Navy crew threatens mutiny over comrades' expulsion
Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.02.13, 07:50
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1. the Old IDF versus the New
ma nishma ,   modiin   (02.11.13)
In the old IDF, meaning at the time of the founding of the state, the officers and men were a single unit, they ate together, slept together and shared together. In today's IDF, there is little contact between the officers and men. The officers have their agenda and the men have their interests. It is sad to see the great IDF fall into this.
2. It's the same in every navy
Mike ,   Germany   (02.11.13)
Nothing special about it.
3. #1, its not that!
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan   (02.11.13)
Its they way things are done! the newbies do menial labor while those towards the end of their service play PlayStation! when those that were suspend were newbies, they did menial labor while those at the end of their service at the time, did nothing! Now its their turn, and they are told they have to do like the newbies do (no exception!) of course they would be upset! they became suckers! and f.y.i my unit and our officers were close! with a few exceptions! we even ate at the same table(when there was one)
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