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Former PM: Egypt's government nearing end of the road
Published: 07.02.13, 16:58
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1. shame on the US
Fad Egypt   (02.07.13)
in the 2012 presidential elections, General Shafik got my vote, not only because i dont want Morsi but also he is the most and only candidate can run the country, and can turn it around, he is anti islamist, moderate and pragmatic person, i believe that he won the elections, according to many sources he won the elections but the results were changed at the last moment in favor of Morsi under Obama pressure !!!! according to many trusted foreign and Israeli sources since the first moment the MB claimed victory, the Obama admin endorsed and supported their claim that Morsi is the winner !!!! may God bless Mr Shafik, i dont trust anyone else to be the leader of my country Shalom
2. MB thinks it has a hotline to Paradise
3. Like I said when he was being elected
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (02.07.13)
Everyone celebrates having democratic elections claiming they are a democracy now. I had said then Morsi was elected that it isn't elections that make a democracy it is what happens after the election and when it comes time to change for a new president. That is what determines a democracy. And it doesn't even look like he's going to make it till the next election.
4. There Seems To Be A Theme
for muzzie countries? Next it will be? lebanon or jordan? Stay Tuned!
5. Shame on the Egyptian masses, #1
Cameron ,   USA   (02.07.13)
They traded one dictator for another. People get the govt. they deserve. You had your chance. Take responsibility.
6. #5 Cameron
Fad Egypt   (02.07.13)
if it was not for Hussein Obama, Morsi and the MB would have never become in power, Obama support for the MB is clear since the first days of the revolution, according to many unbiased independent sources, Shafik is the one who won the race, less than 24 hours after the MB claimed victory, i read that according to trusted Israeli sources, the Obama admin supports the MB and Morsi claim of victory although, the official results werent announced yet, and despite all the MB fraud tactics in the vote, the US ambassador in Cairo accused the army of trying to change the results in favor of Shafik and that she is sure that Morsi won !!!! what the hell ??!!! is this true democracy ??!! a country interfere in another country politics and decide who is the winner ??!!! shame on Obama and all who voted for him shalom
7. Again, take responsibility, Fad
Cameron ,   USA   (02.07.13)
Egyptians have no one to blame for that MB Morsi creep except their fellow Egyptians. They wanted an "authentic" Muslim leader in power, and they got it. No hopping around, and trying to tack an awful Egyptian collective decision on the US. You had your chance, and blew it.
8. Theft works!
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (02.07.13)
Obama stole his election for US President. Why would our Muslim usurper president not advocate the same methods for his soul brother in Egypt?
9. When there will be situation the most dangerous for Islamist
Oleg ,   USA   (02.07.13)
there is always Jews, that will be blamed. Mosri, having Iran behind and all other idiots will simply start a new war
10. Cameron #5/7. You are wrong, Fad is not responsible
Yossef   (02.07.13)
of what happened in Egypt, as he told you he voted for Shafik. So, there are no reason to be rude with him. According to what I read of him (since many years now:), he his more a friend of Israel than a foe, and certainly not a supporter of the extremist muslims. I share his opinion that the real responsible of the rise of the MB in the Middle-East is Barak Obama himself. The arab people are not choosing nothing now, they are the pawns of the new foreign US policy. I hope that soon reason will prevail in all these arab countries.
11. Don Quijote's fight against the windmills
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.07.13)
Overpopulation can not be solved by any political means. Except egyptians will learn to cook omelettes from crocodile eggs.
12. Fad is always welcome
alsky ,   toronto   (02.07.13)
in my home. \many \jews on the 'left' are not !
13. Isamists will not be satisfied
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.07.13)
until they have ruined the countries they take over. The motto that "islam is the solution" has to be show without shadow of doubt that is cannot deliver anything other than sharia law. Forget food on the table, forget jobs, forget all the freedoms you want. It will happen all over the arab world and one by one they will come round.
14. Not rude, just blunt, Youssef
Cameron ,   USA   (02.07.13)
And I'll tell ya, man, I am weary as Hell of those who don't favor events and outcomes trying to then mark it down to the hand & responsibility of Obama. I find that both intellectually dishonest and just plain evasive. Obama serving as an "easy out" and flip rationalization for the troubles of the ME.
15. #10 Yossef, #12 Alsky
Fad Egypt   (02.07.13)
thank you so much for your support, i know that the people of Egypt are partially responsible for what happened but the outcome would have never happened if the Obama admin hadnt support the MB because Shafik won the elections and the powerful army was against the MB in the first place !!!! shalom
16. Freedom and Democracy
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (02.07.13)
Obama and Hillary Clinton said that they supported the ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood because they would bring Freedom and Democracy to Egypt. But. the Brotherhood had said for years that its goal was to institute rule by the Shariah, which is totally incompatible with Freedom and Democracy. And, they have brought rule by the Shariah. Those Egyptians who did yearn for Freedom and Democracy are now outraged, and are protesting. But, who will help them? As Obama has demonstrated, the US may help bring rule by the Shariah, but it may not be a very good place to look for support for Freedom and Democracy.
