Facebook video overturns parking ticket in Tel Aviv
Associated Press
Published: 07.02.13, 18:52
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1. Parking Tickets
Nick ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.07.13)
Try taking buses and trains, like we do here in Toronto. You won't get parking tickets, your air will be cleaner, and your city will be less congested.
2. #1 I agree with the general approach, execpt for...
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (02.07.13)
...the problematic assumption. You assume Israel in general, and Tel-Aviv in particular, has a competent and well-designed public transportation infrastructure. This... is not quite the case yet. In any case, this particular case of a large parking fine for a *legal* parking? This is not how you encourage people to take public transport. I can but assume that one hand (the people ordered to paint the new parking sign) did not know what the other hand (the municipal inspectors) was doing.
3. That road crew and the one calling her a lair should b sackd
John ,   Scotland   (02.07.13)
4. More than a refund is required
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (02.08.13)
These employees should be charged with a criminal offence & dismissed. They deliberately falsified an infringement & in doing so have issued a false instrument . This is attempted fraud pure & simple. The AG or Police must charge them. Or is it a case of one law for Government (& its employees) & another for the rest of us.
5. No. 3 I disagree, the onus is on them
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (02.08.13)
The onus is on the city employees to prove that they did not collaborate. That is the same process that Governments apply, Also the inspector would have seen the parking spot many times & knew its status. If it suddenly changes but there is a car there s/he should have investigated. Fresh paint should have raised a few questions. Let me guess the inspector will say "I was following orders" Where have we heard that before,. What the inspector should say is I'm not paid to think only to collect revenue.
6. Tel-Aviv traffic terrible but never dull
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.08.13)
I remember in the early 1970s my father turning down a one-way street in Tel-Aviv and when he got to the end of the block he found 3 other one-way streets all point into the same intersection and not one legal way out. He had to drive the wrong way for a block before he could exit.
7. No, I won't rent a car here.
Norm ,   Minneapolis, USA   (02.08.13)
Right next to this article was an advertisement for renting a car in Israel. Not such a good placement, eh?
8. Country O' Scumbags
Scott ,   Florida   (02.08.13)
9. #8 Your math doesn't add up....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.08.13)
Scumbags? You hypocrite! You're quite happy to use our technology in your everyday affairs.
10. #9 I can't remember the last time I used Polish made tech.
atm ,   Canada   (02.08.13)
11. #10 Nor can I........
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.08.13)
Thanks for pointing that out.... For the record, I meant Israeli technology.
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