Officer: If IDF enters Lebanon, we'll have lasting quiet
Yoav Zitun
Published: 07.02.13, 16:08
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1. Just do it please!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (02.07.13)
Time to erase Hezb'allah from the face of the earth beginning in S. Lebanon and starting the disappearing Fat Boy, Nasralah.
2. Won't happen
Cameron ,   USA   (02.07.13)
Nothing but bad luck & a bloody nose waiting for Israeli ground operations in Lebanon. No easy in & out there.
3. It's has to be done
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (02.07.13)
and the longer Israel waits, the tougher it will get. I am not optimistic that a ground operation will be easy. It will get nasty real fast and Hezbollah is probably the most well trained terrorist organization in the world. The US military was stunned the last time Israel went into Lebanon without completing it's objectives. Israel has to go into Lebanon with a Genghis Khan mentality, anything less will be self defeating. It also has to be prepared for world outrage because nothing less than the total destruction of Lebanon will not end in a clear victory, and without a clear victory Muslims, Arabs, Persians etc always shout victory. Nasrallah has to be Saddamed and that will be very difficult considering most likely he is holed up in the Iranian embassy.
4. To: Cameron at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.07.13)
I suspect that there will be considerable softening up via air and naval bombardment before a ground operation is launched. But Israel does learn from its mistakes. Don't look for the same careful avoidance of collateral damage as we saw from Israel in 2006. This time, we just won't care nearly as much. Besides, at the rate that "unexploded Israeli ordnance from 2006" is exploding in Hezbollah weapons caches (what an absolutely amazing coincidence!), there won't be too much mopping up to do -- just the moles in their bunkers.
5. Shut up, Officer
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (02.07.13)
You are not the army spokesman,nor do you determine defence policy. Your job is to obey orders given by the elected govt official.
6. Where was all this bravado in 2006?
Another Marco ,   Spain   (02.07.13)
7. Don't close the door behind you ,...
split ,   US   (02.07.13)
I can't wait to see them racing south with bloody noses and their tails between the legs
8. Care to wager on the move, Sheik?
Cameron ,   USA   (02.07.13)
The IDF has about as much desire to roll back into S. Lebanon as you do to stride into a leper colony for a sit down lunch. No, the IDF is definitely "gun-shy" after their many years of prior operations on that piece of turf, and the thought of IDFcasualties and the resulting international PR disaster will keep them behind the border. Artillery & aerial bombardment are the limit.
9. 2, 7, 8- Next time
Stephen in New York   (02.07.13)
Israel rolls into Lebanon Hezbollah will be eradicated.
10. goodluck!
alas ,   tc   (02.07.13)
Hezbollah toyed with the merkavah in 2006. Without the airstrikes, israel would have achieved much less which wasn't much to begin with. It is clear the HA fighter can out duel the Nahal.
11. To: Cameron at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.07.13)
Don't be too sure about that. We'll cross the border if we have to, with little regard for any international public relations disaster. That's never something that Israel can avoid -- it's okay, you see, to bomb Afghanistan and Iraq until the cows come home and kill millions of civilians in the process, but it is deemed unacceptable for Israel to take appropriate steps to protect its security. But I am quite certain that in the next go-round in Lebanon, Israel will not care nearly as much about civilian casualties. And in said next go-round, Israel's new northern border will be the Litani River. We're going to clean up the rat's nest between the Litani and Metullah and send whatever Lebanese civilians are left further north. Taking a page right out of NATO's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hey -- a sovereign state is a sovereign state, and if the U.S. and the U.K. can do something, then so can Israel. Lebanon lost its sovereignty a long time ago; they don't count.
12. Retake South Lebanon Security Zone forever.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.07.13)
The ONLY reason Israel is suffering so much pain from Lebanon is because of our lunatic retreat from our South Lebanon Security Zone. The solution couldn't be simpler. Retake our South Lebanon Security Zone forever.
13.  9 - Next time ,...
split ,   US   (02.07.13)
Next time they're going to roll into Lebanon they're going get their ass kicked even harder by the sons of the sheep herders that chased your goons in '06 ;) ,...
14. To nr 7 - IDF will use you as a doormat...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.07.13)
...even though you are not fit to clean the boots of IDF soldiers,... I can't wait to see you cry of disappointment when IDF crushes Hezbollah,... I can't wait to see when native European nations kick out your stupid Polish guestworkers from Germany, France, Spain, UK etc since very few people appreciate Polish colonialism,... I can't wait to see when Poland disintegrates demographically,... Google it pinhead,....
