Anthem sparks quarrel between Shas, Yesh Atid
Akiva Novick
Published: 10.02.13, 15:58
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1. Islam, and silly females from other religions.
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.10.13)
Sadly, the problem is not the "jew" word, it is the beaviour of islamic followers, and silly sensible females who mis-interprete the islamic followers intentions. Their provocations, believing the islam is the only religion, and every other religions should step back.. As said before, the old ancient viking religion "Asatru", is more respectable than islam.
2. Anthem change?>=+,,, and,,,,,
Linda ,   Wisc.   (02.10.13)
Need to get rid of that Hindu Hexagram lie on the Prophet David, that flag just brings so much bad Karma, the Anthem,,,, well,, compulsion, singing an Anthem that negates one's existence is betraya of the selfl going both ways,,,,, -@#=%,,,,of
3. Anthem
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (02.10.13)
Yishai and his cronies should understand that almost 1 in 4 citizens of the state are NOT JEWISH. If he and his cronies want them to be loyal citizens then the anthem should be changed to reflect Israeliness, rather than Jewishness. The name of the state is Israel, not Jewsville. And further than that - he himself can't really be loyal to an anthem written for Ashkenazi Jews who "look to Zion in the east"...........
4. #3 Wrong.
Akiva   (02.10.13)
Israel is a Jewish state, this is enshrined in it's basic laws and declaration.
5. Shas's interpretation of Jewish state
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (02.10.13)
Shas is absolutely right, Israel is a Jewish State but its also a state that is supposed to be democratic, open and not only just respectfull of its religious and racial minorities such as Christian and Muslim Arabs, Circassians and Druze but also open to all Jews regardless of whether they are Orthodox, Conserveative, Reform or Secular, male and female, gay and straight with all these strands of Jewish identity equal in the eyes of the law. What Shas defines as "Jewish state" is an Ultra-Orthodox Halackhic Haredi Religious Zionist state strictly controlled by the Rabbinate that not only excludes minorities but also excludes Jews that don't wish to live an Ultra-Orthodox Hard Lifestyle!.
6. #2 and #3 : 2 twits for the price of 1 !
YIsrael of Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem , ISRAEL   (02.10.13)
Just do like Canada did : Same tune, different words. No problem.
7. Simple solution: Arabs leave, not Knesset but our Land!
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.10.13)
8. #3
Bill Stein ,   USA   (02.10.13)
So why am I supporting Israel if its not the homeland of the Jewish People.
9. We sit an watch how America under the socilist
pauld ,   jerusalem   (02.10.13)
anti-constitution Democrats is following the failures of Europe, like lemmings they are going over the cliff, all in the name Progression. The Lapid party is ideologically committed to destroy the Jewish character of Israel, not intentionally, but their Progressive obsession to be like everyone else, will find them on the same cliff of no return, and no gain.
10. Dr Ruth alert
Mario   (02.10.13)
Another femi-fool vomiting her nonsense.
11. appointment of ministers
Joseph ,   London UK   (02.10.13)
What's the advantage of appointing ministers without the approval of the Knesset? American cabinet ministers have to be approved by Congress, and that seems reasonable.
12. Ruth Calderon
Avramele   (02.10.13)
I have attended more than one study session with Ms Calderon and she imparts in her teaching more living Judaism than the sterile teachings of all the rebbes of my dati youth. Kol Hakavod to this new MK. A Jewish state for all it's citizen with shared symbols is not an impossible goal.
13. Anthem
Robyn ,   Canada   (02.10.13)
Being Jewish is not only defined as your religion but also your nationality. Jews are a NATION. Would the words "Hebrew or Israelite" be more acceptable. The Arab MK's would walk out no matter what word you had there. They will never accept that Israel is Jewland.
14. Walk out of MK's
Barney ,   San Francisco   (02.10.13)
The Arab MK's will walk out no matter what the words are to the anthem. Maybe the words need to be changed, but not to 'try' to appease Arab MK's
15. Hatikva
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.10.13)
I am a jew and a fanatic supporter of Israel. But indeed there is some problem with the Hatikva. First, the music is not genuine jewish. A slovene or friuli folk song with some modification. Secondly there is a perfect music from a jewish genius, which is able to substitute the Hatikva. The name of the author is Yitzhak ben Yosef. A forgotten jewish Mozart. Those, who want to know more about the matter and want to write a new national antheme's verses please contact with me, urgently. We shall share on the copyrights.
16. # 4
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (02.10.13)
But 1 in 4 are not Jewish and they are also citizens. That's not "wrong", that's a fact. And citizens of a country - any country - deserve some consideration when nationalistic icons are made up.
