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Access Bible with modern technology
Aryeh Savir, Tazpit
Published: 18.02.13, 14:14
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1. I want to read what it says about the crusade period, please
Moshe ,   u   (02.18.13)
2. Hebrew bible is world's first 'alphabetic' book.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (02.19.13)
Hebrew bible is also the world's first scientific book, it introduced the premise of the universe is finite [with a BEGINNING]; and the first scientific equation, 'A seed shall follow its own kind'. This is a mysterious, deceptively simple document.
3. The problem with the church is: its leadership rejects Bible
Jouko ,   Finland   (02.19.13)
4. Modern Bible Technology
Lynn ,   Knoxville   (02.20.13)
#3. That is only a partially correct statement. Most mainstream protestants ascribe now, though not necessarily in past history, to the idea of Replacement Theology. That is NOT true of True Evangelical Christians who read the Bible and take it quite literally as presented, concerning the Jewish people and God's relationship to them. The only way to determine who is an Evangelical Christian is to ask them and not accept what/who the media describes as an Evangelical. The so-called mainstream media often describes anti-Semites such as Rick Warren as an Evangelical. He is not and the msm tries to mix/confuse the R.T. doctrines of Warren/others with Evangelical doctrine. Big difference in the doctrines.
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