15. To nr 13 split...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.07.13) have a short memory,... Don't you remember that it was Israel which flattened several buildings and structures in Lebanon and that it was Hezbollah that kidnapped Israeli soldiers on Israeli soil and unprovokedly sent thousands of rockets at hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians (despite not Israeli presence or "occupation" in Lebanon) without anyone hearing any protest from you - since we all know that you are not a racist and you think people should be treated based on their character and not based on their racial stock,... How do you define a "goon" splittie? Who exactly is a "goon"? People who are ethnically Jewish/Israeli? Then you are a racist - but we know that already,... Exercising self defense makes a person a "goon" provided his/her ethnicity is Jewish? Then you are a racist,... Hezbollah didn't "chase" Israel out of Lebanon since it couldn't even stop Israel from entering Lebanon - pinhead,... Israel left Lebanon in an agreement with the UN that UN forces would keep the peace,... If you are refering to the bad execution of this Israeli war of self defense, place the blame on Olmert and the former Israeli government in 2006, who kept giving IDF contradictory orders. How many wars have your beloved Polish countrymen "won" for the past 50-100 years,...? How many wars has Poland ever won,...? Google it pinhead,... Germany, USSR, Austria, the Austrian Hungarian empire, the Ottomans, they pretty much humiliated you pinhead,... It amazes me that a Polish Catholic pinhead in USA speaks of native rights and yet you reject 4000 years of Jewish history in Israel (and keep repeating like a parrot about King Herod who was not an Arab - he was an Idumean, who ruled the local population - which happened to be Jewish by the way - ooops!) while you live on Native American soil,... Go to the local mental hospital and stay there,...
16. Take with you heavy plows too
Abu yusouf   (02.07.13)
Sowe want to see there will be no house standing after you leave.
17. 13 -Consistently ignorant
Stephen in New York   (02.07.13)
I've seen your posts which are informed only by ignorance and prejudice. You have no understanding of what the IDF is and what's it's capable of.
18. 15 - which happened to be Jewish by the way
split ,   US   (02.07.13)
You mean Cesar's subjects ruled by an Arab capo in Roman colony;) Herod's father was an Edomite, his mother was a tribal Arab that makes him an Arab according to your own law ,... Poles don't have to count how many wars they won or lost or be ashemed of their conduct while facing invaders or fighting enemies unlike your tribe they earned the respect of those they faugt their battles with including the Nazis and Soviets.
19. # 12 Another nut case
Stan ,   Israel   (02.07.13)
20. 15 ,...
split ,   US   (02.07.13)
Your history knowledge is less than impressive - Poles didn't fight Austrians but saved them and most of the western Europe by defeating Ottomans in the battle of Vienna, defeated Soviets in 1920, fought Germans and Russians and kept them in check for centuries. Poland was a superpower until she became a dumping ground for an expelled European Jews and that's a fact you can't change no matter how long and how hard you try to demonise Poles. Poland lost to Prussia, Russia and Austro-Hungarian coalition, lost to Nazis and Soviet coalition but never surrounded and won at the end fighting Nazis with Allies. She lost post WWII to Soviets being stabbed by Stalin's 'leased' goons, a V column that happen to be your homies living there for centuries and won again in '89 by getting rid of commie system and taking down your homie's product, the Evil Empire at the end ,...
21. To # 4, 11 What's all this "We"
Stan ,   Israel   (02.07.13)
Sarah are you now the senior advisor on strategy to the Minister of Defence ???
22. 20,... Poland's wealth and science was based on...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.07.13)
....the Jewish presence in Poland. Unfortunately you are projecting your lack of knowledge on me. Maybe Poles fought alongside Austrians against the Ottomans, but you also forgot that the Austrians gobbled Poland and so did Prussia and Tzarist Russia. Poland came into existence again because the great powers bestowed upon you pinheads national sovereignty - you didn't fight and win your freedom - it was given to you. That's both before and after WW2 - pinhead,... Poland as a matter of fact did not "defeat" the Soviet Union. Both Germany and Russia entered and exited Poland at will during WW1 and WW2. But sure rewrite history if that makes you happy,... And you can't change the fact that we Jews have contributed immensely to Poland's wealth and science no matter how much you try to demonize Jews. Poland entered the age of civilization because of Polish Jewry and much of the world civilization owes its science, arts and culture to us Jews - but ungrateful Polish mongrels such as yourself are suffering from delusions of grandeur about your supposed Polish "greatness",.... Poland's first coins were coined by Jews. Poland's Christianity comes from Judaism. Much of Polish intellectual life and science came from Jews - and you can deny all these things as much as you like and you can demonize us Jews as much as you like - if that's makes you feel better, but you can't change history,... You still haven't commented on the fact that Jews are native to Israel and that you are not native to America. Who cares if Herod was an Arab or Idumean. That doesn't make Israel an "Arab" country. His subjects were Jews - not Arabs - pinhead,... Poles fought for their freedom in Poland against Germany and Russia - and lost, while the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto lasted longer than Poland. That too is a historical fact - quite impressive I must say considering the fact that you think of us Jews as "subhumans",...
