Age of innocence over
Alon Pinkas
Published: 09.02.13, 12:03
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1. bolster ties? you are kidding right?
jack bauer   (02.09.13)
trying to quote thomas jefferson is rather pathetic. Obamas administration has violated practically everything jefferson ever stood for.
2. if israel
JL   (02.09.13)
believes anything BO tells them then israel deserves anything that will happen to it..just like the americans who voted him in twice
3. #1
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (02.09.13)
Do you mean, for example, slavery?
4. The only thing Americans are naive about....
esse ,   Israel   (02.09.13)
...is that Isarelis are wise enough to do what's best for our long-term interests. Time is not on our side and yet we continue to not do what needs to be done to give the Palestinians a state (which is the ONLY thing that will prevent Israel from facing forever war.) There are hundreds of millions of enemies around us and it's only a matter of time until one of them gets a nuclear weapon. We can't forever stop Syria or Iran from getting one. It may not happen in ten years, but how about twenty or thirty? The only solution is to give the Palestinians a state. Doing so will placate sufficient numbers of moderate Arabs/Muslim nations to allow Israel to get through the 21st century without facing forever war. It will also guarantee support from the US and the various Israel-friendly European nations. The alternative is forever war and no allies and eventual sanctions imposed by the UNSC. Some far-right Israelis are causing Israel to head towards this alternative and Obama and the Americans are naive if they don't realize how truly ignorant many far-right Israelis are.
5. #4 Forever War
Gregory ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.09.13)
Well said esse! Until the far-right and the settlers get this into their thick craniums, this continuing state of affairs will make the lives of many Israelis and Palestinians of the present and future generations miserable.
6. #3 Really? That's the best you got? You displayed your
ignorance of the man ,   4 all to see.NICE!!!   (02.10.13)
7. No "forever war"
Curtis ,   USA   (02.09.13)
There will apparently be continual war till Messiah comes/returns. Then there will be "forever peace". Just because people don't believe it doesn't mean it will not happen. "I will grant Salvation in Zion and My Glory to Israel". To those who want to destroy Israel: Get it through your thick heads it cannot be done. Nobody can go against Yahweh and win.
8. What a load of BS
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.09.13)
We do not blame the Americans for Arab fascism and racism. They did that all on their own. We want the US to butt the hell out of the area. They are ensuring that there will never be peace. So stay the hell out of it. And Jarda - the President of the US does support Islamofascist regimes that are re-instating slavery. Your ignorance is showing again. Just ask he as demanded that we impose segregation and Jim Crow here in Israel on Jewish citizens
9. Only because we ingest large quantities of humous doesn't
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.10.13)
make us experts on ME. There's nothing naive about USA's policy and there never was. At the end they get what they want. About time we Israelis started acting on our own behalf as well. The Erzatstinians will have to look for "Homeland" somewhere else (try Jordanistan for a "siftah")!
10. It's ludicrous to go bk to 67 borders!!
Dr Eric ,   Tel aviv   (02.10.13)
It's unbelievable how people can really believe that if we hand the PA a state at 67 borders peace will reign here forever. That idea failed every time. The same people said give the golan to the syrians and all will be great!! Can't you all see that the extremists totally control the Arab pibli. There is anarchy in Egypt, libia, iraq, tunis, syria and so many more countries. It took the Hamas 1 week to toss the PA out of Gaza. The gaza and Lebanon are loaded with surface to surface missles. why would we want to have the entire WB loaded with missles. The only solution to peace is the bennet plan. The arabs can hv a PA state in Areas A with land contiguity. Israel must control the borders and the Jordan valley. The WB legally, historically and morally is Israeli territory
11. Israel must keep the West Bank - It is Israeli territory!
Dr Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (02.10.13)
The WB is 100% Israeli territory as is the Golan. Israel would be crazy to relinquish these territories. If we gaveup the Golan we would have the syrian anarch at the Kineret and in no time we would be at war with Syria. If we give thw WB to the PA we will have a Hamas state in no time. It took the Hamas 1 week to throw the PA out of Gaza. For the sake ofhuman rights Israel must control the WB. If the Hamas takes over there will be no women's rights no gay rights no freedom foranyone. We must use common sense!!
