkey egged on Syria to attack Israel, iran offers Egypt aid and nuclear kniw how's,and abbas meeting achmadinejad (which in itself iss putting a roadblock up towards the peace process by meeting with a later that openly calls for mass genocide against the Jewish state), shouldn't Obama start standing up say there will be consequences for such actions? if Israel builds some homes, Obama publicly says Israel is not helping the peace process, and publicly challenges Israel, but Egypt, Turkey, and the Palestinian authority can do whatever, say whatever and Obama will do nothing. the day the west and Europe stop appeasing the Muslim world, is the day they will realize that peace isn't possible with peoples that have no problems executing their own women and children. no Obama won't say anything. Obama won't even publicly acknowledge that the Palestinians put up yet another roadblock in the peace process by adding another precondition. I'm sure Obama will secretly exuberant if Iran and Egypt haveclose ties. he will know that it helps in bringing those countries closer and closer to being strong enough to destroy Israel. all the while Obama sits back and pretends to care about Israels security, while still arming Egypt even after restoring ties with the illegal entity in Persia.
6. Big mouth!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (02.06.13)
Iranian leaders (..and now also the Turkish) have become just like Arab leaders . They just talk and brag and insult, but when it comes to do anything concrete, they are the biggest cowards! So, wasn't the recent bombing of Syria by Israel an attack on an Islamic country? Big mouth!
7. Abbas & Ahmadinejad
Steve a ,   manchester England   (02.06.13)
I wonder what the relatives of the 1000s of dead Syrians ,think of Abbas smiling with the chief supporter of Assad ?
8. Got to be kidding
Jonathan Graham ,   United States   (02.06.13)
With Syria falling apart and Egypt the peoplo rioting Morsi says one of the biggest challenges facing Muslim nations is the Palestinian issue which he said was the cornerstone for establishing stability and security in the region. I think he should take care of his own backyard first
9. Ajad: Iran will destroy Israel if they attack Islamic nation
Jake ,   USA   (02.06.13)
Israel just attacked Syria. Your move Iran.
10. Israel’s days are numbered
OZIL   (02.06.13)
A day will come when the enormous Zionist lies and crimes will be exposed to the world…and then the little Satan will have to face hard justice
Rafi ,   US   (02.06.13)
where exactly is Morsi of Egypt going with this? where is Erdogan of Turkey going with his daring Syria (Assad) to fight Israel? where is the US going in assuming these governments are in some way supportive of US interests in the region ??
Rafi ,   US   (02.06.13)
13. ye right
Amit ,   Cape Town   (02.06.13)
I am sure all Israelis are now shaking in their boots. What a little idiot, I recon his IQ is even lower than his shoe size.
14. Sublime.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.13)
"Iran is ready to annihilate Israel if it attacks one of the Islamic nations" Except Syria, of course .....
15. the shia terror entity has a death wish
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.06.13)
the shia terror entity will continue with its nazi/islamist threats until one day, they cease to exist. we have learned from history that those who threaten to annihilate us in fact do mean to annihilate us.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.06.13)
17. I agree, the PALs are the biggest problem
Hannah ,   Auckland   (02.06.13)
Or rather their obsession with the PALs, which is why every Arab country looks exactly like a refugee camp once you get out of the shiny fake oil cities. They will never achieve anything until the learn to make real peace with their neighbours and stop hating for no reason. They live in the middle ages and I wish they'd all go back there.
18. Iran
Jose ,   Seville,Spain   (02.06.13)
"'Iran is ready to annihilate Israel if it attacks one of the Islamic nations,' Ahmadinejad says" Funny how they all sit among themselves these evil islamic despots,Abbas included and laugh and gloat and threat, the minute someone gives them a bloody nose they run to the UN like children! They do a pretty good job "annihilating" their own muslims, slaughtering and butchering thousands in Syria and other Arab countries. Mali is proof, once Islamists face a proper army they only go in one direction....reverse.
19. Abbas is laughing
Brod ,   USA   (02.06.13)
Arab Islamist-Jihadists-fanatics-PA/Hamas are laughing because they think they can achieve their Charter when their fellow Islamist-Jihadists-Ayatollahists-fanatics get their nukes. Israel should deport Abbas out of the Land of Israel for sleeping with Israel's virulent enemy. Their common goal is the destruction of Israel. Israel should not harbor such elements in the Land of Israel-Judea and Samaria-Israel's Liberated Historic and Biblical Homeland.
20. annihilate
Mat ,   Uk   (02.06.13)
If Israel used this word what will be said by the media and the world U N will. Have Special meeting to condem Israel etc
21. Obama
Yosef ,   Egypt   (02.06.13)
probably believes he can employ Egypt's Islamist "spring" to contain Iran and further integrate Hamas in the "peace process" -all while allowing Israel to feel the pressure- hoping in the end to force everybody into meaningful and fruitful negotiations. problem is, in the beautiful middle east, such strategy will most likely blow up in his face.
22. On Marvin Gaye's tune:
Yossef ,   Paris   (02.06.13)
how sweet it is to be loved by...2 Holocaust-deniers!
23. Assad couldn't make it. Too busy...
b mezritch ,   philadelphia pa   (02.06.13)
24. arrogant and stupid
Ronaldo ,   uk   (02.06.13)
Don't laugh to much, Arrogance is not a virtue Ahma..something.
25. We Just Attacked Syria, nu where is the Iranian army?
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.06.13)
Iranian leader is all talk. I cannot wait till he goes to space and does not come back. Meanwhile, Abbas is clearly Israel's enemy and everyday proves that he is unsuitable to make peace.
26. a very late apology
zionist forever   (02.07.13)
The UN vote was held in November and now its February, bet Ahmadinejad we beginning to feel unappreciated. Terrible manners those palestinians have.
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