23. #18 - Are you capable of writing titles for your..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.08.13)
....talkbacks without repeating the words of other debaters? An Arab capo in a Roman colony - conquered by the Romans, in the ancient land of Israel - good dear Polish pinhead, that we have agreed that Romans and Arabs are foreign to Israel and that Jews are native to Israel. I'm so glad we finally agree on that,... "Poles don't have to count how many wars they won or lost " Of course not because there are few wars you have ever won,... "or be ashemed of their conduct while facing invaders or fighting enemies" Oh boy, you're really self righteous and bombastic now. We Jews too have faced enemies and invaders in Israel - invaders and enemies such as Arabs for example. I ancient times we fought the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Romans etc while people of Eastern Europe were still climbing the tree tops,.... Poland has much to be ashamed of: Poland aided Nazi Germany in killing 6 million Jews, Jewish property was stolen by Poles during WW2 and during the Cold War but since you are a Nazi and a racist genocidal ideologist who believes in genocide on world Jewry, and an anti-Semite who believes in Polish self righteousness, it means that you Poles can commit any crime and yet deny it or legitimize it by blaming others, but it seems that Polish anti-Semites speak warmly against racism but have committed mass murder themselves and seem to think they stand above law and order. "Unlike my tribe"? My tribe has existed for 4000 years and we have single handedly defeated mighty Arab armies in several wars in the 20th century. When has Poland ever achieved something like that?
24. To nr 19: You're the nut, Chaim has got a case
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.08.13)
Chaim is right. When IDF was stationed in southern Lebanon, the problem with kidnappings of Israeli soldiers inside Israel hardly existed and kidnappings of Israeli civilians in general hardly existed when IDF was stationed in southern Lebanon and the problem with Hezbollah firing rockets at us hardly existed either. Southern Lebanon is historical Israel. Should you blame world history for being a "nut"? Should you blame Jews in ancient times for living there because they destroy your case against Jewish presence in southern "Lebanon"? We have legal rights to Cis-Jordan, Trans-Jordan and SOUTHERN Lebanon up until the bend of the Litani river - according to two legally binding documents recognized by international law called the San Remo treaty signed April 1920 and the Anglo-American treaty signed 3rd of December 1924 in London UK. But sure - argue with historical facts, international law, geopolitics, strategy and safety and security for Israelis - if that makes you feel better. The Arabs of southern Lebanon are illegal squatters and they have no right to be there in the first place. Maybe it's "racist" to say that - but maybe it's not racist to ethnically cleanse Jews from Gaza.... Chaim has got a case while you're the nut. Together you're a nutcase.
25. bullcrap
marcel   (02.08.13)
arabs are not quiet period so idf should be making stupid statements.
26. Split from Poland
Barry   (02.08.13)
Yes, the Pol├ęs were appreciated by the Nazis and Russians for being somewhat thick headed, but nevertheless good servants working content on drinking their slave wages on cheap vodka. Maintaining a donkey costs more than a Pole. I'm truly impressed.
27. Split is an Idiot!!
Barry ,   Tokyo   (02.08.13)
Osram, you need to understand what you truly are. Denial is not an option.
28. Frankly
sam ,   colorado-US   (02.08.13)
Frankly the entry is easily I'm with you but have you thought about how to get out I think any attack with forces is a disaster and anyone who thinks this logic,my think it's ignorant
29. #19 Stan. You offer nothing but puerile insults.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
#19 Stan. You had a chance to advance an argument to back your ridiculous appeasement theory. However, you have no rational argument to offer. You have nothing but puerile insults to offer. Historical fact proves you absolutely wrong. All Israel's Lebanon troubles are DIRECT results of Israel's lunatic left inspired flight from Lebanon. Remember the leftist "Four Mothers"? Virtually all Israel's problems stem directly from leftist appeasement and retreat. That is an easily verifiable fact. However, you lack the ability to offer even the ghost of a rational response. You are pathetic!
30. Let's make early March a War Date
Israeli ,   Nashville, Tennessee   (02.08.13)
Israel should move into Lebanon just as they did in 2006. But NEXT time use a strategy ISRAELIS. The reason israel lost the '06 war was because you thought it would be a war of attrition in which Lebanon would give up & expel HazBollah. Israel HAVE to start using strategies and GROUND forces will be neccessary. On January 3rd, Hassan NasRallah gave an HOUR long Arbaeen Ceremony speech in which the MOSSAD & IDF did nothing when this was the greatest opportunity to execute him. If IDF officers can't achieve THAT much how are they to feel confident on achieving victory the NEXT time. The psychological effects from such an assassination would make everything change. Also, IDF groundforces must be deployed. Why? So that in the event that we have to remove Dufus Assad, the troops would already be in motion. It would be easier to destroy Syria by moving in from the West. Also, HazBollah's missiles have largely been destroyed by the MOSSAD. In December Monday 12th 2012 hundreds of their SCUDS & M-600s went up in flames. Once israel activate THEL, request Pac-3 to be located in Tel Aviv then the stage is set. But if the IDF used bomblets and a few bombs like the FOAB or MOAB goals could be achieved. The US overthrew the Taliban ,using the Northern Alliance ,which used tactics similiar to HazBollah. The shockwaves from the Russian FOAB's causes a shock wave that causes eardums to explode, bleed & etc.
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