12. Great article! Obaama is not statesman at all. He's still in
the commmunity ,   orginizer mode.   (02.10.13)
13. False comparison twixt Israel and PA
Bob K ,   Orlando USA   (02.10.13)
Amb. Pinkas served Israal well, I think, as former NY consul. However, his claim that 'Israel and Palestinians share belief that US is 'always' to blame for the lack of an agreement about how to make peace. The parameters of peace laid down in the Olso Accors in 1993 are simple -'land for peace'. The problem, unrecogized and denied by so many well-meaning would-be 'peacemakers, is that the PA doesn't want a peace agreement with Israel. The PA wants Israel to agree to all their demands while not agreeing to any of Israel's demands. Former PM Barak in 2000 and former PM Olmert from 2006-8, offered the PA almost all of the 'west bank' plus east Jerusalem. Arafat rejected the offer and with hamas and islamic juhad launched a suicide-bobming, drive -by shooting war of terror against Israelis. Abbas saw that this did not force Israel to withdraw without a peace agreement so Abbas simply talked but never responded to Olmert's offer of land for peace. Abbas wants either the UN or the US to hand him these areas on a silver platter. It cannot be done. And of course there is hamas in Gaza which Obama and the EU ignore. Israel alone is left to handle that. The reason Netanyahu now refuses to do what he would have done before the 'Arab spring' is that the Islamists are taking over the region. Jordan is far from being 'frozen in time' as Pinkas claims. King Abdullag looked very agitated and worried when interviewed by CNN at the Davros economic summit recently in Swizerland. No-one can predict the mideast future. However,I don't think that the US will be energy independent even in 20 years.
14. Only Arab Willingness Will Bring Peace
emanon ,   USA   (02.10.13)
The arabs have walked away or otherwise refused peace with Jews since BEFORE there was a modern State of Israel. Only their willingness to accept Israel will begin the peace process.
15. #8 Sure
tom ,   --   (02.10.13)
The US will happily 'butt out' and take its UNSC veto with it. Then we'll all sit back and watch the nations of the world gang up on Israel. I'd give you five years, tops. So best you don't get what you wish for because the US is the only thing from keeping your neighbors from attacking you and the Europeans throwing every diplomatic weapon they have at you. Biting the hands that feeds you never works out. You'd think you would have learned that by now.
16. Age of innocence
BobNz ,   New zealand   (02.10.13)
Obama is not your friend, I am afraid this is not going to end well for you Israelis until you can unite as one people your fate is sealed and I think you know it I say this with sincerity and sadness BobNz
17. #16 Not true (at all)
Dan ,   NYC   (02.10.13)
Obama has done more than any other world leader to confront Iran. If even a fraction of the world's nations had followed the lead of the US, then Iran would have long ago given up its nuclear program. Your anger should not be directed at Obama, but instead the 200+ other nations who don't give one diddly about whether or not Iran gets a bomb. Obama has also done more than any other leader to thwart the Palestinians attempts to upgrade their status at the UN. If it weren't for Obama, the Palestinians would right now have a fully-recognized state and would have Israel before various international courts. In other words, if it weren't for Obama, Israel could right now be facing sanctions tougher than Iran is facing. Obama simply backs peace plans that are widely endorsed by Israel's other allies (few that they are.) The plans are also backed by many Israelis. So who's a better friend than Obama? Someone from New Zealand? Yeah, right. You're the kind of person who doesn't know what they have until they lose it and if Obama ever TRULY turned against Israel then you people would truly be facing an existential threat. I know this goes against your nature, but it might be time to show a little appreciation.
18. #17 You small minded deluded man. The US can pull away all
David-ben-David ,   Israel   (02.10.13)
it wants to. In fact, it would be a Blessing if it did. Obaama has done NOTHING for Israel except to pressure us into doing what he wants so he can stoke his deluded politcal view of himself as somebody special that has stepped on the World Stage of Greatness. He will not succeed in his endeavors at all. Not 1 president has ever been able to divide us, & the next one won't either. We are the ONLY country in the ME that has a covenant with Hashem, and he looks out for us FAR better than BHO. And Hashem is not out to make a name for himself. He's already done that & it reverberates down through the ages!!!!!
19. #15 Wow!!!
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.10.13)
The US is stopping our neighbors from attacking us, when did that happen? Was it in 1948 when the US imposed an arms embargo on us? Or was it in 1956 when the President forced us to return the Sinai after the acts of war the Egypt started? Or perhaps in 1967 when the Arabs did it again? Or again from 1969-1972 when Egypt fired thousands of artillery into our positions? Or was it in 1973 when the Arabs invaded? Or even 1982 when the PLO launched thousands of rockets and terrorist attacks from Lebanon and the US Armed Forces went into rescue the PLO? Perhaps it was the more than $1 trillion in US aid to Islamic fascist regimes that have been doing all that attacking? You are not feeding us - it is the other way around - the US gets from us over $15 billion in intelligence, technology and other assistance. So it is way past time that you stop trying to destroy the hand that has been feeding you for a long time now. All we are asking is to mind your own affairs - if that is too much to ask then you are the problem not us
20. #15 What an arrogant post.....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (02.10.13)
Read post #19 written by someone who acutally knows what they are talking about.
