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Suspected arson in Beitar Jerusalem offices
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 08.02.13, 12:23
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1. Reminiscent...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.08.13)
Of the Mafia - not so much as reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan or the Russian pograms. Pure racism. The fans can object, if they really feel the need to, by simply staying away from the games.
2. Anarchists from outside of Israel, I would bet
Avi Ze'ev ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.08.13)
3. You condemn violence but YOU created it!
David ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
The last four years have seen an horrific rise in level of hatred in Israel and this is a result of a total failure by you in curbing racist statements and hatred by members of youe own party, like MK Miri Regev who called black people a cancer, former MK, Anastassia Michaeli with her disgusting insult to the Gay community and the perpetrator of the great water throwing incident! Your Coalition Chairman, MK Elkins and MK Levin and another example of the hatred your administration has created and add to this your constant appeasing of the Ultra-Orthodox is bring this country closer to a civil war! The hatred expressed by Beitar Jerusalem comes from home and there home is the Likud!
4. Violence is the halmark of Israeli society
Sagi   (02.08.13)
The government is violent towards its citizens by imposing on them outrageous laws and regulations and taxes. The haredim use violence, both subtle and overt to get their way imposed on others. Verbal violence is prevalent in all walks of society. Road rage is witnessed on a daily basis. The behaviour of both fans and players at the arena is violent. The torching of these offices is just another manifestation of a very sick society.
5. Just the beginning
Keren IL-BR ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
it is a natural trend of right-wing societies to reach this point of hate and fanaticism. Fans destroyed their own history just for the hate of the Muslim players. The Israeli society is downhill. no moral standards, no tolerance, no respect. Then there will be a post here saying the Arabs treat Jews alike. So what? We are Jews, we have moral grounds, 4000 years of teachings and learnings. We cannot behave like thugs. We cannot act like the Goyn. We have to have superior moral standards and be further more tolerant and mensch than any other people. It happens that we are today just the opposite. We are becoming the worst among the nations.
6. # 3 David
Sagi   (02.08.13)
Read my # 4. Violence and hatred are prevalent and overt every minute of the day and in all venues, on the road, on a bus or a train, in the mall and on the pavement, in official offices and private establishments. It is so sad, I would give anything to go back to the Israel of pre 1948 where people had love and respect in their hearts.
7. Who did it? Anyone take responsibility? Why assume its FANS?
Danny ,   Beitar Illit   (02.08.13)
I find it hard to accept that Beitar Fans burnt team trophies...Sounds more like the people who set forest fires and other "nationalistic" crimes.
8. Usual frightwing denial-must have been Lefties Arabs or SB"K
miki ,   tampa   (02.08.13)
9. Oh come on, so there's Muslims playing for Beitar...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.08.13)
the only question should be is whether these guys can play football or not, and apparently they can, or else Itzik Kornfein wouldn't have brought them in. One of them is a 19 year old kid, who looks as far from Hamas. as the Earth is from the Sun.
10. Sorry to say it, but I believe Tanah is to blame.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.08.13)
There is so much hatred in the Tanah, and so much inequality. Some teachers in schools are trying their hardest to explain that Tanah is not reality, but students don't get it. There are additional sources of hatred, but the Tanah is number one in my opinion. I apologize if this offends you, but please drop hatred from your existence. There is beauty in love and no need to burn anything down.
11. # 5, Yes.
Ezra ,   San Diego   (02.08.13)
Torah. It belongs to us; embrace it. Hashem Elohiem Emet.
12. Soccer Hooliangism
emanon ,   USA   (02.08.13)
13. XENOPHOBIA is a cancer!
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (02.08.13)
14. It´s such a pity that we are all over the news
Mark ,   Haifa   (02.09.13)
Because of this... When will people learn how cataclysmic their actions are.... It truly is a shame
15. @#2: Home Grown Terrorists
Golden Dome ,   Washington, USA   (02.10.13)
You guys have turned from being persecuted into the racists you abhorred.
16. When you hear hooves think horses before zebras.
Golden Dome ,   Washington, USA   (02.10.13)
Why shouldn't we expect the 'fans'? They're the ones protesting.
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