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UK Jews react to haredi abuse film
Published: 11.02.13, 14:21
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1. One of the reasons whey I abandoned orthodoxy
John ,   Europe   (02.11.13)
Incredible double standards and well, rabinolatry. I wasn't very fond to bow down to rabbis as they were G-d Himself.
2. Wake Up!
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (02.11.13)
You can't sweep these things under the mat. I understand where it comes from but if its kept quiet it will only get worse and keep happening. The problem is the one who gets abused does not always understand that it wrong and only finds out latter. Its just like many Haredim did not know what a homosexual was and did not understand why they had these feelings as there was no one to turn to, but thank G-d times are changing even though the Haredi society still will not except homosexuality in their community. Wake up your in the 21st Century
3. Rabbis and Police
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (02.11.13)
The police can not tell you what the halacha is for different circumstances, so don't bother to ask them. However, the rabbis can't protect your children from child abusers so don't go to them. Rabbis have their field and police have their field. Don't confuse them. If some one has a child that has been abused, go straight to the police. Only the police have the power to stop the abuser from continuing to abuse other children. Going to a rabbi may be commendable to seek a halachic solution to a halachic problem, but child abuse is not one of the cases a rabbi need be consulted about. The police are the correct address; don't be too religious to call them.
4. What happens within the tribe stays in the tribe. It a cont
JR   (02.11.13)
continuation of the jews to stay seperate from the non-jews who they despise.
5. Rabbi Marcus is being disingenuous, and is purposely
making a misleading statement. He states: "The guidelines are pretty clear now as to how we need to protect, especially children, and the more vulnerable in our community. There was an incident with a teacher within the United Synagogue some years ago, and I think that spurred the United Synagogue to be proactive, rather than reactive, which seems to be what's going on now within the haredi community. That doesn't make them any more guilty." "An incident," meaning only one? What Rabbi Marcus fails to address is the long-standing and firmly established haredi cultural norm in all countries to avoid going to the police when a victim is sexually abused. In fact, the accused is protected, and the child and his or her parents are vilified, threatened, and shunned by the haredi community. SHAME ON THESE HAREDI RABBIS AND THE HAREDI COMMUNITY! If they were practicing Jewish values, they would protect children.
6. 4 JR , it happens in Israel TOO
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.11.13)
and here the police are Jews !
7. Jimmy Savile and the UK Police
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (02.11.13)
The Law of the land is binding. However the police have a poor track record. Four different UK police forces received complaints about Jimmy Savile, a BBC star who raped or abused about 400 children over the course of 40 years. All four police forces dropped the case!!! When the Stamford Hill police arrested a distinguished Jewish man, a police liaison officer of all people, the case dragged through the media for about eighteen months. The jury said there was no case to enswer, so obviously false were the allegations. Many Jews were left with mixed feelings about the police and the prosecution service. This background helps understand Rav Padwa's opinion.
8. I am the author of #5.
Runner1983 ,   USA   (02.11.13)
9. Rabbi Marcus and is not a member of Charedi org
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
Runner 1983 No.5, Ther article is actually misleading, I do not know if you know Rabbi Marcus at all, but he is not a member of the same rabbinical organisation as the one investigated in the TV programme. He is speaking about the United Synagogue position - lead by cheif Rabbi Sacks is not chareidi . The OUHC (Addas) is and this is where the concern is placed. Your comments about Haredia rabbis maybe correct but i think you are wrong to think that Rabbi Marcus is connected to them.
10. Targeted Incaceration with trial
Zechariah   (02.12.13)
Thouroughly investigate with moderately severe pressure lie detectors and scans if guilty drug him take him to a Dungeon reinvestigate yearly for worse acts targeted Termination with extreme prejudice .
11. It begins with the elementary cirriculum.
The elementary curriculum should be explaining to children, in childlike terms, what's considered and deemed appropriate and inappropriate. There are parents that even abuse their positions and authority. There are segments in Jewish society that have formulated methods to follow in accordance to Scripture. And not only because it's written in Scriptures is it sought to be followed but because it is the purest and most humane. Penalties emphasize the gravity of not following in accordance. Animal sacrifices are not what was desired of the Lord (Psalm 50). These segments of Jewish society that have been able to get this right implementing some very well thought out ways should be instructing those who are having problems, Jew and gentile. These allegations of child abuse should be reported to the police and penalties rendered. How much of Mosaic Law would be adhered to in Israel? There are Jews and gentiles waiting for Israel to pull through. It's good that the name of "Zion" was not used for the land yet because this still needs to come in. We need to get this right and with a clear understanding of everyone involved. There's a trust in these matters that's laid on those of the tribe of Levi including their inheritance.
12. #9: I did not say that Rabbi Marcus was haredi,
Runner1983 ,   USA   (02.12.13)
and it is clear from the film clip that he is not haredi due to his garb and his comments. He states that a past incident has "....spurred the United Synagogue to be proactive, rather than reactive, which seems to be what's going on now within the haredi community." Given the practice of mesira, we should not be optimistic that the haredi community will change, which will continue to place children in harms way. I just don't see it happening.
13. Recent case taking police advice
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (02.15.13)
According to The Telegraph, Frances Andrade, a 48 year old wife and mother, committed suicide after being brutally cross-examined by barristers when she reported that she had been sexually abused years back by a choir master. She did not want to re-open the matter and when she sought professional help, the police told her to wait until the court case finishes. Is she better off involving the police?
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