Ayalon sees mini-summit during Obama visit
Moran Azulay
Published: 09.02.13, 15:58
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1. First of all
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.09.13)
must be cleared, what is the difference between blackmail and diplomatic talks. What Abbas is now doing is the clearest blackmailing, to be penalized at least with 5 years in prison, in every civilised country.
2. The picture says it all
Ricky ,   The Bronx and Snow   (02.09.13)
The Father, the Son and the Unholy Ghost,,,,, The Anti-Christ. These guys are the Anti-Christ and there is no mathematics, no rythm to their motion, just keep watching these guys, they are the Abyss, no Peace is in them and no Peace will come from them,,,,,,,,, mark my words.
3. Wishing the best for Obama to deliver peace to the ME.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.09.13)
Deliver through goodwill and negotiations if possible. But if not possible, the US should not relent and along with the UN enforce peace with security. Netanyahu is commanded to form a coalition consisting of parties committed to forging peace with Palestinians.
4. pipe dream
DavidR ,   USA   (02.09.13)
The article stated, "if Netanyahu can get Abbas to say – in Arabic, not English to Hebrew – that he recognizes Israel as the Jewish homeland it would have historical significance for generations to come." If Abbas says those words the result will be at best the entire area being in riots and possibly the death of Abbas. Or maybe they will accept it because they would know he would be lying through his teeth.
5. Ayalon
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.09.13)
ayalon is the latest in a stream of ex-officials who have a sudden epiphany, and convince themselves of their own genius. let us not forget that ayalon favoured the disasterous gaza disengagement, where israel gave up substantial territory without any reciprocity, except for the ten thousand missiles fired into israel and the established gaza terror entity, an outpost of jihad. ayalon does not know the very first rule of diplomacy, namely that a diplomat never makes offers in public, and never makes offers even in private, when he does not know the content of the possible counter-offer. ayalon thinks that he is smarter than abbas, who is supported totally by obama and the europeans. ayalon is the new best friend of the munchurian candidate.
6. #4 Bibi knows he won't do it. That's why he said it. Kind
of like David taunting Goliath.
7. Ayalon, please outgo more quickly
Steven ,   San Francisco   (02.10.13)
All of us right wing Jewish folks will be in your debt.
8. #3 not 1 US president has been able to divide the land.
David-ben-David ,   Israel   (02.10.13)
We have a covenant with Hashem that no other county in the ME has. We watch and yawn as past presidents have tried to pressure to do what they demand us to do. You would think that after they hit their heads against the wall enough times, they might realize this is a futile attempt. BO has NO power or authority to impose that on us. It ain't gonna happen!!!
9. # 8.. Your covenant is too late...Hashem needs US money....
Edithann ,   USA   (02.10.13)
and influence...Hasn't your history taught you anything? . Israel will implode from within, just as it did under the Romans and Babylonians...Hashem needed Jews to destroy Canaan...and you eventually screwed that up too...You screwed it up by putting words in Hashem's mouth. You Jews wrote your own script and have been following it unsuccessfully ever since...It's not that you survived it's the quality of the survival that counts...and you've all been miserable ever since... Have you ever questioned why Hashem hated the Canaanites so much? Have you ever questioned you're idea of Hashem at all? TATA
10. #9 Hashem needs US money?? How funny!! You really to live up
2 your name of ,   Idiotann! TATA!!!   (02.10.13)
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