21. #19 I'm glad not all think like you
esse ,   Israel   (02.10.13)
If they did, we would have long ago gone the route of Yugoslavia and apartheid-era South Africa. Your extreme nationalism blinds you just as much as it has blinded others, Gee. Luckily most Americans know that Israelis appreciate their support and realise the US has very often gone out on a diplomatic limb for Israel (one-third of all UNSC American vetoes have been to protect Israel.) The US doesn't have to do this for any of its other allies, most of whom support the US in its various wars. All Israel does is take and yet we have the likes of the poster in #19 who actually thinks the US benefits from an alliance with us! The only thing we gave the US is 9/11 (seriously. Read up on the 9/11 Commission Report and how the leader of the hijackers was motivated to do what he did because he hated how the US supports Israel.)
22. We have a covenant with Hashem!
Linda ,   UK   (02.10.13)
Haha. How has that worked out for you so far? Ready to spend another 2000 years getting kicked out of other nations? Keep acting the way you do and you're sure to get it.
23. Israelis who don't want the US involved tend to think...
MestangloMan ,   US   (02.10.13)
...that the world would stand by while they ethnically-cleansed the Palestinians. To them, the US is the only thing standing in the way of Israel getting more "living space." I'm not sure there is a reasonable response to people who want to do this to the Palestinians, nor to people who think "G-d" is protecting Israel. The fact that Israel contains so many nuts like this should give the US pause.
24. He's probably going to bring you a basket of fruit
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.10.13)
...then tell you that you are on your own. He pretty much does the same thing in the United States... as he phones in orders from the nearest golf course to the ninnies he hired to do his job. Obama has no friends....look at the guy....who hangs out with him other than a tele prompter.
25. # 23
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (02.11.13)
We have plenty of nuts of our own that refuse to believe that God is protecting Israel. It's no secret that the Arabs would like to push the Jews into the sea and yet the nuts turn a blind eye on the Arabs and always point their fingers at Israel.
26. to 10
asmalen ,   usa   (02.11.13)
you can not go back by your choice but by the choice of pushing or a lion infront of you ..oh mamyyyy
27. In Israel there are many "think tanks"
Why they would not analyse the Oslo I, the Oslo II, and how many dear will be after Oslo III?
28. #23 esse - not of all us are leftists
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.11.13)
You are lucky that there are enough of us to defend leftists from their murderers. I happen to support the US - I even served in the US Army for 9 years. So your comments are extremely ignorant. As for their vetos - none would be have been cast if the UN stopped violating international laws when it comes to Israel. Those numbers come from the US - yes they know that they benefit from Israel. Every single USAF aircraft flies with Israeli avionics, that includes the F-35. As for 9/11 - the US has been under attack by Muslims since 1776. So how can that be because of American support for Israel? Muslims hate - they hate America because of things like freedom of religion and speak and they hate equality. Muslims hate Spain - which hates us too. They have launched terrorist attacks on the Spanish. Kind of disproves your comments. Muslims hate all non-Muslims and all Muslims that believe differently. That is their Quar'an.
29. age of ignorance
Zsolt ,   Wanganui,NZ   (02.12.13)
I am not sure if it is "age of innocence" or rather "age of ignorance" that has to be over. In today's edition of Ynet an other article shows us perfectly well that the a simple "two state solution" is impossible (http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4342279,00.html). We are not talking about two nations sharing a common land, we are talking about the "right to exist" of a nation that has been fighting for its existence for most of its history. Long term peace around Israel can only be a result of a global settlement plan involving all the Arabic states and their international supporters. Otherwise the Palestinians will simply remain pawns in this false game and the bloodshed will re-ignite again and again with increasing force and devastation. What Israel and Jews around the world can do from their part is to increase their unity, truly becoming a single nation in mutual guarantee, so there would be no doubt that this nation exists and deserves its historic homeland.
30. Israel, don't trust Obama.
Julie ,   Australia   (02.13.13)
I agree with #16. For anyone reading this post, there is no suggestion that individual Americans do not support Israel. Obama is NOT Israel's friend. He is a U.N. puppet and a socialist enemy of democracy and peace. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing full of insincerity and a dangerous ally. Beware, be very careful and wise Israel.
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