Sara Netanyahu's fashion faux pas creates controversy
Akiva Novick
Published: 06.02.13, 22:29
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1. nothing wrong w/ the dress...
Jeff ,   USA   (02.06.13)
looks like she could definitely lose some weight, though.....
2. With all due respect...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.06.13)
Her attire offends anyone with a bit of taste and property,not only haredim. But I think anyway that this should not had been a issue. Everybody should had looked and keept quiet ,during and after the event .
3. Her attire offends anyone who can see
Dave ,   Ra'anana   (02.06.13)
The Haredim finally have something right. Her dress might look good on someone half her age, on Sara one can see her fat bulging in various places. Why do Israeli women, aged 50+, still think they have looks - when they clearly do not?
4. We have many more important issues to address
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.06.13)
Lets focus on improving life for Israelis and less focus on distractions.
5. Sara Netanyahu's taste ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.13)
... is questionable at best, but the outfit she wore to the Knesset inauguration was not only in incredibly poor taste, it is not appropriate to her expanding dimensions. She really needs a fashion makeover.
6. More appropriate for someone twenty years younger and
twenty pounds lighter.
7. If anyone thought only Arabs deliberately distort...
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (02.06.13)
Comparing this photo with a photo of her taken at the inauguration, as well as the proportions and perspectives of the surroundings, this photo was originally approx. 300x256 px and was widened (distorted) to 408x256 to make her look fatter. This is despicable and unprofessional journalism. I'm not a fan of Mrs. Netanyahu, and she has interjected herself into the politics in trying to eliminate Mr. Bennet from any coalition. But, in this instance -- uncharacteristically -- R. Deri is right. ynet has acted amateurishly and despicably here.
8. Sara's political version of transparency.
Noel Nesor ,   Israel   (02.06.13)
Now you see her, now you don't. So this is what the person running the country looks like. Wow!
9. The poor soul has no friend who will bravely tell her-No!
miki ,   tampa   (02.06.13)
10. OMG! No further comment
Mark   (02.07.13)
11. # 5 - She really needs a fashion makeover.
split ,   US   (02.07.13)
She needs a burka or stay home ;) ,...
12. I cant see michele obama walking around a congressional gala
hipocrates ,   earth   (02.07.13)
in that, not sure why PM's wife woudl but neither here nor there- who are we to overplay any judgement. was it not complimentary to her figure? Probably not. Was it not sensitive to religious elements? Probably not. Does she seem a bit out of touch because of her wardrobe selection? Yes. But thats her perogative. Does it make me uncomfortable that she displays such poor taste and judgement in her dress and therefore potentially in other more important relms for Israel's politics? Yup. Do I think she is a bit too involved in Bibi's proefessional life? Yes I am concerned. Look what happened to Olmert with his wife. Should the hareidim grow thicker skin? Yup.
13. This was an appropriate dress for Kate Middleton in an under
Rivkah   (02.07.13)
wear fashion show, but not for the wife of the P.M. Sara Netanyahu looks good in black that is opaque not lace over the middle of her abdomen like it is beachfront attire on a sunny day over a swim suit. Sorry, but this is a fashion minus on the P.M.'s wife. Basic black that is covering, perhaps in an empire style would be flattering. It is not the P.M.'s wife's job to look like a floozy.
14. dressed badly maybe but
peter ,   tel aviv   (02.07.13)
even though she really really wants to be she is not the first lady. That would be the wife of the president. she isn't even the second lady that would be the wife of the speaker of the knesset. I just hope the dress was not included in the 45000 shekel she spent taxpayers money on clothes, that really would have been a waste of taxpayers money
15. Hoochi Momma.....
Yosef ,   Boca Ratón   (02.07.13)
That dress is perfect for jerry springer show. I can see a guy telling his wife his cheating on her with this hooch I momma who at the ends turns to be a man. Totally inappropriate for the wife of a head of a state to dress like this.
16. i must have missed something
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.07.13)
which party's list was sarah netanyahu on? just for once, the hareidi papers' meshugene idea of not showing women, doesn't seem so meshuge. perhaps those "political" reporters who have nothing more important to discuss than the prime minister's wife's fashion sense, should be reassigned to the recipe or horoscope page.
17. GulfArabs & Africans like their women....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (02.07.13)
....heavy to very heavy. Sara would fetch a high price.
18. sara
koby ,   au   (02.07.13)
Is Bibi is to cheap to buy his wife some decent kit, the woman is a frump.
19. Corrupt Jerk
Zechariah   (02.07.13)
Deri is a corrupt Jerk and Sarah's Dress wasn't befitting .
20. They are all jealous.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (02.07.13)
Sara Netanyahu, i love her. I will give her the benefit of any doubt. Sara supports her husband the Prime Minister who has the hardest job in the world. What is the problem, she dresses like every middle age helonit women. Sara fits right in with north Tel Aviv.
21. OMG! I can't believe it!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (02.07.13)
She must have borrowed it from Bar Rafaeli. Seriously though, I feel sorry for Bibi.
22. I loved Sarah's dress
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (02.07.13)
The message it gave speaks more than a thousand words and Shas's attempts to downplay it's signicance is worth a million dollars. Looks like Netanyahu is going to ditch the whackjobs and form a proper government
23. Does she not own a mirror?
The Wifely Person ,   Saint Paul   (02.07.13)
As we would say in Minnesota, "Oh, honey! That dress is so interesting on you!"
24. Good for her, albeit bad fashion
Portia ,   Tzoran, Israel   (02.07.13)
I think she should be COMMENDED for having the guts to show off in the Haredim's face that THIS is Israel! We are dignified, open, secular, and sexy people, and if you want to cover up, that's your choice!!!! And todah leh el you have it!!! The fact that it's not quite the right choice for her body type is another issue, but kudos to her and Bibi for saying, yeah, you look gorgeous!
25. #7. I disagree. Every photo of Sara would have to be distort
Isabella1709 ,   Tampa USA   (02.07.13)
distorted then. She is simply too fat, and that is a tasteless outfit for the wife of a PM even if she was slender. No photographer is trying to make her look fat, she is fat. And I question her hatred of Bennett as petty and fearful, he is the future and she fears Bibi, and in her dim mind, she will be losing power. Pathetic.
26. Its not just about the dress..
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (02.07.13)
The dress is really only the vehicle or excuse for the public to vent their extreme dislike for this woman. Its as much if not more her ugly character that causes offence and here the two combined synergisticly to set off the publics extreme dislike of her. Otherwise the incident would just have been a fashion screw up.
27. Horrible taste
Even non-Orthodox think that she has very poor taste. She is too old and too fat for this dress, and it certainly isn't appropiate for a First Lady no matter what country. Even Michelle O dresses better.
28. Disgusting
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.07.13)
Disgusting comments from Kikar HaShabat. Disgusting dress for a woman of Sara's age and size.
29. Heck, that dress would be daring in Europe
Alex   (02.07.13)
Never seen a Euro politician with such revealing clothing. Something tells me the Netanyahu family isn't religious... (Not that I care...)
30. Don t blame her..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.07.13)
She couldn't afford more lining,because of budget cuts..
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