17. # 3 you are an ignorant
Laurence ,   Givatayim Israel   (02.10.13)
On November 29, 1947, the General Assembly of the UN adopted a resolution to create an independent Jewish State.The jewish character of our country is also written in our basic law. Like it or not THIS A JEWISH STATE ,Go study some history about our land. Thanks god there are people like Elie Yishai to remind you that.
18. #4 Israel is not a Jewish state.
Eugene ,   Israel   (02.10.13)
Just because it is written in the basic laws it doesn't make it a fact. How Jewish is Umm al-Fahm, Shfar'am or Isfiya ? Japan or South Korea can be a single nation state because they are very homogeneous ethnicity-wise, but not Israel, the facts on the ground do not allow this. Forcing a Jewish nation state on Arabs is a recipe for endless conflict. With that said I see no problem with Israel being Zionist, namely a safe homeland for the Jews.
19. Mike Carmel no 3
It does not matter 1 in 4 citizen not Jewish. They are living in a Jewish State, and they must observe the Jewish Law an d respect the NATIONAL anthem. Whoever does not like the National anthem, is freely to leave the Jewish State and go wherever they want. AM ISRAEL HAI
20. This is ridiculous!
Mira ,   Vienna   (02.10.13)
why should the Jewish state change the Jewish anthem? If Zoabi and consorts cannot stand to hear the anthem (after having sworn fidelity!) they have got no business in the Jewish peoples parlament! And any Arab who oppsoses it is invited to leave!
21. I agree with Dr. Ruth Calderon
Naor ,   USA   (02.10.13)
Hatikvah should represent all of Israel's citizens. The solution is not to change the words but to offer to revoke the citizenship of those who refuse to accept it. If someone won't accept it, that most likely means they also don't accept that Israel is a Jewish state and they should not be an Israeli citizen plain and simple.
22. Inclusiveness
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (02.10.13)
The non Jewish populations in Israel should be included... not necessarily by removing "Jew" but by celebrating them equally. I see nothing "wrong" in that nor any denial of Israel as the Jewish State. Certainly this would show the desire to include rather than exclude. There should be this will in Jewish Israelis... if they believe that other citizens are their equals and deserving of that recognition.
23. New anthem: let's be friends with one another
Iran   (02.10.13)
First the anthem, then the state symbol and next the flag. In the end we will have nothing
24. Hatikvah
Daniel mostrel ,   Paris   (02.10.13)
In the united states people from everywhere are proud to be american and dont reject anthem ,don t ask to modify words The purpose of Israël is to havé a jewish majority ,to keep je wish values,ont to be a western or muslims country
25. Today Israel is called a democratic and jewish state.
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (02.10.13)
I hope in the foreseable future she will be called only a jewish state with a flair of democracy ..In case the Arabs do not like this they have at least 22 states to go.
26. don't pander to the arabs!
pinchas ,   boston   (02.10.13)
they will next object to the flag, etc. They are like angry "victims" with an endless list of grievances. We all know that. Give them an inch, they'll want the whole arm. I remember as a kid in public school singing songs like God bless AMerica, and My country tis of thee-- which ends, land ...of the Pilgrim's pride, land where our fathers died... And you know what? Noone felt "bullied" by these verses, and we were children of recent and very varied immigrant groups. Nobody walked out and sulked and played the victim! Israelis, will you show some damn backbone already and stop caving in!
27. Israel must become a demcracy
Taner ,   NYC   (02.10.13)
And stop this paranoia which leads to making everything Jewish-only. Holocaust and all the massacres should teach Jewish people and especially Israelis one thing, and that is TOLERANCE. If Israel can become a tolerant place where Jews, Muslims, Christians can all live together with equal rights and peace, nobody can stop Israel from becoming a respected World power. These bigoted ideals of Shas and Bibi are only making Israel look ugly.
28. So if I choose to liv ein Israel which I love
Taner ,   NYC   (02.10.13)
Not as a Jew or Muslim but somebody who really really loves Israel and its culture... Does that mean Israel will never be my land?
29. One mans opinion.
DavidR ,   USA   (02.10.13)
This is only my opinion and I thank all the wonderful Jewish people for allowing me to state it. If any change is to ever be made to the beautiful Hatikvah it should be the changing of the word Yhudi to the word Ivri. That would better reflect all 12 Tribes. muslims and Christians should be thankful they are allowed in Eretz Israel and keep their mouths shut! Freedom to worship as they see fit should be enough. That gives them no right to try and take over.
30. When All arab Countries Act In Kind
When abu mazen Speaks in arabi to arabs that Israel Is A Ancient Land With Ancient People Who Have The " Right To Live In Peace With It's arab Neighbors" Then And Only Then THERE WILL BE PEACE!
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