17. EGYPT.
18. Cameron, actually my name writes יוסף
Yossef   (02.07.13)
19. Hands off Fad.He is a factual witness of Egyptian events!
Alan ,   SA   (02.08.13)
Thanks Fad for your observations . I enjoy and value them
20. Fad's comments are very valid and based on the truth.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (02.08.13)
Yes, Obama interfered in those election results. He was rooting for the MB from the very beginning. He even interfered with the candidates. First, he as good as endorsed MB's El Baredei as the preferred candidate / new prime minister, but there was a lot of opposition and outrage about him because of his blatent lies about Iran's nuclear program when he was head of the IAEA, plus the fact that he had spent very little time in Egypt and was VERY unpopular with the Egyptians. He had scurried over from Europe to Egypt when Mubarak was deposed. Now why would this alien suddenly land from Mars if he did not know he had real strong backing? Not from the MB because they were just creeping out from their filthy holes. Remember they had said they were not going to run for office. So somebody big wanted them in and EMPOWERED them and even found candidates for them. Then Morsi suddenly appeared on the scene as El Baredei's alternative, just as the US press also suddenly started gushing about how westernized he was, having spent so much time in the US, first reading for his Ph.D at the Univ of Southern California and working as Assistant Professor at California State University, Northridge. They gave him positively GLOWING reports, no doubt at Obama's request. Don't doubt it, he was hand-picked - both were. Then for days after elections, the results were not released, as people waited and waited and speculated about the cooking of the results. Then the same western newspapers started to opine about the possibility of riots if Morsi lost while word was coming out of Egypt that Shafik had won. Then after much lengthy deliberations and cooking of the books, Morsi was declared the winner much to everyone's shock. Morsi and Obama stole the elections from the Egyptian people...just like the how the mullahs in Iran stole the elections from the Iranian people. I believe every word that Fad has written. Obama wanted a MB prime minister and wielded his power behind the scene and really SHAFTED the Egyptian people. HE is the cause of the present riots in Egypt by his interference. Instead of using his power to try to make the ME a safer and calmer place, Obama is leaving it in shambles and absolute chaos. I dread to even think what it would be like at the end of his second term. It certainly would not be safer for Arabs, far less for Israelis. The man sullies every damn thing he touches.
21. Another Egyptian washout in the court of Emir hallucinating.
Persian CAT   (02.08.13)
This guy has not realized his, and his kind's shelf life has expired. That's why he is being added to the furniture in the Emir's harem.
22. fad
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
you have had and still have my support, respect.
23. Mubarak was booted first and Morsi will follow
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.08.13)
24. #1 is dreaming. Please read what i wrote
Iranian H   (02.08.13)
The reason is simple, if he wins, he will be toppled because of the accusation that he wins by cheating, back then, Mubarak officials are believed to cheat to win. In the islamic world, and i speak this as a former shia muslim. Any party that makes it self as fighting religious officials and clerics will lose. I am not making these up. Try running as president in Egypt if you're a coptic christian leaning to atheism, good luck ! and double luck to you if you win, you'll be accused as cheating and planted by the west or russia.
25. To Fad and all the rest...
Tali ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
Fad-Thank you for all your input and knowledge about this situation! I have a lot of respect for you and you are welcome in Israel anytime for a visit! For the rest of you-you should take note of what he is saying, he has witnessed events in Egypt first hand and probably knows a lot more about whats happening in his own country than we do.
26. #25 Tali, 22 Birdi, 20 Harry Wright
Fad Egypt   (02.08.13)
thank you so much for your supporting comments, # 24 Iranian H, well i know that if Shafik had won, the people would have uprisen against him, it doesnt matter, there must be a confrontation between the islamists and the army to bring down the MB and its supporters, this must be done, during that time it was much easier than now, the army was in power and the MB was relatively weak, now most of the egyptians, the revolutionaries, Shafik supporters are united against Morsi and the MB to bring it down, but now it is so difficult because the MB is in power and the amry is not at the scene and i dont think that it will interfere so it didnt matter that Shafik victory would ve led to riots and the army was ready for that anyway, the army contacted Shafik before the results told him that the palace is ready for him, so the army was ready for the aftermath also it is the MB which was accused of fraud in the elections by independent sources not Shafik and the opposition knew that very well Shalom
27. Many will miss the days of Mubarak, Ali, Khadafi
Abu Yusuf el Dugri   (02.08.13)
The Arab spring generated muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, Tunisia, and Lybia many people in these countries will miss the days of Mubarak, Ali and Khadafi as they been much better what they have now.
28. 24.
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
the 1 who is dreaming plus delusional, is you.
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